GUNS Magazine 2011 Combat Special Edition


GUNS Combat 2011

GUNS Magazine 2011 Combat Special Edition Has
The Best Information On Shooting

The GUNS Magazine Combat Special Edition has the best information to help readers regardless of where the fight takes place, it’s combat. Combat can take place in a living room, fighting off a home invader, or in the mountains, engaging an angry grizzly in camp. This Special Edition has guns and gear dedicated to help readers win the fight no matter where it takes place.

Here’s A Peek Inside:

COVER STORY: Les Baer’s New Tactical Recon .308 Bolt Gun

Glock SBR Conversion – From Pistol To Carbine

Rifle Dynamics Custom AK

Concealing Strategies For Fixed-Blade Knives

Remington .30 AR

FN M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

Bushmaster’s ACR Modern Defensive Rifle

Tokarev 7.62×25 – A Powerful Classic

LIL’ LEVERGUNS: Today’s Trappers

DIY Sniper Rifle – It’s Easier Than You Think

PLUS: THE K.I.S.S Rifle, Leupold Rifle Scopes, SIG Sauer’s AR, Black-Powder Boomers, M16/AR, Fighting Triggers And A Gaggle Of Gaps.

BUYER’S GUIDE 2011: Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Lasers And Lights And More.

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