Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter TabLock Kits


The new USA made Sharpshooter™ TabLock™ Kits from Birchwood Casey make hanging targets a snap. Shooters can leave their staplers, tape and push pins at home. Sharpshooter TabLock Kits feature a heavy 12.5″ x 24″ corrugated plastic backerboard with pre-cut TabLocks that will securely hold Birchwood Casey’s popular 12″ and 12″ x 18″ targets. The

Another Fun Gun From Magnum Research, Inc


I’ve watched the late Bob Munden on TV and I’ve also shot one-on-one with him. I fantasize I could shoot like him if I just practiced enough. I’ve watched Jerry Miculek on TV and I’ve also shot one-on-one with him, and again I fantasize I could, too, if I just practiced enough. But then I’ve

High-Volume Heat


Battle Rifle Company Puts Its State-Of-The-Art AR Through A 10,000-Round Test. What pops to mind when you think of a

High-Tech Shotgun Ammo


Maxstop And DDupleks Maximize The Effectiveness Of The 12-Gauge Defensive And Hunting Shotgun. Innovations in ammunition power the shooting industry.

Guns With Character


A Savage 99 .32-40 Shows The Influence Of A Knowledgeable Owner. Walking down rows of black, synthetic stocked rifles, I

Miles Of Aisles


SHOT Show! A Showcase For Shooters Of Every Stripe. Navigating through mammoth crowds of shooters, exhibitors and assorted industry types