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1983 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018310 Shotshells ala Carte Roger Barlow Jan 1983 Foreign shotshels may not be better but they certainly are different 10
G018314 Beretta BM-59 Kevin E. Steele Jan 1983 A .308 semi-automatic that is compact,well balanced, and a heavyweight 14
G018325 One Powder Loads Don Zutz Jan 1983 The article will ease reload problems 25
G018326 Maverick Bob Arganbright Jan 1983 With ten guns,nine of them hidden,Maverick,the legend of the west,hits the T.V. comeback trial 26
G018328 Barrel Reboring Norm Zaleski Jan 1983 This old technique may save you money ! 28
G018332 The Baby Daisy W. Paul Brandt Jan 1983 The Gun That Shoots Baby BBs 32
G018333 Egyptian Maadi James Mason Jan 1983 Angled muzzle break is evident,while the 7.62×39 Soviet style cartridge is compared to NATO 7.62×51 33
G018336 The Pitcairn Pistol Merrill Lindsay Jan 1983 An engraved piece of America’s heritage now available to the public 36
G018339 Knives Custom Showcase Jim Woods Jan 1983 Article on the knives custom showcase 39
G018342 Ruger Heavyweights Stanley Trzoniec Jan 1983 Quality,innovation,and performance in rugged wheelguns 42
G018348 The T/C Patriot Bud Lang Jan 1983 The T/C Patriot is pitted against two modern autoloaders 48
G018350 Taurus M-85 Dave Reynolds Jan 1983 New undercover alternative 50
G018351 Ruger MK II .22 auto Kevin Steele Jan 1983 Better and better:Ruger carries the classy .22 auto closer to perfection 51
G018353 Gun of the Month Jan 1983 Win this pair of Ruger Mark II autopistols 53
G018306 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jan 1983 Females on defense: Why do feminists exclude guns? 6
G018318 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jan 1983 Crosman presents the ” Python “ 18
G018320 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jan 1983 Reloading made cheaper: How to really save money ! 20
G018322 Shot & Shell Roger Barlow Jan 1983 The single gun shooter. Is he a better shot? 22
G018324 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jan 1983 Colt’s .44-40 Rare Single Action Army 24
G018376 The Gun Market Jan 1983 New Products from the industry 76
G028324 Antiques and Smokeless E. Dixon Larson Feb 1983 If you want your gun to last,don’t mix the old with the new 24
G028326 New Look at stopping Power Al Pickles Feb 1983 A well placed shot from the Stevens”Little Scout” 26
G028328 S&W’ 9mm Revolver Dave Reynolds Feb 1983 9mm wheelgun reaches America ! 28
G028330 These Colts Are Missing Hal Borden Feb 1983 Lincoln Colts still missing have you seen these guns? 30
G028333 Browning Challenger III Stanley Trzoniec Feb 1983 Aesthetically pleasing,consistently accurate,the Browning .22 does it again ! 33
G028337 A Modern Muzzlelaoder Mike Nesbitt Feb 1983 Stockman’s in-line percussion: Arifle with a difference 37
G028338 Custom Rifle Stocks for the T/C Contender Jim Woods Feb 1983 At last:The contender in an accrate rifle-length conversion 38
G028340 Gun of the Month Lowell Manley Feb 1983 This custom made beauty will enhance your shooting 40
G028343 Custom Gnsmith Directory Feb 1983 Directory of Custom Gunsmiths 43
G028350 Directory of Firearms Engravers Feb 1983 A list of gun engravers 50
G028352 Uncle Mike’s Ball Starter..56 Are Your Guns Safe? Feb 1983 Product Profile: Uncle Mike’s short starter 52
G028358 Return of the .32-40..64 S&W Perfected ..66The .22 Short Feb 1983 The .32-40:America’s rediscoversthe Duke’s round 58
G028306 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1983 Looking for the best? Here are a few favorites 6
G028308 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1983 .44 Magnum Primer Switch 8
G028310 Benchresting Skip Gordon Feb 1983 One For the White Hats 10
G028320 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Feb 1983 Fancy Factory Blades 20
G028322 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Feb 1983 A New Rifle and the Importance of a Pouch 22
