New Products Of The Day: PVC Morale Patches


Maxpedition PVC Morale Patches. PVC Morale Patches enable you to personalize your gear with our unique and durable designs including flags, emblems, medical symbols, humorous cartoons and so much more. For more info: (310) 768-0098, Check Back Every Weekday For Another New Product Of The Day! Looking For More?

Exclusive: Spartan Shoots, Scores!


So what if SIG SAUER’s P238 passed the holster/carry test. If it shoots poorly, you won’t carry it. Thankfully, a 100-round range session proved that it not only shoots reliably, but also is quite accurate and easy to manipulate, control-wise. You know the deal: Micro carry guns sometimes get so micro that they’re just not

Zone Defense


Accuracy, Ergonomics And The .45 ACP Are All In Play With Springfield’s Sub-Compact XD Mod.2. The Springfield Armory XD series

Stew On This


The CRKT HCK1 Is A Grub Rustlin’ Fixed-Blade Par Excellence. For the most part, the kitchen-knife boom lighting up the



Kimber’s Caprivi In .416 Remington Is Purpose-Built For The Big, Bite-You-Back Stuff. It usually happens when you least expect it.

Rigged For Pigs


Contrary To Old Gunwriting Sea Stories, You Don’t Need Artillery To Shoot Hogs. Whether pigs are considered varmints or big