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AR-15 Specialty Catalog #11

Brownells has released its AR-15 Catalog #11 with hundreds of best products for the “black rifle,” which is of course the AR-15. The AR-15 #11 highlights five new Dream Guns, all built with products available in the 104-page catalog. The Dream Guns demonstrate the adaptability of the AR-15 platform, and include a pistol, a .308 and a big-bore rifle chambered in .450 Bushmaster. The catalog also includes a number of Brownells products, including their bolt/carrier groups in both M16 and .308 variations, the new 20-round AR-style .308 magazine and an assortment of other AR-specific items. For more info: (800) 741-0015,



Mathews Inc.
The 2016 HALON from Mathews measures 30 inches from axle to axle. Made of light yet durable SE5 composite material, the bow features a true-center nocking point to ensure straight and level nock travel for shot-to-shot consistency. Its new CrossCentric Cam uses a partially concentric string payout to produce a silent draw and deliver speeds of up to 353 fps. The HALON is available in brace height variations of 5, 6, and 7 inches. It’s also available in five finishes, including the new Lost XD Camo. For more info: (608) 269-2728,


Hardwood Replacement Gunstocks

Boyds Gunstocks
Hardwood replacement gunstocks for the Mossberg Patriot rifle, as well as for the Benjamin Marauder Airgun, are now available from Boyds. Boyds’ stocks are ergonomically designed to properly fit a shooter’s body, providing greater control and improved eye-scope alignment, improving accuracy. The gunstock available for the Patriot’s Classic, Featherweight Thumbhole, Heritage, Platinum, Prairie Hunter, ProVarmint and Varmint Thumbhole designs includes Blaze Orange laminate, Circassian high-grade walnut blanks as well as Deer, Coyote and Cold Dead Fingers themed pattern panels. Left-handed stock options are also available.
Hardwood replacement gunstock for the Benjamin Marauder and Benjamin Marauder Gen 2 Airgun is also available. The stock options, offered in their Pro Varmint and Varmint Thumbhole designs, are in Black, Nutmeg Laminate, Pepper Laminate, and Forest Camo Laminate. For more info: (605) 996-5011,


Recluse RM380 Pocket Holsters

Recluse Holsters LLC
Recluse Holsters has introduced holsters designed for carrying the Remington Arms RM380 handgun. Five options are offered to meet a shooter’s need or preference: 1) one-sided Front; 2) one-sided Solo; 3) two-sided Front; 4) two-sided Solo; and 5) two-sided Cargo. Each holster is hand-molded and sewn from top quality horsehide or steerhide. Pouches are also available for the RM380’s magazine. For more info: (253) 777-9615,


American Eagle Syntech

Federal Premium Ammunition
The red polymer-coated American Eagle Syntech cartridge eliminates metal-on-metal contact between bullet and bore while eliminating copper and lead fouling. This in turn extends barrel life. The coating takes the place of the conventional copper jacket and minimizes splash-back on steel targets. Combined with specialized clean-burning powders, Syntech helps guns stay cleaner, longer and shoot better. Using the ammo also results in less recoil. American Eagle Syntech cartridges are available in the following calibers: 9mm Luger 115-grain; .40 S&W 165-grain; and .45 ACP 230-grain. For more info: (866) 223-9388,


Carbon Cleaner Products

Tetra Gun Care
Tetra Gun Carbon Cleaner is specially formulated to eliminate carbon buildup from metal surfaces on firearms, including Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). Ammonia-free, it lifts carbon-fouling residue from surfaces making the gun metal properly primed for bore conditioning (Tetra gun grease and lubricant also available). For more info: (973) 443-0004,


Trenton 1911

Carolina Arms Group LLC
The Trenton 1911 Handgun line from Carolina Arms is made up of three models: The Trenton Tactical 1911, the Trenton Stainless 1911 and the Trenton Two-Tone 1911. The frame and slide of the first gun is made from forged carbon steel; the frame and slide of the other two are made of forged stainless steel. All three are in .45 ACP. Weighing 42 ounces with an empty magazine, the guns are 8.7 inches long. Their grips have medium checkering with the Carolina eagle emblem embedded in them. The Trenton 1911s also have a wide-ride beaver tail grip safety, a 5-pound trigger, a 15-pound recoil spring and a twist rate of 1:16-inch LH. For more info: (704) 660-0017,


Big Cat 1250 DX

Gamo Outdoor USA
The Big Cat 1250 DX shoots .177 PBA platinum pellets at a velocity of 1,250 fps. The single-shot air rifle includes a 4×32 magnification scope with rings. It is ideal for target practice as well as pest control. The Big Cat 1250 DX is 43.3 inches long with a barrel length of 18 inches. Weighing 6.1 pounds, it has a single cocking system with safety, a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel and a 2-stage adjustable trigger. It has lightweight yet durable non-slip all-weather synthetic stock, a ventilated rubber pad buttplate, twin cheek pads and a non-slip texture design on the grip and forearm. For more info: (954) 581-5822,


Eagle XL

Iver Johnson Arms Inc.
The Eagle XL is a 1911-style, .45 ACP pistol from Iver Johnson Arms Inc. It has a forged slide and a cast frame that are both CNC machined. It comes with a magazine, a removable floorplate, a gun lock, a manual and a black plastic gun case. Available with or without a poster slide, the Eagle XL has an overall length of 9.75 inches and weighs 2 pounds, 10 ounces. It has matte blue with walnut grips, fully adjustable rear sight and a dovetail front sight, front and rear angled serrations and an extended slide stop and thumb safety. Other features include a beavertail grip safety with memory cut, a three-hole trigger, a skeleton hammer and a lowered and flared ejection port. For more info: (321) 636-3377,


CW380 Tungsten and CT380 Tungsten

Kahr Firearms Group
Kahr Firearms is offering two of its .380 ACP pistols in a dark graphite gray color called Cerakote Tungsten. Part of Kahr’s Value Series Product line, the CW380 Tungsten and the CT380 Tungsten both have a capacity of 7+1, a trigger-cocking DAO system, lock breech and Browning-type recoil lug. They also have a drift-adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and a pinned-in polymer front sight. The CW380 Tungsten features a 2.5-inch barrel with an overall length of 4.96 inches. It weighs 10.2 ounces without the magazine. The CT380 Tungsten features a 3-inch barrel with an overall length of 5.52 inches. Without the magazine, it weighs 11.4 ounces. The two pistols are being offered for a limited time only and come with an extra magazine and a polymer case. For more info: (508) 795-3919,


Slide Cover Plates For Glocks

Nelson Precision Manufacturing
The Slide Cover Plates from Nelson Precision Manufacturing (NPM) made for GLOCK pistols are machined out of 6061 aluminum and then given a type-3 hardcoat anodized black finish. The pockets machined into the front facilitate removal/installation of the cover plates especially in wet or muddy conditions. They also add a custom touch to the back side of the firearm. They’re available for all GLOCK models, including the new GLOCK 42. For more info: (520) 792-0775,


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