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1982 GUNS Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
G018227 Smokin’ Mini Magnums Dave Reynolds Jan 1982 27
G018228 Sink the Konigsberg ! Peter Hathaway Capstick Jan 1982 28
G018230 Silent Survival ! David E. Steele Jan 1982 30
G018233 Manstoppers Al Pickles Jan 1982 33
G018234 Krico Matchmaster Kevin E. Steele Jan 1982 34
G018238 Handmade for Combat Greg Moots Jan 1982 38
G018240 Astra A-80 Dave Arnold Jan 1982 40
G018242 Custom Knife Showcase Jim Woods Jan 1982 42
G018246 Gung-Ho Combat Knives Robert Buerlein Jan 1982 46
G018206 Benchresting Skip Gordon Jan 1982 6
G018212 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Jan 1982 12
G018214 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jan 1982 14
G018216 AirShots J. I. Galan Jan 1982 16
G018218 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jan 1982 18
G018220 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele Jan 1982 20
G018224 Deisgn Corner John Winter Jan 1982 24
G028216 Field Test: 8MM Magnum John B. Del Savio Feb 1982 Testing Remington’s 8mm blockbuster on African big game 16
G028225 Sub-Gauge Masterpiece GUNS STAFF Feb 1982 Heym re-introduces a “best” 28 gauge 25
G028226 Nine Combat Combos W.W. Buttler Feb 1982 Match-up survival weapons for effective firepower! 26
G028229 Redfield’s Sportster Walter Rickell Feb 1982 Big-bore quality in a 3/4 .22 scope ! 29
G028234 KG-9 Furious Firepower J.I. Galan Feb 1982 Clandestine develpoment bringspotent 9mm semi-auto pistol to market 34
G028236 Hot Huntin’ Handguns Jim Woods Feb 1982 All you need to know to select what’s best for your type of handgun hunting 36
G028242 Air Force Sky Caps Cecil B. Newberry Feb 1982 Weapons and tactics of the U.S. Air Forces Security Police 42
G028246 Frontier’s .220 Swift Ammo Al Pickles Feb 1982 Frontier’s new .220 Swift loads produce EXPLSIVE results! 46
G028207 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Feb 1982 Navy’s Le page dueler 7
G028212 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Feb 1982 In defense of the crossdraw holster 12
G028218 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Feb 1982 Pump vs. auto: a matter of style 18
G028220 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Feb 1982 Accuracy and the 9mm Parabellum 20
G028222 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Feb 1982 The Yanceys of Colorado-innovators in knifemaking 22
G028224 Design Corner John Winter Feb 1982 “Hammerlock” .22 Mag Auto pistol 24
G028252 Benchresting Skip Gordon Feb 1982 When there’s no prevailing condition 52
G038220 Electronic Powder Scale Mike Barach Mar 1982 Ainsworth’s super scale L.E.D. readout for reloaders ! 20
G038226 Shotgun Shootout! Dick thmas Mar 1982 Heavy hitters for hardcore combat 26
G038227 Trend to Practical Editor’s Note Mar 1982 Combat rifles shooting explides as a new self defense sport 27
G038228 Why Not Practical Rifle? Jeff Cooper Mar 1982 Cooper sparks interest in controversial new rifle sport 28
G038232 Hot Tips: 7×57 – .257R Don Zutz Mar 1982 One more time: 7×57 & .257 roberts 32
G038234 U.S.M.C. Embassy Guards Jim Cowgill Mar 1982 Article on U.S. Embassy guards 34
G038238 Reloads For 9mm Zap! Logan Bertollette Mar 1982 hot tips for hot loads 38
G038240 Varmint Rifle Roundup Jim Woods Mar 1982 Get in on fast varmint action 40
G038244 Stop Rape: Hatpins vs. 38s Kevin E. Steele Mar 1982 Save her life-and yours with proper instruction 44
G038248 Cooling Supershot Loads Claud Hamilton Mar 1982 Article on colling the supershots 48
G038258 Lee Turret Press Don Zutz Mar 1982 Lee’s new Turret press: revolving success 58
G038206 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Mar 1982 To “Hot Shot” or not 6
G038209 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Mar 1982 how I learned to stop worrying, and love recoil 9
