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Barrel Plugz

Centermass Gun Training
Barrel Plugz can be used to execute trigger reset exercises. By pushing the tip of the plug against a hard surface, the slide will cycle and reset the main spring allowing the trigger to be reset and pulled again. It can be used for Type I, II, and III malfunction clearing exercises, with the plug correctly installed, clearing procedures for each malfunction type can be practiced in safety. For more info: (734) 425-2195,


Magazine Conversion Kits

Box magazine conversion kits are now available for Mauser 98 Magnum rifles and Ruger M77 and GSR rifles. Magazine conversions are also available in short- and long-action versions for Remington 700, Tikka T3, Howa 1500, Savage 10/110 series, FN-SPR/Winchester, Kimber 8400 and Mauser 98 Large Ring Rifles. CDiPrecision conversions utilize top-quality Accuracy International magazine, offer stock inletting and complete installation service with a fast turnaround. For more info: (941) 961-3185,


CDR15 Pistols

DRD Tactical
CDR15 pistols feature a quick takedown barrel design with 7-inch rails in 5.56 NATO or .300 AAC calibers, which allows you to quickly change the barrel and allows for compact brief case carry capability. Lower and upper receivers are machined from billet 7075-T6511 Aluminum. CDR15’s come with 10.5- or 11.5-inch barrels. Build kits with rail assembly/billet upper are also available for customers to build a complete pistol using their own lower receiver. For more info:


AR-15 Slim Quad

CIM Tactical
The AR-15 Slim Quad rail is now available in 11.5-, 13.5- and 15-inch versions. All CIM Tactical handguards are 6061-T6 and are fully machined on all four sides to true 1913 Picatinny specs. They feature a hard, black-anodized finish per MIL-A-8625F Spec for durability. All three sizes have rear QD ports with the 13.5 and 15.0 adding two additional front QD ports for multi-point slings and other accessories. For more info: (619) 596-9246,


Viridian Series

CrossBreed Holsters
CrossBreed Holsters now offers a full lineup of holsters to accommodate the Springfield XD-S with Viridian Reactor Series featuring ECR Instant-On Technology, including the SuperTuck. CrossBreed has several holster options as well as magazine carriers, including: the MiniTuck, QwikClip, SnapSlide, SuperSlide, Ohai, Bedside Backup, Belly Band, Purse Defender and their Modular Holsters with RAM Mounting capabilities. For more info: (417) 732-5011,


SLiM Rail 12.0 and 15.0

Daniel Defense
The SLiM Rail 12.0 and 15.0 from Daniel Defense uses the KeyMod accessory attachment system to save weight and improve cooling and ergonomics. The KeyMod is a recoil-resistant, two-part, direct attachment method for accessories that offers “return-to-zero” when accessories are removed and reinstalled. The SLiM Rail features the “Bolt-Up” system, which provides modern flattop upper receivers with a free-floating, continuous upper rail platform. Ambidextrous sling swivel attachment points are integrated into both the left and right side rails at 1 and 11 o’clock. It’s available in 12- and 15-inch models. For more info: (912) 851-3225,


Dual Carry II

DeSantis Gunhide
DeSantis Gunhide now offers holsters for the Ruger LCP with the Crimson Trace LG-431 and Keltec P3AT with the Crimson Trace LG-430. The Dual Carry II features a Tuck-able 360-degree “C” clip for unlimited positioning adjustment in the IWB mode. They’re made of soft non-molded leather with thumb break and integral belt loop for OWB carry. Optional J clip is available at extra cost. For more info: (631) 841-6300,


T-Brake Muzzle Compensators

Diamondhead USA
Diamondhead’s T-Brake Muzzle Compensators for 5.56mm and 7.62mm barrels are made from hardened steel. The T-Brake significantly reduces muzzle climb and felt recoil, as the T-Brake’s proprietary triangular shape creates a greater surface on the bottom of the compensator to apply downward pressure. For more info: (413) 739-6970,


Endurance Scope

Hawke Sport Optics
The Endurance scope from Hawke features a Slug Gun SR reticle designed to calibrate to the trajectory of shotgun and muzzleloader slugs fired between 1,300 and 1,800 fps. The reticle provides three chevron aimpoints for 100, 150 and 200 yards. The reticle is glass-etched and illuminated. Forgoing the traditional step-click illumination controls of the past, the new illumination package offers a step-less rheostat for maximum adjustability. The chassis features a full 4.5 inches of eye relief for safe shooting on even the highest recoiling rounds. For more info: (260) 918-2222,


Enduron Propellant

IMR Powders
IMR 4166 is the first in the series of Enduron propellants. It features a burn speed for cartridges like the .308 Win/7.62mm NATO, .22-250 Remington, .257 Roberts and dozens more. IMR 4451 is a match-grade propellant for use in the .30-06, .270 Winchester and .300 Winchester Short Magnum, and ideally suited for many mid-range burn speed cartridges. IMR 7977 is the slowest burn rate Enduron Technology powder. This magnum cartridge propellant works well in cartridges such as .300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum and .338 Lapua. For more info: (913) 362-9455,


Smokescreen Concealment Backpack

Elite Survival Systems
The single-strap Smokescreen Concealment backpack features a TwinWing ambidextrous design and a hidden holster compartment to provide quick access to your firearm. It features 420-denier nylon construction, a grab-and-go carry handle, a pass-through gun holster compartment with snap-tab retention zippers, segmented foam panels and is available in black/gray, coyote/olive and blue/gray. For more info: (636) 390-8360,


ar-15 Magazine Loader


The Range BenchLoader is a heavy-duty 30-round magazine loader that fits all AR-15/M4-compatible 5.56 NATO and .223 mags. The BenchLoader features single-stroke loading action, durable reinforced polymer and allows for examination of rounds prior to loading. It reduces wear on feed lips to prolong magazine life. For more info: (972) 8-6488001,


Kareb Folding Knife

Ferum Forge

The Kareb Folding Knife features scales made of Titanium and the blade steel is 20CV. The scales are contoured comfortably fit in your palm. The blade is a Persian shape. The pocket clip is milled and the knife features a steel-caged ceramic bearing and hardened lock bar insert. This is a serial numbered run of 25 knives. For more info: (858) 565-0132,



Noreen Firearms

The BN36 is a .30-06 caliber AR-platform rifle and represents the merging of the AR rifle with an accepted hunting caliber, making it easier to find readily available ammunition. For more info: (406) 388-2200,



The LLCP Large Long Clip Point Fixed Blade features a 6.25-inch blade made of D2 tool steel hardened to 58-60HRc and double-tempered with cryogenic treatment. It features a full-height flat grind with a 1-inch curbed coil and convex sharpening. The blade is finish in a hard-chrome plating over a matte bead blast. The knife has a hidden full tang with four keys and two through holes for secure integration with a molded handle made of black glass fiber reinforced nylon composite. The LLCP comes with a Kydex belt sheath with a double retention lip, stainless steel rivets and lashing holes designed to fit 550 paracord. For more info: (310) 768-0098,


Glock 41 Holster

N82 Tactical

The Professional Series holster for the Glock 41 from N82 Tactical is an IWB holster and features adjustable cant and positive retention. The holster is made of polycarbonate, and features the Twist Release System. For more info: (336) 237-1943,

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