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Apocalyptic Desert Eagle

Magnum Research Inc.
Magnum Research introduces another Mark XIX Desert Eagle Pistol this year: the Apocalyptic Desert Eagle. It comes in .50 AE and .44 Magnum and sports a Cerakote distressed white finish. The .50 AE is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7-round capacity. The .44 Magnum has an 8-round capacity. Both guns measure 10.75 inches in length with a 6-inch barrel. Each has a trigger reach of 2.75 inches and a sight radius of 8.5 inches with the 6-inch barrel. The .50 AE weighs approximately 4 pounds, 5.8 ounces; the .44 Magnum 4 pounds, 6.6 ounces This Desert Eagle features a G10 grip and a Weaver style accessory rail for easy installation of aftermarket optics and scope rings. For more info: (800) 772-6168,


TecGrip Holster

The TecGrip Holster from BLACKHAWK! keeps firearms concealed and secure. Designed for civilian and L.E. concealed carriers, the IWB and pocket holsters are comfortable to wear. The TecGrip outer layer holds tightly to almost any material, thus keeping your firearm holstered snugly in place. The high-density closed-cell foam allows the holster to conform closely to your body and protects the gun as well. For more info: (757) 436-3101,


Spitfire AR 1X Riflescope

Vortex Optics
The streamlined Spitfire AR 1X Riflescope is lightweight at 11.2 ounces. It’s built to maximize the quick-handling performance of AR-platform rifles. The Spitfire’s parallax-free, sight picture and eye box allow shooters to zero in on their target effortlessly, even in stressful situations. Its rear-facing power and illumination intensity controls are easy to access and operate and protected from incidental contact. Ten intensity levels let you adjust to match ambient light conditions. The Spitfire runs on a single, common, AAA battery. A Dual Ring Tactical (DRT) reticle is etched directly on the prism. O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope while argon gas purging prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures. For more info: (608) 662-1088,


Tac-Tops Karambit

TOPS Knives
The Tac-Tops Karambit by TOPS Knives was designed by Colin Despins. It features an oversized finger hole to accommodate gloves used in different locations and climates. This Karambit has a long reach but still allows for close quarters fighting. The strike face on the spine of the knife and another at the end of the finger hole give multiple options when striking an opponent. For more info: (208) 542-0113,


Firearm Maintenance Mats

Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies has two new additions to its maintenance mat product line: the S&W M&P Maintenance Mat and the GLOCK Model Maintenance Mat. Both are made from padded neoprene, a material ideal for working on firearms because it protects the firearms’ finish and helps keep track of small parts. The mats are designed to lie perfectly flat on a workbench while cleaning or disassembling firearms. Excess oils and solvents are quickly absorbed into the mat, ensuring a clean and dry surface. The maintenance mats easily roll up for easy transport. Keeping the mats clean is easy: simply hand wash to make them look new again. For more info: (877) 509-9160,


Thompson Gold and Chrome “Chicago Typewriter”

Auto Ordnance Corp.
Auto Ordnance has introduced a classy look to the century-old Thompson, historically referred to as the “Chicago Typewriter.” The Thompson 1927A-1 semi-automatic carbine is now offered with a steel frame in Titanium Gold (model number T150DTG) or Polished Chrome (model number T150DCR) finishes. Both models are offered in .45 ACP and have a 16.5-inch finned barrel (18 inches with compensator) with a 1:16-inch RH twist. Weighing 13 pounds, with an overall length of 41 inches, the guns feature a pinned front blade and an open rear adjustable sight. The stock is fixed and made from American Walnut with a vertical foregrip. The guns ship with one, 50-round drum and one, 20-round stick magazine. The magazines are plated in either polished gold or chrome, too. For more info: (508)795-3919,


Quick Rest

MTM Case-Gard
The MTM Quick Rest is a solid, one-piece front rifle rest ideal for use at hunting camp or at the range. It is non-adjustable, with a hollow design to make it lightweight. Made of plastic, the rest has a built-in handle to make it easy to carry. The MTM Quick Rest is easy to set up yet provides a stable shooting platform with its triangular shaped base, wide wobble-free stance and padded, gripping rubber feet. It also features a non-marring shooting pad to keep firearms from getting scratched. For more info: (937) 890-7461,



The waterproof CYC-300WP from Cyclops is light enough to float if accidentally dropped in water. The spotlight is armed with Tri-Mode Illumination with three setting options of high, low and red LED S.O.S. The multipurpose CYC-300WP will insure light and safety in dark places. A rescue whistle is attached to it for extra precaution in emergencies. A top adjustable bracket can be used as a stand or an additional handle. A magnetic switch with lock function allows hands-free use. The CYC-300WP has a burn time of 3 hours on high, 6.5 hours on low and 8 hours on S.O.S. It comes with rechargeable IS1P Lithium batteries (3.7V 2200mAh). For more info: (972) 606-8866,


BN36 Carbine Assassin-X

Noreen Firearms
The BN36 Carbine Assassin-X is built on the same platform as Noreen’s original Carbine Assassin but sporting a new look with aesthetic and tactical advantages. Upgraded features on this AR-style carbine in .30-06 chambering includes a Tactical Dynamics pistol grip with a Luth-AR stock and a skeletal fore-end to match the BN36 Long Range Assassin. Weighing 7 lbs, the BN36 Carbine Assassin-X has a barrel length of 16 inches, a 20-round magazine capacity, a mil-spec trigger and a common 5/8-24 flash hider. For more info: (406) 388-2200,


.38 Special 100-Grain Xtreme Defense

Black Hills Ammunition
The .38 Special Xtreme Defense round from Black Hills Ammunition is a high-performance load providing 1,000 fps from short-barreled revolvers and over 1,250 fps from 6-inch barrels. Its sharp-edged, homogenous copper design does not rely on expansion when it hits the target but cuts and redirects the tissue radially as it penetrates, creating a larger cavity than what conventional hollow points make. The Black Hills Xtreme Defense round is ideal ammunition for the .38 Special snub-nosed revolver, one of the most popular and reliable self-defense firearms. For more info: (605) 348-5150,


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  1. carl bellia

    I enjoy the magazine and do not throw them away. I have a pile up in a cabinet and refer to them weekly, read and re read the articles. I am looking to purchase a 10mm. This months article on the sig p220 10mm helps. I have a p320, so I know the sig quality. The ads cause me to go to websites I might not know about or never have seen. I like the gun evaluations and take the info to heart and base buying or not buying an item. Also it is nice to see ads from manufacturers that I have already purchased from.

  2. Percy Claycomb

    My subscription has been running for a few years now. I thought I would comment on the articles I enjoy reading by Mr. Ayoob. Always precise, entertaining and enjoyable reading. I wish I could remember how many years ago I had first started reading his articles but alas…..Keep up the excellent work in publishing a number one rated magazine. It really is the “Finest in the Firearms Field Since 1955”.

  3. George E. Sells

    I would like to see more articles about more reasonablely priced guns also articles on how to improve the older ,more reasonablely guns that younger shooters of more modest incomes can afford. Thank you . G.Sells -Selma,Ind.


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