New Product Of The Day: Boberg


XR45-S Pistol. The XR45-S, a .45 ACP pocket pistol, utilizes B.A.C.’s reverse feed technology, has an overall length of 5.75″ and a 3.75″ barrel. It is rated for .45 Super right out of the box and delivers ballistics and handling of a full-sized semi-auto low-felt recoil. For more info: (651) 287-0617, Check Back Every

Exclusive: The Backup … Bag


You know that guy — the one who always seems to be prepared and always has a spare or backup of just about everything. You know, the one who packs a winter survival bag for the car. The one who has an extra USB charging block. The one who watches videos on how to pack

Target-Class Tactical


Custom Touches By Wilson Combat Bring Out The Best In Beretta’s 92G. The “Wilson Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical.” The name

Treetop Tackdriver


A Spring-Piston Squirrel Hunt Showcases Gamo’s Quietly Powerful G2 Whisper. Southerners take their squirrel hunting seriously. They take their squirrel

A Sound Approach


Hearing Is Perishable. So Keep Pushing Back The “Sell-By” Date I began shooting at a time when the concept of

Fun Li’l Levergun


The Rossi Model 92 in .38/.357 Delivers Big Performance In A Small, Handy Package. Carbines chambered for handgun cartridges have

Just Enough Barrel


Duke Rediscovers The Joys—And Challenges— Of Snubnosed Revolvers. Snubnose revolvers are usually loved or hated. The haters say they are