G028374 The Gun Market Feb 1983 New Products from the industry 74
G038320 T/C Sierra….. A Team Stanley W. Trzoniec Mar 1983 The T/C Contender teamed up with Sierra bullets for excellent big bore performance 20
G038324 The Browning Lightning Jim Woods Mar 1983 Always known for their innovation Browning brings the bolt action near perfection 24
G038328 Axton – Duff Make History Mike Nesbitt Mar 1983 Balladeer and bladesmith combine to produce special edition knives 28
G038331 The .24 Caliber Luger ! Jim Farrell Mar 1983 Articles on the .24 caliber Luger 31
G038334 The Rottweil Don Zutz Mar 1983 The Olympic series 72 was designed with the help of a champion 34
G038338 Don Klein: Stockmaker Stuart M. Williams Mar 1983 This latecomer to the ranks of gun craftsmen is making his mark 38
G038340 Gun of the Month HK-P7 John M. Plambeck Mar 1983 Win this Hk P7 Squeeze Pistol 40
G038344 The Enfield: A bit of British History Jerald Stamps Mar 1983 The Enfield Revolver in the Service of the British Empire 44
G038346 The DuBiel Rifle Bud Lang Mar 1983 Modern classics in sytling and old fashion qualities in accuracy 46
G038348 The Kimber Rifle Stewart M. Williams Mar 1983 First centerfire rifle from Kimber brings back the Hornet 48
G038319 Beauty by Barbetti Peyton Autry Mar 1983 300 hourse and a ot of talen went into this masterpiece 19
G038333 Mustafa Bilal:Photography at its Best Stuart M. Williams Mar 1983 Article on Mustafa Bilal and his gun photography 33
G038306 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1983 New Powerhouses On Test 6
G038311 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Mar 1983 Has Technology Caught up with Skeet and Trap? 11
G038314 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Mar 1983 Keepin’ em clean 14
G038317 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Mar 1983 Assessing the 6.5mm Miitary rounds for sporting use 17
G038318 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1983 More ‘Best of Breed” Awards 18
G048322 Remington Seminar Jim Woods Apr 1983 Seminar for writers reveals new products and a bright outlook 22
G048324 T/C Rifle J.D. Jones Apr 1983 Dubbed the “Jaguar” this new winner will get the attention of a host of shooters 24
G048326 S&W 1500 Varmint Stewart M. Williams Apr 1983 Teamed with a Burris scope and with a bit of tuning, it performed well 26
G048328 Collecting Serial Numbers Dave Reynolds Apr 1983 Favorite serial numbers are chosen for many reasons 28
G048330 Browning BLR John W. Rockefeller Apr 1983 Design changes make ths new lever gun easier to handle 30
G048334 dynamit Nobel Guns J. I. Galan Apr 1983 There is something for every shooting endeavor in the comprehensive air gun line branded RWS 34
G048338 Pellet Profiles Ladd Fanta Apr 1983 From Diabolo to Prometheus 38
G048340 Gun of the Month Apr 1983 Sponsored by GUNS Magazine and Beeman Precision Inc. 40
G048342 Charles V Replica Merrill Lindsay Apr 1983 Hand-made replica now resides in the Eli Whitney Museum 42
G048344 The Coonan .357 Mason Williams Apr 1983 The Coonan caliber .357 Magnum Semi-Automatic Pistol 44
G048321 Ralph Ingle: Engraver Apr 1983 Article on the Ralph Ingle engraver 21
G048337 007 Airgun ! James C. Barry Apr 1983 Will the Real James Bond please stand up? 37
G048346 Gordon Tibbitts: Stockmaker Stuart M. Williams Apr 1983 Gordon Tibbitts article 46
G048355 Air Gun Lubes Ladd Fanta Apr 1983 Marvelous moly and Magnum mishaps 55
G048306 Shooters Edge Jim Woods Apr 1983 Fish Fillet Knives for Dry Land Use 6
G048310 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Apr 1983 Traders at Fort Bridger 10
G048312 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Apr 1983 Pellet selection in theory and practice 12
G048314 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Apr 1983 Optimum relaods and the magnum 10 14
G048318 Benchresting Skip Gordon Apr 1983 What is the ultimate goal of the Benchrester? 18
G048320 Air Shots John W. Rockefeller Apr 1983 Top BB gun world match 20
G058314 ¥avapai Gunsmithng School Rick Jamison May 1983 Little known, but one of the finest 14
