New Product Of The Day: Land Shark Survival Shelter


Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter & Stealth Bag. The Land Shark regulates body temperature, provides protection from harmful effects of weather conditions, and increases visibility or stealth depending on need. The Land Shark opens to become a waterproof thermal cocoon, and the shelter cinches closed using 550 paracord. It is constructed of a micro-thin layer

Exclusive: One Gun I’ll Never Sell

DSC_1150_edited-1 square

I know, I know: Never say ‘never.’ Well, I’m saying it now. I will never sell my Smith & Wesson 686 with the four-inch barrel. Okay, it might be more intellectually honest to pledge not to sell it unless I were in really dire circumstances, but, all things equal, me and this .357 Magnum shall

Antelope Chili


Chili is easy to make and using the sweet tasting meat of antelope adds to the overall flavor. The prep

The Slim Glock 41


The GEN4 Duty And Competition Model In .45 ACP. There are now some 50-odd variations of the basic Glock pistol

Moose Medicine


The .300 Win Mag in Ruger’s Hawkeye Magnum Hunter Delivers Reach And Whack. If you’re like many of us avid