Fire-Proof Tracer Ammunition from G2 Research


Through chemical research and applied ignition, G2 Research, the makers of the new R.I.P self-defense round and .300 Ripout Round, have invented a NO HEAT NO FLAME tracer round for the 9mm (.45 ACP coming later). Designed to emit a bright tracer effect for 50-100 yards, testing shows that the round stays visible in the

Another Fun Gun From Magnum Research, Inc


I’ve watched the late Bob Munden on TV and I’ve also shot one-on-one with him. I fantasize I could shoot like him if I just practiced enough. I’ve watched Jerry Miculek on TV and I’ve also shot one-on-one with him, and again I fantasize I could, too, if I just practiced enough. But then I’ve

High-Volume Heat


Battle Rifle Company Puts Its State-Of-The-Art AR Through A 10,000-Round Test. What pops to mind when you think of a

High-Tech Shotgun Ammo


Maxstop And DDupleks Maximize The Effectiveness Of The 12-Gauge Defensive And Hunting Shotgun. Innovations in ammunition power the shooting industry.

Guns With Character


A Savage 99 .32-40 Shows The Influence Of A Knowledgeable Owner. Walking down rows of black, synthetic stocked rifles, I

Miles Of Aisles


SHOT Show! A Showcase For Shooters Of Every Stripe. Navigating through mammoth crowds of shooters, exhibitors and assorted industry types