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Model 90

Big Horn Armory
Big Horn Armory’s lever-action Model 90 chambered in .460 S&W Magnum will enable hunters to use .45 Colt, .454 Casull and .460 S&W and to carry a handgun chambered in the same cartridge. The Model 90 is made using 17-4PH stainless steel or 4140 chrome moly steel and the finest woods. Available metal finishes include Matte SS, Hunter Black and case color-hardened. For more info: 307-586-3700,



Comfort Holsters
Comfort Holsters utilizes gel to create a comfortable fit and the holsters are water repellent and wrapped in soft suede. The holster features a clingtab, is completely adjustable and will cover the slide of your gun with Kydex for ultimate protection. For more info:


Lasers for S&W’s M&P22

Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace now offers numerous rail mounted light and laser sight options for Smith & Wesson’s M&P22 Compact pistol. These small and powerful units are offered with red diodes, green diodes, Infrared or a bright 100-lumen LED light version. Along with Instant Activation for easy-to-operate tap-on and tap-off engagement, the units save battery life and auto shut-off after five minutes of inactivity. For more info: (503) 783-5333,


SECURIS Tomahawk

DRD Tactical
The SECURIS Tomahawk is machined from 3/8-inch solid piece of 4140 chrome-moly steel, weighs 30 ounces and features a melanite or nickel boron coating. The handle is made of 550 Paracord or textured non-slip rubberized material. It includes a Kydex scabbard with a shoulder strap. For more info:


Super Degreaser

The Super Degreaser destroys carbon fouling, baked-on residues, excess grease and lubricants. It can be diluted for use in ultra-sonic cleaners. It is made of natural bio-based ingredients that are all nontoxic and nonflammable. For more info: (855) 376-4582,


Tactical Weapon 223 Scope Series

Gamo Outdoor USA
The Tactical Weapon 223 Scope Series is designed specifically for military and law enforcement applications and include two sets of Interchangeable Turret Caps (.223 Cal & .300 AAC Blackout). The turret caps have specific click markings for three different grain weights per cap. It has a 3.5-inch eye relief, fully-coated optics and is composed of an aluminum two-piece body. It features haze filters and is water-, shock- and fog-proof. For more info: (954) 581-5822,


JOX Loader Pouch

JOX Loader Pouches
The JOX Loader Pouch is a low-profile, easy-to-attach speedloader carrying case that holds a variety of popular revolver speedloaders. The form-fitted Kydex case snaps onto the underside of a belt via a unique J-hook attachment. The out-board side of the JOX pouch retains the speedloader using a flat-walled convex curve while the in-board side secures the top of the speedloader with a distinctive half-moon gripping lip. JOX Loader Pouches are available for J-, K-, and D-frame speedloaders, HKS, Buffer Technology’s JetLoader, Safariland’s Comp I, II, & III and the SL Variant.For more info: (215) 873-1102,


Desert Eagle Models

Magnum Research
Magnum Research now offers four exclusive designs for the Desert Eagle 1911. The first two models are the .45 ACP “G” and “C” pistols. The frame on both is machined from high-quality carbon steel, and the slide is machined from solid billets of steel and finished in a matte black. The gray frame has been treated with a ceramic Cerakote coating. The second two models feature a case-hardened carbon steel frame using the Turnbull bone charcoal process. Both “G” models feature a 5-inch barrel length and an overall length of 8.625-inches. The “C” models feature a 4.33-inch barrel length and an overall length of 7.87-inches. All models feature a high-ride beavertail grip safety, extended magazine release, beveled magazine well, aluminum trigger with an over-travel stop, stainless steel full-length guide rod, extended thumb safety, enlarged ejection port and double-diamond-checkered wood grip. For more info: (218) 746-4597,


M-LOK Aluminum Cantilever Rail/Light Mount

The M-LOK Aluminum Cantilever Rail/Light Mount allows the attachment of various MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny spec rail-mounted accessories and directly interfaces with the Surefire M300/M600 series Scout Lights or Magpul Light Mount V-Block and Rings. Machined from milspec-anodized aluminum, the Cantilever Rail/Light Mount also features beveled ends and corners to reduce snagging and sharp edges. For more info: (303) 828-3460,



The Triptych is a 3-part organizer that folds together to from a compact hand-carry package with book-style outer flaps. These organizers are designed to keep all your important necessities in one organized place. You can use this to interchange your personal essentials to different bags, or you may add a shoulder strap to the built in D-rings and use this as an easy carry bag. The Triptych Organizers are ergonomically designed to be a free-standing bag that gives good visibility to your contents. For more info: (310) 768-0098,


Pinnacle 1-6×24 Riflescope Series

The Sightmark Pinnacle First-Focal Plane 1-6×24 Riflescope Series is precision-machined with high-definition optics and available in two reticles: a multi-purpose Tactical Mil-Dash reticle for rangefinding and quick target acquisition, and an advanced ballistically-matched CDC-300 reticle for subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackout. It includes fully-adjustable ballistics-tested BDC dials for both 5.56×45 55-grain and 7.62×51 180-grain loads. The 1-6x24AAC features a CDC-300 reticle for subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackout with holdovers from 100-800 yards. For more info: (817) 225-0310,


The Superbelt

The Superbelt is made of BioThane, a poly-webbing coated with a durable polyurethane coating. The belt has 4,500 pounds of tensile strength-per-inch, won’t stretch and has no stitching. The belt holes won’t elongate and the belt is easy to clean and is waterproof, anti-microbial and flexible. The belt is abrasion-resistant, moisture-resistant, electric shock-resistant and looks like real leather. For more info: (573) 777-8800,


Cloak Slide Holster

Alien Gear Holsters
The Cloak Slide Holster is an outside the waistband (OWB) hybrid holster, made from quality leather and super strong plastic. The Cloak Slide is easy to re-holster and provides all day comfort and stability. It features a fully swappable plastic shell that is interchangeable for use with the “Cloak Tuck” IWB Holster, making the “Cloak Slide” perfect for open or concealed carry. For more info: (208) 215-2046,


Brite-Site 1911 Sights

The 1911 BRITE-SITE TRITIUM ONLY handgun sight models include Novak Lo-Mount cut sights for the 5-inch Government in .45 ACP, 9mm and .40 S&W, as well as the 3-inch Officers and 4.25-inch Commander models in .45ACP, 9mm and .40 S&W. The low-profile sight housings are constructed from CNC-machined steel, and the sights fit in standard holsters and are designed to be snag-resistant and dependable. For more info: (972) 774-0300,


Hemi 572 1911

Les Baer
The Les Baer Hemi 572 shoots 3-inch groups at 50 yards. It features a double-serrated slide, a fiber-optic front sight with green insert and Hex head grip screws. The 1911 also features flat mainspring housing checkered at 20 lpi, a complete hard chrome finish on all major components and two, 8-round premium magazines. For more info: (563) 289-2126,

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