G058326 Winchester Doube Xpress Rifle Stanley W. Trzoniec May 1983 Is the double rifle for the American hunter ? 26
G058331 Winchester’s 101 Waterfowl Don Zutz May 1983 If you want a gun for all seasons , this is it ! 31
G058332 New Zealand Collection Alan Concannon May 1983 From the Moddle Ages to the present, this group of weapons has something for everyone 32
G058334 The M-249 Machine Gun John McGivney May 1983 The newest Squad Automatic Weapon for the U.S. military offers a unique three-way system 34
G058340 Gun of the Month the Rattler Jim Woods May 1983 Bill Davis take a ruger D.A. revolver, tunes the action and adds a Python barrel to make a concealable handgun 40
G058342 Hitler’s War Treasures William Blynn May 1983 Shortly after the Fuher’s death, a bored G.I. accidently discovers one of the greatest treasures of the war ! 42
G058344 The .257 Roberts Stanley W. Trzoniec May 1983 Remington and others won’t let this popular cartridge fade away 44
G058348 H&R Combo Gun Walter Rickell May 1983 Versatility and dependability continue to be the trademark of this fine old firm 48
G058325 Cylinder Scenes E. Dixon Larson May 1983 Identifying cylinder scenes article 25
G058349 Mel Wood …. Engraver Jim Woods May 1983 Engraver’s profile … Mel Wood 49
G058306 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob May 1983 Buy an RG today- here’s why 6
G058309 Shooters Edge Jim Woods May 1983 Interchangeable blades give more kife for the money 9
G058310 Handloading Bench Don Zutz May 1983 The .45 Auto Rim: an intresting alternative 10
G058318 Benchresting Skip Gordon May 1983 An updated look at changes and what it takes to be effective in the Benchrest game 18
G058322 Air Shots J. I. Galan May 1983 A look over my shoulder 22
G058324 Shot & Shell Don Zutz May 1983 There’s more to the straight grip than meets the eye ! 24
G058374 The Gun Market May 1983 New products from the industry 74
G068328 Range Finding Scopes Albert Yendes Jun 1983 Range finding scopes article 28
G068332 The .30-06 : The Centuries Best ? Jim Woods Jun 1983 .30-06 is the cartridge of the century 32
G068336 Roy Rogers Museum Ron Swartly Jun 1983 Old west memorabilia abounds in this desert repository of American fold lore 36
G068338 Billy Breckenridges E. Dixon Larson Jun 1983 A lawman of the best type, took the long chance instead of slaying 38
G068340 The Alpha 1 Rifle B. R. Hughes Jun 1983 A lightweight rifle, coming in at just over six pounds 40
G068343 S&W Targetmasters Stanley W. Trzoniec Jun 1983 For those shooters who think the days of commercial quality are a thing of the past 43
G068346 The Venerable Savage Mike Nesbitt Jun 1983 Make mine the 99 46
G068352 10 Gauge on a Shoestring John D. Rockefeller Jun 1983 The vaunted 10 gauge has a very real place as welll as some definite limitations 52
G068363 The Rossi Gallery Doug Morton Jun 1983 Slick,sleek,and sturdy,this slide action .22 rimfire magnum is just plain fun to shoot 63
G068307 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jun 1983 How to check your revolver for saefty & functioning 7
G068309 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jun 1983 Daisy- Goin’ full blast with single-stroke pneumatics 9
G068310 Shooters Edge Jim Woods Jun 1983 New knives at the 1983 S.H.O.T. Show 10
G068316 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jun 1983 The .300 H&H Magnum: So old that it’s new 16
G068324 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jun 1983 Safety first: A few ideas not what not to do ! 24
G068369 The Gun Market Jun 1983 New products from the industry 69
G078319 The Lanber Landing Don Zutz Jul 1983 The number one spanish over-under comes to America 19
G078320 Defender of the Desert Pete Weizenegger Jul 1983 The Galil, born after the Six-Day War, is now available in semi-auto for the U.S. market 20
G078330 The .22 RF Magnum John W. Rockefeller Jul 1983 Besieged by hyper-velocity rimfires the .22 WRM 30
G078333 From Magnum to Maximum David Bradshaw Jul 1983 From Magnum to Maximum article 33
