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Griploc Pocket Knife

Boker USA
The Griploc pocket knife offers an intelligent handle design that holds the blade open as long as you hold the knife in your hand. When the pressure is released, the blade can easily be closed. The open blade can be permanently secured by a safety slider located at the end of the handle. The blade is 440C stainless steel, opens with a flipper and includes a pocket clip. The blade length measures 3-1/2 inches, with an overall length of 7-1/2 inches. For more info: (303) 462-0662,


Laser Sights for M&P BODYGUARD .380

Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace is now offering M&P BODYGUARD .380 pistols with the LG-454 (red laser sight) and the LG-454G green diode (green laser sight). The laser light systems feature Instinctive Activation, adjustable windage and elevation to match the sight to the ammunition used and prolonged battery life. These sights fit onto the firearm’s triggerguard to create a from-the-factory appearance. This laser sighting system also aids with quick aiming in low light conditions when smaller compact sights found on most pistols can be difficult to distinguish. For more info: (503) 783-5333,


V-14 Dagger

Spartan Blades
The Spartan-George V-14 Dagger features a full-tang design, along with a 0.25-inch precision ground thickness. After hollow grinding four symmetrical bevels, each blade is vacuum heat-treated, cryogenically treated and double tempered to add to edge retention and toughness. The ergonomic and textured handle is specifically designed for comfort and confident grip. For more info: (910) 757-0035,


Revolver Ankle Holster

CrossBreed Holsters
The Revolver Ankle Holster offers a deep concealment option for most 5-shot J-Frame revolvers. With a quality calf support strap, the Ankle Holster features a padded ankle section for greater comfort and a thumb break for secure carry, while remaining easy to draw from when necessary. For more info: (417) 732-5011,



European American Armory Corp
The D’Wedge fits into most internal purse compartments. Simple, adjustable components permit the user to increase or decrease the width of D’Wedge for a snug placement inside. Once a firm position has been established, the hook-and-loop holster design allows the user to adjust to his or her user-unique grippng and retrieval style. For more info: (321) 639-4842,


MK18 Pistol

Daniel Defense
The MK18 Pistol is chambered in 5.56mm NATO, and features a 10.3-inch barrel and a 1.15-inch Diameter Pistol Receiver Extension. The Flat Dark Earth MK18 rail system features the Bolt-Up System. It features a Carbine gas system, a length of 27-1/16 inches and a Magpul PMAG 30-round magazine. For more info: (866) 554-4867,


Expand-Your-Hand Bands

Expand-Your-Hand Bands train the extensor muscles within the hand to build strength, and work in conjunction with three offered grippers: Captains of Crush for maximum grip strength, Zenith for strength and conditioning and IMTUG: The Two-Finger Utility Gripper for individual finger strength. This portable package goes anywhere and will increase your shooting accuracy and stamina. For more info: (530) 272-3579,


Model B-401-ALOR-P Trainer Butterfly Knife

Bear & Son Cutlery
The Model B-401-ALOR-P Trainer is designed for new flippers who are just learning to maneuver a Butterfly knife. The blade is made of high-carbon 440 stainless steel, heat-treated to a Rockwell hardness of 57-59. The blades ride on bronze phosphorus washers to create a smooth flipping action, and lock open with Bear’s standard Butterfly lock. The 4-1/4-inch spear-point blade has no cutting edge, and features four holes to lighten the blade to mimic the weight of a blade that is sharpened. Handles are orange-coated T6 Aluminum. For more info: (256) 435-2227,



HPR Ammo
BlackOps defensive ammunition features an Open Tipped Frangible (OTF) projectile that transfers 100 percent of its energy into the target. The OTF projectile tracks straight through a variety of soft barriers like sheet rock, plywood, car doors and auto glass. When the projectile enters soft tissue, the jacket and core separate with force of impact, resulting in mass force trauma. HPR’s BlackOps features a lead-free powdered metal alloy core and comes in three calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP for use in both full-size and compact handguns. For more info: (888) 966-8477,


Portable Safe

Tuffy Security Products
Weighing less than 3 lbs., the portable lockable welded steel storage box can be used to secure a firearm and protect valuables while carrying it by hand. Keyless entry is provided by Tuffy’s 3-digit combination lock with a 2-point steel cam for added security. The included 2-ft. long, 2,000-lb.-tested steel security cable secures the safe to any sturdy mounting surface by attaching to the 1/8-inch steel security cable anchor point. The inside is lined with low-density foam to protect the contents, while compression bumpers keep the lid vibration-free when closed. For more info: (800) 348-8339,


Mag Bag Double

The Mag Bag Double measures 8×5-1/2×9 inches and is made of 1000-denier water and abrasion-resistant lightweight ballistic nylon fabric. It offers 2 front magazine pouches with elastic retention, and a quilted back with a 1-inch webbing waist belt and SRB closure. The Bag offers a shoulder strap with a breathable nonslip shoulder. For more info: (310) 768-0098,


R5 Laser G42

Viridian Green Laser Sights

The R5-G42 is the first and only green laser for the Glock 42. Since pioneering the first commercially available green laser designed for pistols, Viridian has led the industry with technological breakthroughs and has done it again with the new Glock 42 model. Only the Reactor Series from Viridian offers ECR INSTANT-ON, includes a free holster, has a bi-color battery indicator, and multiple modes of operation. The R5-G42 includes a free hybrid holster constructed of leather and polymer. For more info: (800) 348-8339,


Firearm Storage Bags

ZCORR Products

ZCORR vacuum sealable anti-corrosion firearm storage bags now utilize a fiberglass reinforcing mesh that improves durability without sacrificing pliability. An additional layer of VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) material has been added to further increase durability while adding even more anti-corrosion chemistry. ZCORR Bags offer five-plus years of rust protection, leave no messy residues, are safe for all metal and non-metal surfaces and are all reusable. For more info: (585) 742-3310,


Thoroughbred Holster

MTR Custom Leather

The Thoroughbred Holster conforms to the body and distributes the weight of the firearm, giving the ability to carry a much larger frame gun while still being comfortable for all day wear. The Thoroughbred holster offers protection from sharp edges, safety, slide locks and beaver tails on 1911’s. This holster is made of 100 percent American horsehide and has two powder coated holster clips that are adjustable for ride height. For more info: (336) 879-2166,


Tactical Watch


The Tactical Watch includes a low-profile black band, bezel and watch face. The numbers on the watch face and the hands include Never-Dark technology, which allows them to be seen even in the darkest conditions. The watch is extremely comfortable but built rugged with a solid forged case, solid screwbars for the band, a screw down crown and tested to a depth of 660 feet. The watch comes in black to reduce reflectivity. The band is made of a combination of high-grade woven nylon and rubber. For more info: (860) 229-9994,


5th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia

SBlue Book Publications

The 5th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia — For All Rimfire and Centerfire Cartridges, Plus Shotshells! by Michael Bussard has been expanded to 1,008 pages. This new edition contains hundreds of listings for current and obsolete handgun, rifle, and shotgun cartridges since the mid-1800s, including detailed information, specifications, and measurements on rimfire, centerfire, and shotshell cartridges. The book also features an expanded 16-page color section and updated information, charts and new images. For more info: (952) 854-5229,

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