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Brous Blades
The Brous Multi-Tool (BMT) is a compact keychain featuring several tools and gadgets needed for everyday life. Made from heat-treated 1/8 inch D2 tool steel, the quality and versatile design makes the BMT a reliable tool and self-defense weapon. It features a key ring, seat belt cutter, bottle opener, pry bar, nail puller, screwdriver and gradual hex driver. For more info: (805) 717-7192,


Hi Jinx Knife

The Ken Onion-designed Hi Jinx Knife features a 6AL4V titanium handle with a modified drop-point style blade made with Böhler-Uddeholm Sleipner blade steel. The knife also features an easy-opening IKBS ball bearing pivot system. For more info: (503) 685-5015,


.300 Thunder MSR

Dark Storm Industries
The .300 Thunder in the DS-15 line of modern sporting rifles is chambered in .300 Blackout, and features a non-reciprocating side charging handle upper receiver along with a Diamondhead free float forearm. The Thunder is available in a featureless version with the Thordsen FRS-15 Stock and as a non-detachable magazine version. For more info: (800) 963-7700,


1911 Slide Measuring Tool

The 1911 Slide Measuring tool will determine the width of the frame rail slot in the slide. Using a micrometer to measure the tool will determine the frame rail width needed to achieve an optimum slide-to-frame fit. Made of tool steel and ground parallel. For more info:


FLAK 88MM Cartridge Replica

Technoframes has created a replica of the FLAK 88mm cartridge. It comes in two rounds, the 8.8 cm Flak 36 HE and the 8.8 cm KwK 36 AP used on the PzKw VI Ausf. E tank. The replicas are totally machined and carved out from a solid piece of aluminum resulting in extremely “like-the-original” weight-balanced ammunition — the firm has also reproduced the original markings on both the shell and the cartridge case. For more info: (866) 246-1095,


Super Mag Scope

Gamo Outdoor USA
The BSA 17 Super Mag Scope Series is designed for the Winchester .17 Super Mag Cartridge and features a drop compensation reticle engineered for the 20-grain and 25-grain bullet. The line includes an illuminated red, green and blue reticle version. The scopes are composed of an Aluminum 2-piece body, feature haze filters and are waterproof, shock- and fog-proof. For more info: (954) 581-5822,


Field Cases

The Magpul Field Case is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field. Made from a durable thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAG-style ribs for added grip, and a snap-on design for easy installation and removal. For more info: (303) 828-3460,


Pelican Cooler
Pelican coolers feature 7-10 day ice retention and a freezer-grade gasket. They offer 2-inch polyurethane insulation, press and pull latches, a sloped drain, a tethered, threaded drain plug and are guaranteed for life. Pelican coolers are certified bear-resistant. For more info: (888) 222-2762,


PISTOLERO Moving Target Kit

Robert Louis Co.
The PISTOLERO Moving Target Laser Practice Shooting System Kit includes the standard 5-caliber PISTOLERO set and the LaserPro moving target projector to project targets from any direction at any speed. The basic Moving Target Kit gives the shooter the opportunity to laser-shoot his own gun at home, in tactical or instinct situations, and at targets set for fast or slow speeds, duplicating varied field conditions. The PISTOLERO comes with 5 caliber inserts. For more info: (800) 979-9156,


Cloak Slide Holster

Alien Gear Holsters
The Cloak Side Holster is an outside the waistband (OWB) hybrid holster. It’s comfortable, easy to re-holster and features a fully swappable plastic shell that is interchangeable for use with the Cloak Tuck IWB Holster. This holster is ideal for open or concealed carry. For more info:, (208) 215-2046



Rat Worx
The ARAK-21 XRS rifle features a monolithic upper receiver with an integral full-length Picatinny rail, a dual forward recoil spring system, a folding ambidextrous forward charging handle with spring return and a long-stroke gas piston with variable settings. The ARAK-21 XRS also comes with interchangeable barrels that can be changed in less than 2 minutes from 5.56 to .300 Blackout. For more info: (513) 674-2580,


X400 Ultra WeaponLight

The SureFire X400 Ultra WeaponLight features white-light illumination and green laser aiming capabilities. It produces tactical-level light for 1.5 hours and its 5-milliwatt laser sight emits a high-visibility green (505 nM) beam. The X400 Ultra is activated via an ambidextrous switch for one-finger control and its aerospace aluminum body is O-ring- and gasket-sealed. For more info: (714) 545-9444,


Fiber-Optic Rifle Sets

The Truglo Lever-Action Fiber-Optic Rifle Sets replace existing factory sights. Each set has full windage and elevation adjustment and are CNC-machined for optimal quality. The rifle sets offer full windage/elevation adjustment, are bright in low-light conditions and offer easy installation. For more info: (972) 774-0300,

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