G038210 Handloading bench Don Zutz Mar 1982 Suspicions regarding the .25-06 10
G038214 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele Mar 1982 Small arms shortages in World War II 14
G038216 Air Shots J. I. Galan Mar 1982 New pneumatic from Crosman 16
G038218 Design Corner John Winter Mar 1982 1911A1: Unbeatale made better ! 18
G038224 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Mar 1982 Old Knife? Give it life ! 24
G048220 Krieghoff Autoloader Don Zutz Apr 1982 Krieghoff’s pre-WWII design was the world’s first gas-operated sporting rifle 20
G048227 Custom Pistol Rest Logan Bertolette Apr 1982 Forget car hoods and tree trunks- be steady for super shootin’ 27
G048228 Hard Huntin’ Rifle Robert Sherwood Apr 1982 SMLE takes hard knocks- comes up shootin’ 28
G048230 New Jackal Air Rifles J. I. Galan Apr 1982 Awesome airguns ape military styling 30
G048232 Daisy’s Dynamic Duo GUNS Staff Apr 1982 Big winners for pneumatic fun 32
G048234 R1: Magnum Marvel J. I. Galan Apr 1982 Magnum mania breaks loose at Beeman’s ! 34
G048240 Infamous Kalashnikovs David E. Steele Apr 1982 Tool of Oppression- Slayer of Freedom Russia’s reviled and deadly assualt rifle 40
G048246 Masterful Hi-Power Jim Woods Apr 1982 Good guns never die Hi-Power Excellence 46
G048248 Daisy’s Mini-Shotgun W. Paul Brandt Apr 1982 Article on Daisy’s Mini-Shotgun 48
G048264 Why Customize? Peyton Autry Apr 1982 Why not… You’ll come out the winner ! 64
G048206 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Apr 1982 Super hot slugs in the MAGNUM 10 6
G048214 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Apr 1982 Ithaca comes back with a bang ! 14
G048215 Benchresting Skip Gordon Apr 1982 The good old days? Poppycock! 15
G048216 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele Apr 1982 Daedick’s slick system: from pistol to machine gun 16
G048218 Air Shots J. I. Galan Apr 1982 Do-it-yourself – this kit is a hit ! 18
G048222 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Apr 1982 Epicurean’s Edge: custom utensils 22
G058225 Clever Clips Jim Woods May 1982 New nylon magazines improve HK lineup 25
G058226 World of Lugers, Part 1 Raplh Shattuck May 1982 Chart of lugers 26
G058228 FN FAL vs. HK G- 3 Barrett Tillman May 1982 Battle of the Full-Auto Titans 28
G058230 Why Cops Can’t Shoot Seth Nadel May 1982 Police politicos put your life n the line 30
G058231 Southpaw Smokepole Jim Woods May 1982 New Tennessee Mountain Rifle for lefties only 31
G058234 The Calibers Game Mike Nesbitt May 1982 Article about the calibers game for buckskinners 34
G058238 Colt’s 1860 Army Dave Epperson May 1982 1860 Army Cap & Ball Combat Champ 38
G058240 Hail to the Chief James D. Mason May 1982 M&N presents proud Presidential series…. 40
G058242 Trio of Troopers Stanley W. Trzoniec May 1982 Tough wheelguns offer plinking, target, Magnum Punch 42
G058246 Remington/ Winchester ’82 Jim Woods May 1982 Remington/Winchester seminars showcase exciting innovations 46
G058206 Benchresting Skip Gordon May 1982 Benchrest: the new Metallic M – 11 6
G058209 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob May 1982 Kind words for cheap guns 9
G058210 Handloading Bench Don Zutz May 1982 heavyweight bout: .45s 10
G058212 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt May 1982 Good readin’ black powder books 12
G058214 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele May 1982 Low maintenance rifle: good idea down the drain 14
G058220 AirShots J. I. Galan May 1982 .25 pellets: devastating alternative 20
G058222 Shot & Shell Kevin E Steele May 1982 Hinged Breech: a brief history 22
G068216 World of Lugers, Part II Ralph Shattuck Jun 1982 Ralph Shattuck’s comprehensive Lugar price guide continues 16
