New Product Of The Day: TPT Every Day Carry


The TPT Every Day Carry gives the intensity of a full-sized tactical light in a compact frame. Powered by two AAA batteries, the TPT EDC utilizes high-power Cree LEDs to cast 91 lumens of light for up to 4.75 hours. The lightweight, impact-resistant polymer body and aluminum head are built for maximum durability and minimum

The Optics Of Iron


Traditional Rifle Sights Use Neither Lenses Nor Batteries, But Obey Similar Physical Laws. Most shooters think optical sighting devices must have lenses, but the science of optics involves light and vision. Lenses are just part of optics, and basic optics also apply to any sort of sight, even those without lenses. What are generically called

Classy Chassis


Mossberg’s MVP LC Scope Combo Can Best Be Described As A “Premium Package Gun.” When I was growing up, O.F.

Gas Vs. Piston


What Difference Does It Make? The original AR, as designed by Eugene Stoner, functions on the gas-impingement system. With this