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The Greatest Designation

Whether carbine, rifle or submachine gun, America’s trio of WWII classics were M1’s All. Between the world wars the US Army determined a new designation system was needed for equipment. For instance, before the change a rifle or handgun was named after the year it was accepted for service. Therefore names such as Model 1903 or Model 1911.  After the change in nomenclature the first rifle adopted became the M1, meaning model one but those previously named by year kept their original names. Hence a soldier could be armed with an M1 rifle but also carry a Model 1911 pistol.

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The 2015 GUNS Christmas Gift Guide

Sharpen your pencil and bust out your plastic! From stocking stuffers to Super-Santa Specials, just feast your eyes—and Christmastime imaginations—on this cool list of yuletide goodies, folks. Oh, what’s a Super-Santa, you ask? Check your mug in the mirror. That’s you, pal. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right? Enjoy!

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