G068224 Marlin Ain’t the Other Guy ! Mike Nesbitt Jun 1982 Lever-action innovator takes backseat to none 24
G068226 GUNTEST: Parker-Hale Rifles William Curtis Jun 1982 Go ahead – take the Browning Chanllenge ! 26
G068228 .357 Mag: Sizzler ot Slowpoke? Jim Woods Jun 1982 Original Hot-Shot brought up to date 28
G068230 Great Oberndorf Raid Donald Roberts Jun 1982 WWI bombers hammer German gun factory 30
G068232 GUNTEST: Chipmunk Rifle Mike Nesbitt Jun 1982 Today’s rifle for tomorrow’s riflemen 32
G068234 .38 Super Shooter Stanley Trzoniec Jun 1982 Fast – Accurate – Potent… .38 Super Shooter 34
G068238 What’s an IPSC Gun? Jim Weller Jun 1982 Custom .45s lead the field – Do you eed one to compete 38
G068242 Greatest Rifle Ever Sold Tom Turpin Jun 1982 Magnificent custom rifle ignites collector interest 42
G068245 GUNTEST: Squirrel Rifle Mike Nesbitt Jun 1982 Hatfield’s New Squirrel Rifle it’s the real McCoy ! 45
G068246 Cooper’s Rifle Course Barrett Tillman Jun 1982 Top- notch instruction by Gunsight’s best ! 46
G068248 New Zeiss Optics J.D. Jones Jun 1982 U.S. styling sparks shooter interest 48
G068275 Hoyt Axton Speaks Out! Mike Nesbitt Jun 1982 ” NUT CONTROL…. Not Gun Control “ 75
G068209 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jun 1982 .45 Auto: Damn the torpedos ‘Full-crimp ahead! 9
G068210 Air Shots J. I. Galan Jun 1982 Hot pneu match pistol from Feinwerkbau 10
G068212 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele Jun 1982 Hughes discovers missing link: CHAIN GUN 12
G068218 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jun 1982 New daggers deliver defense market 18
G068220 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Jun 1982 U.S. Repeating arms: scatterguns for serious shooters 20
G068223 Product Reports Jun 1982 New products from the industry 23
G068274 NEWS NEWS Jun 1982 Articles on different stories 74
G068278 Gun of the Month Jun 1982 The gun buff’s guide for 1982 ! 78
G078216 World of Luger Values Ralph Shattuck Jul 1982 Final installment of Ralph Shattick’s comprehensive guide for Luger collectors 16
G078224 P.A.S.T. Recoil Shield Dave Epperson Jul 1982 Big-bore shooting pain? It’s a thing of the P.A.S.T. ! 24
G078227 GUNTEST: Power Control Al Pickles Jul 1982 New system for recoil suppession 27
G078228 Wheelgun Defense Tactics John McGiveny Jul 1982 Effective revolver basics ensure shootout survival 28
G078230 Ultimate FG_42 David E. Steele Jul 1982 Ultimate battle rifle of Hitler’s elite airborne corps 30
G078232 GUNTEST: Beretta M – 1000 Russ Carpenter Jul 1982 Tricentennial thunderstick thrills shotgun shooters ! 32
G078233 GUNTEST: Dixie Trade Gun Mike Nesbitt Jul 1982 Primitive shoting’s all – around smokepole 33
G078237 Shoot Military Matches ! Rocky Kemp Jul 1982 New rules allow non-military shooters to compete 37
G078238 Dan Wesson .44 Magnum Dave Reynolds Jul 1982 .44 Magnum combo rounds out DW line 38
G078240 Unique’s New Rimfire Rifles Stuart M. Williams Jul 1982 Ultim ate French sporters now available in U. S. ! 40
G078244 Muzzle Mizer Magic Kevin E. Steele Jul 1982 New muzle brake eliminates horizontal and vertical turbulence 44
G078246 3 Guns – 9 Cartirdges Jim Woods Jul 1982 Slck Ruger Customs ass up to versatility plus ! 46
G078206 Gun Legislation Jul 1982 Morton Grove decision – the aftermath 6
G078209 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Jul 1982 Arguments against anti- handgunners – Part II 9
G078210 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Jul 1982 Mystery trigger: single-set for Hawken rifles 10
G078212 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Jul 1982 Understanding shotgun fit lingo 12
G078214 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele Jul 1982 Awesome firepower: machine pistols for military and police 14
