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Special Edition Advertising

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If you want to reach a buying audience of firearms and shooting sports enthusiasts with your sales message, FMG Publications Special Editions offers a year-round cost effective solution.

In 1976 American Handgunner became the first magazine devoted 100% to handguns and handgun shooting sports.

Today it’s still the first place Handgunners everywhere turn for the latest and most reliable handgun news and information.

GUNS Magazine had influenced the buying decisions of avid shooting sportsmen since its inception as the first national monthly newsstand firearms publication in 1955.

The most active group of shooting sportsmen anywhere turn to each issue for the most current firearms and sport shooting information available.

The editorial resources that make American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine so appealing, are joined to create the most dynamic combination of annual issue and special editions the industry has to offer.

Newsstand buyers and direct mail purchasers world-wide look to each issue published by the FMG Publications for news and buying information they know they can trust.

Advertising Sales Manager – Special Editions:
Raymond Jones
Phone: (800) 533-7988
Fax: (858) 605-0239

Advertising Sales Director:
Anita Carson
Phone: (866) 972-4545
Fax: (858) 605-0211

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Surplus SE

GUNS Magazine Surplus, Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition

The GUNS Magazine Special Editions adds a new Surplus, Vintage & Classic Firearms issue. This Special Edition has features on guns and gear that helped shape history are more popular than ever before. The GUNS Magazine Surplus edition provides an in depth look at vintage, military, classics, reproduction guns and accessories that appeal to collectors, history buffs and gun enthusiasts. Included is a Resource Guide dedicated to fans of surplus guns and gear.


GUNS Magazine Combat Modern Sporting Rifle Special Edition

The GUNS Magazine Special Edition adds a new Combat MSR issue. The guns, gear and varied applications dominate the pages of the MSR Special Edition. The MSR platform can be configured into a wide range of calibers and purposes: plinkers love it for the fun factor, hunters and competition shooters have accepted it as a rifle they can depend on. No matter what kind of shooting interest, the GUNS Magazine Combat MSR Special Edition proves there’s always room for an Modern Sporting Rifle in the arsenal.


GUNS Magazine Special Edition

The GUNS Magazine Special Edition introduces the best of general shooting sports, firearm reviews, ammo, reloading and current shooting trends to readers of every age and interest level. Vital information on handguns, rifles, shotguns and shooting accessories provides a wealth of useful information that new and experienced shooters return to all year. GUNS Magazine’s reputation of editorial excellence has made this the “must have” special edition for 55 years.


GUNS Magazine Combat Special Edition

From detailed full-color photo spreads to expertly written articles that pull no punches, the GUNS Magazine Combat Special Edition delivers results on the newsstands. The Combat Special Edition focuses on: tools, tactics, trends and specifi cs of a wide range of dramatic fi rearms, ammunition, military, police and tactical operations. This Special Edition has a comprehensive catalog of long guns, handguns, combat lights and knives!

Handgunner Survive

American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive Special Edition Fall/Winter

The Survive Special Edition’s primary focus is providing tips, tools and resources for surviving unexpected situations and natural disasters. Whether it’s a flood, fire or medical emergency, the experts contributing to the editorial content have one goal, to help readers survive almost anything.

American Handgunner Special Edition Annual

Active handgun enthusiasts turn to the American Handgunner Special Edition for the latest trends in handgun equipment, handgun care, history, ammunition and handgun accessories. Inside are top notch articles from the world’s best writers including Dave Anderson, John Taffin, Clint Smith, Mike Venturino and more. The comprehensive catalog section provides a year-round handgun buying resource for readers of all interest levels.


American Handgunner Tactical Special Edition

FMG Publications has brought the “tell-it-like-it-is” reputation of American Handgunner into the tactical world. The American Handgunner Tactical Special Edition focuses on: cutting edge handguns, tactics, accessories, self-defense handguns, concealedcarry gear and the entire gamut of handgun-related information. Each Special Edition has a comprehensive resource guide thati ncludes handguns, combat lights and knives!

Handgunner Personal

American Handgunner Personal Defense Special Edition Spring/Summer

This popular edition is for people who have made defensive thinking a priority. Whether defending the home or dealing with emergencies while away, this bonus covers it all. The latest equipment and training options fill the pages with expert advice and solutions to the big issues no one ever wants to face. The expert mix of features make the Personal Defense Special Edition one of the most popular on newsstands.

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