New Product Of The Day: Boberg


XR45-S Pistol. The XR45-S, a .45 ACP pocket pistol, utilizes B.A.C.’s reverse feed technology, has an overall length of 5.75″ and a 3.75″ barrel. It is rated for .45 Super right out of the box and delivers ballistics and handling of a full-sized semi-auto low-felt recoil. For more info: (651) 287-0617, Check Back Every

Chicken Or Egg?


The .45-70 Was The Basis For Many Other Cartridges—Or Was It? It would be easy to think of the .45-70 (aka .45 Gov’t) as the chicken which laid so many eggs. Or more simply stated the 1873-dated government cartridge was a basis for so many others during the black powder era. That in not 100-percent

Fit For A King


Nikon’s Monarch 3 2.5-10×42 is a durable hunting scope able to withstand magnum recoil. Among the most interesting and valuable

Gear Guns Need


Odds And Ends You Likely Should Consider For Your Rifle. Quality optics should be protected from dust, rain, scratches and

Lizardly Enlightenment


Knife Manufacturer Steel Will’s Lightweight Gekko Can Handle Field Or Foe. Steel Will is a relatively new knife manufacturer, but

“Semi” Snubbie


An Extra Inch Turns This J-frame Into “Something Special.” I don’t quite remember how this whole 3-inch snubbie kick came

Winchester ’73


A Deluxe Model 1873 Returns In Its Original Chambering—The Legendary .44-40. We’ve covered the history of this storied rifle many