G078218 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Jul 1982 Hot shot handloads for the standard 20 18
G078222 Benchresting Skip Gordon Jul 1982 There’s more to benchrest than meets the eye ! 22
G078223 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Jul 1982 Crosman blades- new products from an old line company 23
G078274 Bookshelf Jul 1982 List of different books 74
G078276 Product Reports Jul 1982 Customize your own gun with famous M-S Safari Arms components 76
G088209 GUNTEST: AKM vs CAR – 15 Barrett Tillman Aug 1982 Carbine contenders aquare off… Which one Wins? 9
G088216 Crime War Front Robert Price Aug 1982 The time has come to engage the enemy 16
G088226 GUNTEST: AMT .22 Back Up Dave Reynolds Aug 1982 When you need it most .22 BACK UP 26
G088227 GUNTEST: Marlin 120 Magnum John Rockefeller Aug 1982 Heavyweight scattergun packs power to square ! 27
G088228 Non-Optical Illusion Sights Jim Woods Aug 1982 From Qwik- Point to Aimpoint – New designs forecast future trends 28
G088232 Basic Tools for Handloaders Stanley Trzoniec Aug 1982 Just getting started? Take the right route to realoading success 32
G088236 Hard Workin’ Handgun John LeVick Aug 1982 Ruger’s super sixgun finds a home on the range 36
G088238 Remington Through the Years Dough Morton Aug 1982 Gettingbetter as time goes by 38
G088240 The Stainless “Look” Kevin E. Steele Aug 1982 Super-tough finishes prolong firearms life 40
G088242 The Rrest U.S. Musket? John Johnson Aug 1982 Is this the rares U.S. Military weapon? 42
G088246 GUNTEST: Lyman Plains Pistol George Glenn Aug 1982 Powerful belt-gun fills black powder void 46
G088265 Be a Gun Pro ! Dave Epperson Aug 1982 Article on becoming a gun pro 65
G088206 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Aug 1982 Weatherby wonders: new shotguns from Mr. Magnum 6
G088210 Air Shots J. I. Galan Aug 1982 Latest news from industry insuders ! 10
G088212 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Aug 1982 Stop anti- handgunners : Part III 12
G088222 Weapons & Tactics David E. Steele Aug 1982 Are military police weapons right for the job? 22
G088224 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Aug 1982 Hawkenize Thompson/ Center ! 24
G088274 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Aug 1982 Stainless steel – blade material of the times 74
G088269 Product Reports Aug 1982 New products from the industry 69
G088276 News News News Aug 1982 A list of news 76
G098216 Handgun Silhouette Rules Marty La Rette Sep 1982 Read and discover it’s simpler than you think 16
G098224 Custer Colts E. Dixon Reynolds Sep 1982 Did your single action army ride with the gallant 7th Cavalry? 24
G098226 GUNTEST: Taurus PT-99 Dave Reynolds Sep 1982 New Taurus pistol offers firepower-dependability 26
G098227 GUNTEST: Erma ELG-10 J. I. Galan Sep 1982 Beeman/Erma brings airgun fun to diehard lever-action shooters! 27
G098228 Revolvers: Single vs Double Doug Morton Sep 1982 Pick the revolver action that’s right for you! 28
G098232 Guns & Gear at Rendezvous Mike Nesbitt Sep 1982 Buckskinners recreate Fur Trade fun 32
G098234 Shotgun to Double Rifle Jim Weller Sep 1982 Beatup smoothbores become classic double rifles 34
G098236 Astra vs Mauser Gregor Woods Sep 1982 Is the copy better than the original ? 36
G098239 Gun of the Month Sep 1982 You could win Beretta’s New Model 92SB Pistol 39
G098240 Beretta’s Best ! Stanley W. Trzoniec Sep 1982 Awesome auto-pistols capture critical acclaim 40
G098246 GUNTEST: BSA CF-2 Rifle Don Zutz Sep 1982 Slick bolt-action design built with British gunmaking skill 46
G098248 Swenson’s Custom Colts Dick Thomas Sep 1982 Copied by many-Surpassed by few ! 48
G098267 Portable Benchrest Jim Lavarone Sep 1982 Exciting accessory turns suitable site into stopgap shootin’ range 67
G098206 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Sep 1982 Shotgunnwe’s view : NRA ’82 6