G078336 What Price Custom Quality? Stuart M. Williams Jul 1983 Just how much will that classic custom gun cost? 36
G078338 Engraver : Robert Maki Paul Niemi Jul 1983 Maki’s unique engraving magic is enlisting legions of enthusiastic supporters 38
G078342 Two Twenty Twos With Class Stanley Trzoniec Jul 1983 This slide action autoloader from Browning exhitbit qualities of both form and funtion 42
G078348 Recreating Scotland’s Best Gary James Jul 1983 As a shooer or a collector’s piece, this Dounside pistol replica is among the finest produced 48
G078350 Sterling Mark 6 Joe Zambone Jul 1983 Semi-auto version of the famed British submachine gun 50
G078340 Gun of the Month: Seecamp .25 ACP Jul 1983 Win this Seecamp .25 ACP 40
G078344 Camo Holster Al Pickles Jul 1983 Michaels of Oregon has brought the non-leather holster to its ultimate form 44
G078316 Engraver’s Art Jul 1983 A look at some of America’s best 16
G078306 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Jul 1983 The characyer of an entertaining gun 6
G078309 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jul 1983 CO2 Guns: a brief historyand bold future 9
G078310 Shooters Edge Jim Woods Jul 1983 The sharpest-looking knives don’t cut costs 10
G078312 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jul 1983 The hand-sized tornado and drop-in barrels 12
G078322 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jul 1983 Improved Field Performnce from the .410 bore 22
G088325 Boy’s Muzzleloaders Toby Bridges Aug 1983 Two New Boy’s Muzzleloaders article 25
G088327 S&W Kit Guns Dave Reynolds Aug 1983 Gun test Smith&Wesson .22/.32 Revolvers in LR and WMR 27
G088328 Savage Utility Shotguns Jim Woods Aug 1983 The Great American Utility Shotgun 28
G088330 The Look of a Snake Goffery Boothroyd Aug 1983 The Look of a Snake article 30
G088334 Magical Movie Guns Walter Rickell Aug 1983 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. returns to TV with new exotic weaponry 34
G088338 Mini I-14 vs. M-1 Carbine Jonathan E. Bensinger Aug 1983 Has the Mini-14 made the M-1 Carbine obsolete? 38
G088340 “The Stalker” Gun of the Month Michael C. Barach Aug 1983 A premium package for thr big game handgun hunter 40
G088342 Stoeger’s 65h Anniversary Stanley W. Trzoniec Aug 1983 Alex would have been proud of the variety quslity firearm offerings of today’s Stoegers 42
G088346 Stockmaker: Earl Matsuoka Stuart Williams Aug 1983 Stockmaker profile : Earl Matsuoka article 46
G088348 H&R Swing-Outs John W. Rockefeller Aug 1983 H&R swing-out cylinder guns 48
G088319 Leupold Potics Stanley W. Trzoniec Aug 1983 Leupold’s Latest Optics Article 19
G088345 Redfield Scope Stanley W. Trzoniec Aug 1983 Redfield Spotting Scope Article 45
G088350 The Daly Double Don Zutz Aug 1983 Forgotten Prussian Classics from the Golden Age of Gunsmaking 50
G088312 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Aug 1983 Improving energy and velocity in the .30-30 12
G088309 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Aug 1983 NMLRA 50th Anniversary article 9
G088306 Benchrests Skip Gordon Aug 1983 Who’s the best Benchrest shooter of the year? 6
G088316 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Aug 1983 Live Pigeon Shooting lives 16
G088318 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1983 Holster Safety saves Ads 18
G088320 Shooters Edge Jim Woods Aug 1983 Two-in-One lockbaack folders 20
G098332 Fixing Balky auto Shotguns John Olson Sep 1983 Here’s a home remedy for a constipated autoloader that will keep it shooting 32
G098338 .44 Magnum Retrospect Mason Williams Sep 1983 .44 Magnum Retrospect Article 38
G098336 Big Bore Lever Guns John Rockefeller Sep 1983 Big medicine Lever Guns 36
G098340 Perazzi – Gun of Champions Don Zutz Sep 1983 A line of shotguns featruing hgh technology scores,andmatching prices 40
G098345 Selecting a .22 Auto Rifle Herbert Lam Sep 1983 Selecting a Regal Rimfire Chart 45
G098348 Stoeger’s New .22 Luger Williard Stemmler Sep 1983 Stoeger’s Luger Revisited Article 48
