New Product Of The Day: Top Gun Kennel Box


Highway Products Inc. The Top Gun Kennel Box incorporates a Top Gun single lid, diamond plate, weatherproof, secure storage compartment with a double door and ventilated dog kennel. Adjustable stainless steel vents allow for ventilation control and the box offers room for two large dogs. This unit fits inside the bed of your truck but

Exclusive: One or Two Extra Mec-Gar Magazines


When the Nighthawk Custom T4 gets holstered for concealed carry, a loaded Mec-Gar magazine (sometimes two) goes in my weak side front pocket. If something about these magazines looks just a bit strange, it’s because the Nighthawk is a 9mm. Now, let’s save the “John-Moses-Browning-would-never” and the 9mm vs. .45 discussion for another day. Today

Zone Defense


Accuracy, Ergonomics And The .45 ACP Are All In Play With Springfield’s Sub-Compact XD Mod.2. The Springfield Armory XD series

Stew On This


The CRKT HCK1 Is A Grub Rustlin’ Fixed-Blade Par Excellence. For the most part, the kitchen-knife boom lighting up the



Kimber’s Caprivi In .416 Remington Is Purpose-Built For The Big, Bite-You-Back Stuff. It usually happens when you least expect it.

Rigged For Pigs


Contrary To Old Gunwriting Sea Stories, You Don’t Need Artillery To Shoot Hogs. Whether pigs are considered varmints or big