G098209 Handguns Today Massad Ayoob Sep 1982 Arguments against anti-handgunners: Part IV 9
G098214 Gun Legislation Sep 1982 Open letter to the non-shooting public 14
G098218 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Sep 1982 U.S. Muzzleloading Team Goin’ for gold 18
G098220 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Sep 1982 Custom knifemakers come in all sizes 20
G098222 Air Shots J. I. Galan Sep 1982 New guns create stir at S.H.O.T. 22
G098276 Product Reports Sep 1982 The BPs proven Best Over the Rest 76
G118219 London for Shooters! Barrett Tilman Nov 1982 News ! News ! London For Shooters 19
G118224 Defensive Handgun Selection Kenneth L. Walters Nov 1982 Incorrect judgement can be the difference between life and death 24
G118226 Brush Bustin’ Bullets Don Zutz Nov 1982 Reload for the gae – to hell with the bushes ! 26
G118228 custom Shotgun Trio Peyton Autry Nov 1982 Artistic triumvirate create lasting firearms classics 28
G118230 GUNTEST: New Riot Guns Jim Woods Nov 1982 Powerhouse pumpguns from U.S. Repeating Arms 30
G118232 Are .25 Rifles Doomed? Stan Trzoniec Nov 1982 Super-Hot quarter-bores are yhere to stay 32
G118236 Austrian – Made Stuart M. Williams Nov 1982 Quality you can count on … Austrian Made 36
G118239 Gun of the month Nov 1982 You can win Llama’s omni – .45 39
G118240 OMNI – A Super .45 J.D. Jones Nov 1982 Double-action pacesetter makes dynamite debut! 40
G118243 GUNTEST: Shilen Rifles Peter Tomaras Nov 1982 Article on “GUNTEST: Shilen Rifles “ 43
G118246 Top – Break Revolvers Jim Woods Nov 1982 Rise and fall of a good idea 46
G118268 Record Those Serial #’s Jim Woods Nov 1982 Keep clues cops need to recover stolen fireamrs 68
G118206 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Nov 1982 Getting the m ost from short-barreled rifle 6
G118209 Air Shots J. I. Galan Nov 1982 Super- pellet or air-powered bullet? 9
G118214 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Nov 1982 Pointers on pyrodex 14
G118220 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Nov 1982 Barrel Length: much ado about nothing 20
G118222 Benchresting Skip Gordon Nov 1982 Super Soot – Industry does care 22
G118274 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Nov 1982 Get an edge with sticks or stones 74
G108212 GUNTEST: Ithaca English ultra Kevin E. Steele Oct 1982 Ithaca’s lightning fast Brithish- styled repeater 12
G108228 Roarin’ Twenties Deer Hunt Mike Nesbitt Oct 1982 Move over Magnums – Here come the good ol’ guns! 28
G108238 GUNTEST: Browning B-80 Auto Kevin E. Steele Oct 1982 Browning’s awesome autoloader offers shooters more ! 38
G108240 Care & Fedding for Stainless Joe Zambone Oct 1982 Special techniques enhance slick finish 40
G108242 Modern Mountain Rifles Russell Thornberry Oct 1982 lightweight & strong even O’Connor would approve ! 42
G108244 S&W Model 25-5 Stan Trzoniec Oct 1982 Two old favorites- One great gun ! 44
G108248 Caprinus of Sweden Kevin E. Steele Oct 1982 Innovative- Functional- Beautiful ! 48
G108251 Hino Blow-forward Handgun Harry Derby Oct 1982 Article on “Hino Blow forward Pistol” 51
G108254 Beretta’s new 687EL o / u Kevin E. Steele Oct 1982 Exqiste design and embellishment highlight 54
G108256 GUNTEST: Model 23 Lightweight Kevin E. Steele Oct 1982 Olin-Winchester’s newest side-by-side 56
G108264 Obey the Law- Own a gun ! Jim Pettigrew Oct 1982 Georgia hamlet enacts Pro-Gun ordinance in defiance of Morton Grove 64
G108270 The Perfect Bullet? Lee Maloney Oct 1982 Article on the “Perfect Bullet” 70
G108206 Shot & Shell Kevin E. Steele Oct 1982 Hunter’s Clays: practical shotgun game for ardent wingshooters 6
G108210 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Oct 1982 Getting the most from DuPont’s new ‘Hi-Skor” 800-X 10