G098352 Rifle Energy Chart Hershel Tribbett Sep 1983 A 100 yard comparison : Rifle Energy 52
G098354 25 Top Rifle Loads Ed Matunas Sep 1983 Save time and trouble of working up loads for your rifle 54
G098357 Beware of Hard Cast Bullets John Olson Sep 1983 They are not necessary, and should be used with caution ! 57
G098358 Metallic Reloading Presses Guns Staff Sep 1983 Metallic Cartridge Reloading Presses Article 58
G098342 Mini Percussion Revolver Dave Reynolds Sep 1983 Gun Test percussion Mini-Revolver 42
G098344 Byron Burgess – Engraver Guns Staff Sep 1983 Bryon Burgess – Engraver article 44
G098310 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Sep 1983 Ultra-High-Velocity Shotshells 10
G098313 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Sep 1983 Leather for Air Guns 13
G098318 AirShots J. I. Galan Sep 1983 Up-Grading Your Muzzle-loading Battery 18
G098315 Benchrests Skip Gordon Sep 1983 Innovations In .45 Auto Holsters 15
G098326 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1983 A moment of absolute perfection 26
G098320 Shooters Edge Jim Woods Sep 1983 Sharpening Systems, New and Old 20
G108325 Bushnell’s “New” Centurion Handgun Scope Mike Barach Oct 1983 As the power and range of hunting handguns increase bushnell answeres the need for a higher power pistol 25
G108326 A Fool and His Headspace Guage John Olson Oct 1983 Proper use of this precise instrument requires pratice and knowledge of how it works 26
G108336 NRA Show 1983 Jim Woods Oct 1983 New trends in firearms are displayed to shooters for the first time at this biggest consumer gun show 36
G108340 Heckler & Koch 940 Gun of the Month Bud Lang Oct 1983 Newest sporter rifle from Heckler & Koch features their tested action 40
G108342 First of Thunder Norman Fishler Oct 1983 Handling a derringer in .45 Cot caliber is no easy task, but the results are worth it 42
G108344 Sterling X – Caliber Bruce Thorstand Oct 1983 The X – caliber debuts in the new 7mm International Rimmed wildcat cartridge for production silhouette 44
G108346 Remington’s 3 – millionth Model 1100 Stanley Trzoniec Oct 1983 In these days of billion dollar budgets, three million seems trifling, but in an American-made shotgun, it’s a success story 46
G108332 How Safe is your Holster? Jim Barnard Oct 1983 Secure leather tips for the hnter and sportsman 32
G108366 Building Up from Basic Al Pickles Oct 1983 Take one Thompson 1911A1,add an aimpoint sight and a SSK .41 Avenger conversion unit and you’ll end up with one shootin’ 66
G108306 AirShots J. I. Galan Oct 1983 Dr. Beeman’s Magnum carbine 6
G108311 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Oct 1983 You can’t take traditional pride out of Black Powder 11
G108312 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Oct 1983 “Puuko” and “Kombin” Norseman field knivs for American hunters 12
G108314 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Oct 1983 For ultra-long range hunting the .264 Mag shines 14
G108322 Shot & Shell Don Zutz Oct 1983 Italian Renaissance is leader in fine doubles 22
G108324 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Oct 1983 A Chief’s Specail to fill a “special” need 24
G108328 Custom Guns American Custom Gunmakers Guild Oct 1983 New organization for American custom gunmakers announced at NRA Show in Phoeniz 28
G118324 Why Auto Pistols Go Bad John Olson Nov 1983 Few people realize it,but there’s one small item that acounts for more tha 90% of the failures in automatic pistols 24
G118334 Roy Weatherby’s Varmintmaster Stanley Trzoniec Nov 1983 Roy Wetherby’s .224 Varmintmaster hit the market in 1960 34
G118338 Six Quality Muzzleloaders Toby Bridges Nov 1983 Six Toop Quality Muzzleloaders Article 38
G118340 Browning’s 14-Shot Pocket Pistol Jim Woods Nov 1983 Browning’s 14-shot pocket pistol may be hard to conceal,but it makes up for it with the ease of handling 40
G118342 Ruger’s 77 International Mike Nesbitt Nov 1983 Named the Imternational,this Ruger bolt gun sports a handsome and practica Mannlicher-style stock 42
