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Varmints Beware!

Varmints Beware!

Mitchell’s Black Lightning .22 WMR Delivers Power And Accuracy

It’s a rarity in the gun world when the name of a new model captures the spirit of the firearm. There are just too many A7s, 7s, 70s, 75s, 77s, 700s, 750s and 770s out there. What is this industry fixation with assigning non-descriptive numbers to their firearms, particularly if the model number is derived from the root of 7? That’s why it was refreshing to see Mitchell’s Mausers market a sleek, ultra-modern, semi-auto .22 WMR with the fast-stepping name, “Black Lightning.” Composed of stainless steel cloaked in black polymer, it does indeed give the impression of a fast, flashy, potent little rimfire, and indeed, it is.

Long known as a unique source for pristine condition Mausers, Lugers, P-38s, 1911s and military sniper rifles, Mitchell’s Mausers has earned a solid reputation for marketing unusual, interesting and classy firearms. Well, the Black Lightning certainly has class and style. It’s a racy, spacey-looking rimfire magnum and frankly, it’s been too long since we’ve seen a new, semi-auto chambered for the hot-performing .22 WMR.

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  1. dean osborne says:

    I would like to see a more in depth article on the different types of 22 mag ammo. I have just purchased a Savage 22 mag and would like to learn more about what is available. I have not had a 22 mag since 1970. The article stirred me into the new purchase.

  2. Mack Missiletoe says:

    “It’s a rarity in the gun world when the name of a new model captures the spirit of the firearm.”

    Yup! Notice the Colt Woodsman and Python. Beretta Neos, Marlin Camp Carbine, a Mare’s Leg rifle, the Smith & Wesson Volcanic, Kit Gun, .22 Combat Masterpiece, Chief’s Special, Taurus Judge, Ruger Vaquero. There are others. It’s not as fun to say, “I drive a DF20A3,” as it is to say, “I drive a Mustang,” or, “Cayman S.”

    I agree. We love our creatively and smartly named guns! However some number/letter names are nice for example SR22. Or M4. Or AK47. They stick.

    Especially with rimfires a more creative name is enjoyed. Probably because they may be like the first guns we shot as a kid–which may also have been creatively named.

    I love my Marlin .22WMR. It’s my favorite gun to shoot. I should give it a nickname.

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