New Product Of The Day: Relinat


Signal 9 Defense. The 4-barrel Reliant is specifically designed for concealed carry and combines the reliability of a revolver with a profile of a 1911 pistol. It features four barrels of stopping power and a tip-up barrel and can reliably be fired from within a purse or pocket. There is very little recoil and the

Stew On This


The CRKT HCK1 Is A Grub Rustlin’ Fixed-Blade Par Excellence. For the most part, the kitchen-knife boom lighting up the cutlery industry has passed field knives by. Somewhat confusing since the tactical/survival end of the cutlery industry has been its unfailing strong suit for over two decades. The CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) HCK1



Kimber’s Caprivi In .416 Remington Is Purpose-Built For The Big, Bite-You-Back Stuff. It usually happens when you least expect it.

Rigged For Pigs


Contrary To Old Gunwriting Sea Stories, You Don’t Need Artillery To Shoot Hogs. Whether pigs are considered varmints or big

It’s a Long Shot


Make it count. Here’s how. There’s a saying in automobile racing, “Speed costs money, how fast do you want to