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.223 Ammo Battle Packs introduces .223 Ammo Battle Packs, featuring .223 ammo with 62-grain Steel Core Penetrator bullets. Battle Pack 1 consists of 1,000 Rounds of .223 ammo and 10 MAGPUL PMAG 30 magazines. Battle Pack 2 consists of 2,000 Rounds of .223 ammo and 10 MAGPUL PMAG 30 magazines. For more info: (800) 235-0272.


Diamond Polymer Sights

Diamondhead introduces Diamond Flip-Up Polymer Sights, fitted with NiteBrite photoluminescent inserts. The sights feature polymer/composite construction and can be charged by natural light or with a flashlight. The Polymer Front Sight features diamond-shaped Upper Housing for fast alignment with the Diamond Rear Polymer Sight. The Polymer Rear Sight features dual long- and short-range apertures, and a 0.5-MOA windage adjustment. For more info: (413) 739-6970.


Scope Rings

EDFS rings fit 1-inch scopes and are compatible with Picatinny and Weaver rails. They are made of a carbon fiber composite, making them light, durable and solvent resistant. The 360° cushion protects the scope from scratches and helps to compensate for any dents it may already have from using other brands of rings. With Wedge Mount Technology, the rings attach easily and securely to the rail and help minimize alignment adjustments. Each package includes one set of high scope rings, standard and oversized wedge locks, black oxide nuts and cap screws. For more info: (877) 972-6737.



ArmaLite introduces the M-15TBN rifle. The M-15TBN, chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, delivers pinpoint accuracy on demand. When you pick this firearm up, you’re carrying a triple-lapped, stainless steel 18-inch match grade barrel, an ArmaLite National Match trigger set and free-floated quad rail handguards. Every specification of this rifle is intended for outstanding accuracy and precision. It features a 2-stage trigger and forged flattop upper receiver with a Picatinny rail. The rifle comes with one 10-round magazine and a limited lifetime warranty. For more info: (309) 944-6939.


The GunBox

PRH Engineering
The GunBox storage box is made from aircraft-strength aluminum alloy that features both a RFID scanner (housed in a wristband or label) and a biometric fingerprint reader that allows quick and secure access to the gun inside. Each GunBox also includes a loud alarm that goes off if the unit is moved or tampered with. It also comes with dual USB ports for charging phones and gadgets and a Kensington lock port for additional security. For more info: (801) 331-8655.


1911 Belt Slide

Chisholm’s Trail Leather
Chisholm’s Trail Leather introduces the 1911 Belt Slide, featuring a chocolate color with primitive stamping hand rubbed saddle finish. It fits all Colt Officer Models, Commander and all full size 1911’s. All holsters are hand wet-molded for the specific gun to be worn and the lips are rounded out so you can fire at your target and re-holster without looking down. For more info: (678) 423-7351.


Limited Edition knife

Benchmade introduces the 586-141 Limited Edition knife, featuring the patented Axis-Assist lock mechanism, DLC-coated crowned M390 (HRC 60-62) blade with hand polished convex edge and 3D-machined carbon fiber handles with red C-Tek, epoxy-infused aluminum honeycomb inlays. It also offers a DLC-coated split arrow reversible pocket clip and crimson anodized aluminum barrel spacers. The knife is part of a 200-piece limited edition. For more info: (503) 655-6004.


Universal Cleaning Rod System

Lyman introduces the new Universal Cleaning Rod System. The chemical-resistant handle is interchangeable for all rod lengths and calibers. The rods can be purchased individually in sizes of 12 inches, 26 inches, 36 inches and 44 inches and in calibers ranging from .17 to .45. This system is designed to handle all handguns and rifles with two 12 inches and two 36 inches rods that thread into the ergonomic swivel handle. In addition, the rods are machined from spring steel and have a tough, non-abrasive proprietary epoxy coating. They are threaded to mount standard 8-32 jags and brushes like those in Lyman’s new 26 Piece Complete Jag and Brush Set. The rods and Universal Handle are also available separately and a special .17 caliber rod is also offered. For more info: (800) 225-9626.


Silver Bullet Bullion

Northwest Territorial Mint
Northwest Territorial Mint announces several new versions of the Silver Bullet Bullion. The ¼ Troy ounce .22LR Silver Bullet Bullion is solid .999-fine silver lathed to authentically replicate this very popular cartridge. The 1.5 Troy ounce .45 Long Colt Silver Bullet Bullion is solid .999-fine silver. The 1 Troy ounce .223 Rem/5.56 NATO is the solid .999-fine silver replica of one of the most used cartridges in existence. Silver Bullet Bullion is solid .999-fine silver lathed to authentic replicas of classic cartridge calibers. For more info: (800) 344-6468.


Win3Gun Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition introduces the Win3Gun line. All pistol cartridges (9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP) in the Win3Gun line use lead-free primers and heel-encapsulated bullets. This makes the pistol offerings incredibly clean firing, which in turn keeps the compensator ports of popular competition pistols clean and free of vaporized lead. The Win3Gun line also includes a centerfire rifle round in 5.56mm with a 55-grain bullet and two 12-gauge shotgun loads with 7 ½ shot and 00 buckshot. All offerings are ideal for 3-Gun competition. For more info: (618) 258-2000.


RX Helix Explorer

Merkel introduces the RX Helix Explorer, complete with a synthetic stock. The RX Helix Explorer has a straight-pull design that retains all the strength and safety of a rotary bolt head with seven locking lugs, as well as a fully enclosed, hard-anodized aluminum action housing. The RX Helix Explorer features a tang-mounted manual-cocking lever and a direct-trigger system. The universal action length covers calibers from .222 Rem. to .300 Win. Mag. Weaver rails are integrated into the action, and fast-acquisition iron sights with 3-dot rear and 1-dot front fiber-optic inserts are standard. The RX Helix Explorer is available in a standard black configuration with the recoil-dampening synthetic stock. For more info: (205) 655-8299.


MeoStar R2 Riflescope Series with 1-6×24 RD

Meopta USA
Meopta introduces the MeoStar R2 Riflescope Series with 1-6×24 RD, which features a 6X zoom. This RD8 illumination system has eight levels of reticle intensity so the brightness level of the red dot can be adjusted to accommodate the light and weather conditions. Improved windage and elevation turrets are quickly resettable to zero. The MeoStar R2 riflescope is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and built to withstand extreme conditions. The scope features an anodized exterior for scratch resistance and is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof. Two reticle options are available — the K-Dot 2 and the 4C-RD. For more info: (800) 828-8928.


Vero Tactical Two-Point Adjustable Sling

Vero Vellini
Vero Vellini introduces the Vero Tactical Two-Point Adjustable Sling, constructed of the finest, longest-wearing materials available, ensuring nearly effortless transition between positions—simply pull the loop and get into position. The Vero Tactical Two-Point Sling is constructed of textile webbing, proprietary closed-cell padding and reinforced-nylon buckles. The Vero Tactical Two-Point Sling allows users to quickly, quietly and easily transition from a comfortable, inverted-high-chest-carry position to any shooting position simply by pulling out on the tethered-loop-release buckle to release the tension on the sling and moving the firearm into position. A wrap-style sling keeper retains the excess webbing on shorter rifles. For more info: (800) 257-7742.

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