New Product Of The Day


Laser Genetics. The NS-300 Subzero from Laser Genetics features the company’s Advanced Laser Module (ALM) technology — a focusable 520nm solid-state green laser. It can operate continuously and in subzero temperatures for up to seven hours. Its long distance beam paints targets out to 300 yards and is visible up to 3 miles. Check

Prime Time


America’s 50-year Ammo Upheaval. Recently when signing one of my books for a friend, I commented we had known each other for 50 years. That got me to thinking: In what 50-year time frame do you think the most change occurred in firearms worldwide? I vote for the years between 1865 and 1915. Since this

Alternate Ammo Options


Many Other Cartridges Can Improve The AR-15’s Performance. As I am writing this, there’s news afloat about a proposed attack

Package Deal


Savage’s New Mark II FXP Offers User-Friendly Convenience. It’s been an exciting month in the world of rimfires. Savage fielded

Recoiling From Reality


Face it. Getting older Means “Those Kicks Just Keep Gettin’ Harder…” It’s funny, but when it comes to hunting rifles,

Wild Game Goulash


There are some dishes that taste as delicious as fresh when severed as leftovers. This Wild Game Goulash is that