G118346 One Man’s Non-Custom Longslide Russ Gaertner Nov 1983 Take one hardballer long slideadd it to a basic .45 auto,and the new hybird will be a pleasant surprise for an affordable price 46
G118348 Frost and Thunder Part ! Randall Garrett Nov 1983 Frost and Thunder Article 48
G118333 Bianchi Cup V Fred Romero Nov 1983 Bianchi Cup v Article 33
G118344 Gun of the Month: The London Gray Rogers & Spencer Nov 1983 Win this London Gray Rogers & Spencer .44 Caliber Percussion revolver 44
G118345 Engraver Profile : Angelo Bee Nov 1983 Article on Angelo Bee: An engraver’s Profile 45
G118306 AirShots J. I. Galan Nov 1983 Leave it to England to invent an air rifle that doesn’t use CO2 6
G118309 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Nov 1983 Don’t throw out that old, broken pistol in the attic 9
G118314 Benchresting Skip Gordon Nov 1983 Super-shot XI had 216 Heavy Varmint competitors coping with weather and each other for $14,995 14
G118316 Scope Scene Albert Yendes Nov 1983 Bausch & Lomb is back in the scope business this year with only two scopes for production 16
G118318 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Nov 1983 The days of a knife just being a working tool are gone 18
G118312 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Nov 1983 Think of the times you had your shotgun when a rifle was what you needed 12
G118320 Plinker’s Corner Jerry Rakusan Nov 1983 It’s about time somebody came up with a column dedicated and devoted to that most illustrious form of target shooting 20
G118328 Custom Guns Nov 1983 Does your rifle or shotgun fir your own shooting style.or have you just adapted yourself to fit it ? 28
G128333 Custom Rifles by Harry Lawson Paul Allen Dec 1983 Harry Lawson: Custom Rifle Builder Article 33
G128334 Dan Wesson’s .357 MAXIMUM John Taffin Dec 1983 .357 Maximum loads ala Dan Wesson Article 34
G128336 All-American Hunting Battery Ed Matunas Dec 1983 Hunting Arms: a gun writer’s choice 36
G128338 IPSC Nationals ! Greg Moats Dec 1983 The 1983 IPSC Nationals Article 38
G128342 1983 World Fast Draw Championship Bob Arganbright Dec 1983 1983 World Fast Draw Championship 42
G128344 Long Range Pistols from Great Britiain Anthony Caryle Dec 1983 Ever hear of handgun target shooting out to 300 yards? 44
G128350 Frost and Thunder Part II Randall Garrett Dec 1983 Frost and Thunder Part II article 50
G128330 Short-Action Ruger Conversion Jim Woods Dec 1983 A short and snappy single action revolver 30
G128339 Gun of the Month: Mark X Bishop Rifle Dec 1983 Win this Bishop Model 10 rifle 39
G128306 AirShots J. I. Galan Dec 1983 A gun for all seasons – the airgun ! 6
G128309 Plinker’s Corner Jerry Rakusan Dec 1983 A lot of people think that plinking is a recent phrnomrnon 9
G128310 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Dec 1983 There are dozeens of different kinds of targets available to the handgun shooter 10
G128312 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1983 There is no mystery to the care and feeding of black powder guns 12
G128314 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Dec 1983 The new structural plastics not only make ruged lightweight knives,they also minimize assembly costs and operations 14
G128318 Scope Scene Brian Butt Dec 1983 Looking for a handgun scope to match your Ruger Redhawk or stainless Super- Blackhawk> 18
G128322 Custom Guns Stuart Williams Dec 1983 A serious British shooter would no sooner buy a ready-made gun than he would go and buy a readtmade suit 22
G128324 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Dec 1983 Lots of people think that a 10-gauge shotgun is the ultimate in long range shooting 24
G128326 Old Timers Don Zutz Dec 1983 It would seem a difficult thing to say anything new about a cartridge that has been around for 110 years 26
G128328 Shot & Shell Roger Barlow Dec 1983 America invented Skeet Shooting, but has never won a single Olympic medal in the sport ! 28
Item Article Author Issue Title Page