G108218 Gun Legislation Oct 1982 GET THE VOTE OUT ! 18
G108222 Air Shots J. I. Galan Oct 1982 Nifty Fifty: hotshot underlever from Dynamit-Nobel 22
G108224 Shooter’s Edge Jim Woods Oct 1982 In defense of BIG knife companies 24
G108290 News ! News ! Oct 1982 News! News! News! Articles 90
G128214 Browning Citori Stan Trzoniec Dec 1982 A classic over/under shotgun that proved itself 14
G128223 Care and Fedding of the FN-Lar Dick Thomas Dec 1982 Article on “Care and feeding of the FN Lar” 23
G128228 The David Lloyd Rifle Sidney DuBroff Dec 1982 Product profiles : The David Lloyd Rifle 28
G128230 Product Profiles: Stocked Scopes Seth nadel Dec 1982 Add a Stock to Your Spotting Scope 30
G128236 Rimfire Autos Jim Woods Dec 1982 buyer’s Guide to 8 popular Models 36
G128240 Gun of the Month Dec 1982 You can win a trio of Stainless Steel Charter Arms Revolvers ! 40
G128242 Guns of the Philippines J. M. Ramos Dec 1982 Homemade guns of the philippines article 42
G128248 Colt S.A.A. Values John kopec Dec 1982 Article on the pre-War Colt Single Action 48
G128250 Colt Service Ace Larry S. Sterett Dec 1982 This .22 pistol has a .45 kick and a price tag to match 50
G128256 Matt Warner: Desperado & Deputy E. Dixon Larson Dec 1982 Article on the Desperado & Deputy 56
G128266 End of the Trail: Cowboy Shoot Mike Thill Dec 1982 A single action fun shoot with an $18,000 pot of gold 66
G128206 Benchresting Skip Gordon Dec 1982 “New” BR cartrdge – the 22PPC 6
G128209 Air Shots J. I. Galan Dec 1982 Optical sights boost airgun effectiveness 9
G128212 Shooters Edge Jim Woods Dec 1982 A Handful of small hunting knives 12
G128222 Cap & Flint Mike Nesbitt Dec 1982 Relaoding on the hunt 22
G128225 Handloading Bench Don Zutz Dec 1982 More loads for the 9mm parabellum 25
G128269 The Gun Market Dec 1982 List of Guns for sale 69
GAN8206 Sure Fire Black Powder Tip Sam Fadala Annual A piece of tape can save your muzzleloader 6
GAN8208 Stoline Security Jim Woods Annual Stowline’s gun vault provides optimum security at an affordable price 8
GAN8214 Restore Your Long Gun Ron Swartley Annual gussy-up your shootin’ iron with these do-it-yourself ideas 14
GAN8232 Suhi In Miniature Tom Turpin Annual Munnerstadt fills the void created by the Iron Curtain 32
GAN8235 B.M.F. Activator Al Pickles Annual Legal “Burst-fire” device for action shooters 35
GAN8238 Saf-T-Case Caper Jim Woods Annual Quality guncase stands up to use and abuse 38
GAN8218 Bren vs. MG-42 Barrett Tillman Annual WWII duel continues between famous antagnists 18
GAN8222 uzi vs. M-45 Barrett Tillman Annual Two ot SMGs battle for first place 22
GAN8224 Hall’s Stainless Bolt-Action Jon R, Leu Annual Hall’s design begins new era ! 24
GAN8228 Remington’s Model 3200 Nick Sisley Annual Famed over/under proves it’s what’s inisde that counts 28
GAN8230 Bar-Sto & Hi – Powers Cluad Hamiliton Annual Custom Bar-Sto barrles tighten Browning groups with no muss, no fuss 30
GAN8236 Slightly Custom Sixguns Ray Ordorica Annual Do-It-Yourself touches add custom look to your favorite wheelguns 36
GAN8254 Mean-Street Autos B.R. Hughes Annual Powerhouse istols for personal protection 54
GAN8256 Survival Shatterguns Pete Weizenegger Annual Powerhouse roundup-combat shotguns & accessories 56
GAN8262 Rugged Reloaders Kenneth L. Walters Annual hot tips for rolling your own ammo supply 62
GAN8264 Adaptable Adapters & Inserts Elmer Kurrus Annual Firearm adaptability is the key to ammo availability 64
GAN8268 Camo: Way to Go Al Pickles Annual Cammie clothes and gear give you the edge 68
GAN8276 Learn to Shoot Don Hall Annual Don’t be a second place winner 76
GAN8278 Assault Rifle Shootout Steve Ketchum Annual Survive with the .308 battle rifle 78
GAN8283 Survival Guns Catalog Annual Guns catalog with surivial guns…. 83
Item Article Author Issue Title Page