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Legend Binocular Line

A redesigned Legend binocular line was recently introduced by Bushnell. Three models make up the product line: the E-Series, L-Series and M-Series. All three are available in 8×42 or 10×42 configurations and feature a chassis constructed of strong, lightweight magnesium. They have fully multi-coated optics with Ultra Wide Band Coating (customized for every lens) to allow maximum brightness and truer colors. They provide excellent light transmission and clarity for dusk-to-dawn performance. All three models feature increased eyecup resistance and are 100 percent waterproof and fog-proof.  For more info: (913) 752-3410,


The Froggy Holster

Comfort Holsters
The Froggy Holster is a small, lightweight holster with a gel comfort core. It has the same features as other Comfort Holsters at an affordable price. The Froggy Holster is constructed with a non-slip outer shell, a low friction inner shell, and a gel insert. A lighter gel/foam hybrid material was used on the holster to make it lighter. It comes in a “Zero Clip” design: a belt clip is not needed to stabilize a pistol in the waistband. A high-friction, non-slip outer shell grabs clothing when the belt is cinched down allowing many cant and ride height options. For more info: (479) 650-0379,


Laser Sights for GLOCK Pistols

Crimson Trace Corporation
The Laserguard LG-443 (red) and LG-443G (green) laser sights fit onto Glock’s new Model 43 semi-auto pistol. Firmly secured around the triggerguard, the Crimson Trace laser sights will add little to the pistol’s overall size, profile and weight thus preserving the Glock 43’s compact and thin design for self-defense concealment. They can also be used with Glock’s Model 42. The Laserguard LG-443 and LG-443G feature Crimson Trace’s proprietary Instinctive Activation and adjustments for windage and elevation. They are easy to install onto the firearm’s existing triggerguard without any gunsmithing. For more info: (503) 783-5333,


XD(M) 4.5″ Threaded Barrel Pistols

Springfield Armory
The XD(M) 4.5″ Threaded Barrel Pistols are suppressor-ready. Released by Springfield Armory, the pistols are available in two options: the .45 ACP (with black finish) and 9mm (with Flat Dark Earth finish). For more info: (309) 944-8994,


Vital-Shok High Density Buckshot

Federal Premium
Federal Premium’s Vital-Shok High Density buckshot has a nine-pellet 00 buck tungsten-alloy payload and 1,600-fps muzzle velocity. This gives it superior stopping power over lead loads. The lighter payload produces less recoil, yet offers higher velocities and more downrange energy. High Density’s Flitecontrol wad ensures consistent, deadly patterns, making it effective for predators, hogs and more. For more info: (866) 223-9388,


C-Series Pistols with Night Sights

Kahr Arms
Kahr Firearms Group has announced three 9mm models of their C-Series pistols will now be offered with night sights: the CM9093N, CW9093N and the CT9093N. As night sights work in low, or no light situations, the pistols will be ideal for home protection. All three models feature a black polymer frame, matte finish stainless steel slide, a drift-adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight, and a pinned-in polymer front night sight. For more info: (508) 795-3919,


Gold Ring Spotting Scope

Leupold & Stevens Inc.
Leupold’s Gold Ring Spotting Scope line has been redesigned to include enhanced ruggedness and a reticle matched to the company’s riflescope offerings. It now has an MOA-based, front focal plane Impact Reticle for the 12-40x60mm HD and the 20-80x60mm models. A minute-of-angle based grid set in the lower half of the viewing field will give fast and accurate measurements at any magnification. Additional milliradian dots allow the Impact Reticle to be used with mil-based reticles as well. The combination of an MOA reticle in the spotting scope and matching adjustments on the riflescope make sighting a simple, two-shot process. For more info: (503) 526-1403,


Cross Over Ballistic Holster (COBH)

IYAD Designs
The Cross Over Ballistic Holster (COBH) is a cross over flapped tech-bag with a UL 752 level 2 ballistic plate installed inside. It’s a simple, self-defense and CCW carrying holster and backpack. This unit can protect the user from being shot — a mini shield — or used in self-defense to strike an aggressor — a surprise battering tool. The COBH is lightweight but has been fully tested to block the .45 ACP, .357 Mag, 9mm and the .22 LR high velocity. For more info: (619) 787 5991,



Gold Star Holsters
The Opti-Carry can be worn appendix carry, side, back or inside the waistband. By changing the clip to the opposite side of the holster, it can be worn outside the waistband. It can also be used by both left- or right-handed shooters. The Opti-Carry, like all Gold Star Holsters, is custom-molded to the make and model specifications of your handgun. For more info: (417) 413-1922,


.The P-308 Riflescope

Nikon Inc.
Nikon has added the all-new P-308 4-12×40 BDC 800 to its line of precision .308 WIN riflescopes. The P-308 provides shooters with features they need to hit the target: a 4-12x magnification; a 40mm objective; fully multicoated lenses to ensure a clear view; and Nikon’s popular BDC 800 reticle engineered specifically for the .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO round with 168-grain HBT Match bullet at 2,680 fps. The P-308 is also fitted with exposed, spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets with easy-grip course knurling. This new riflescope is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. For more info: (631) 547-4200,


The 2015 Protector

Wilson Combat
The 2015 Protector was designed as an all-around carry 1911 pistol with modern styling and performance enhancements. It uses Wilson Combat’s steel or lightweight aluminum light-rail frames in Full, Professional or Compact trim. The specifications and caliber (.45 ACP or 9mm) of the 2015 Protector can be modified to meet users’ needs. Some of its features include: a fluted tactical cone barrel, round butt, one-piece Bullet Proof magwell and a slide profile with Wilson Combat’s signature carry cuts and abbreviated front cocking serrations. For more info: (870) 545-3635,


Recluse TS G43 Pocket Holsters

Recluse Holster LLC
The Recluse TS G43 Pocket Holster is designed for carrying the new GLOCK G43 in a pocket, any pocket. It can fit in front, back, cargo and jacket pockets and allows for a gun to be drawn easily but leaves the holster in place. The Recluse TS (for two-sided) holster eliminates the pistol profile and protects the trigger. It functions like a clamshell with both sides of the G43 covered but spreads apart when it is drawn. Each holster is hand-molded and sewn from top quality horsehide or steerhide. For more info: (253) 777-9615,


Armour Wear

Armour Wear LLC
Bulletproof underwear to protect the femoral artery and genitals is now available from Armour Wear LLC. Sold in packs of three, the Armour Wear underwear has a bio-shape cup design, breathable panel construction and anti-microbial moisture wicking. It is hard enough to stop bullets but soft enough to be comfortable. The underwear’s overlapping ballistic panels dissipates heat and allows the user to move with less restriction. For more info: (786) 279-2239,



Kuros Key Case Pepper Spray
The Kuros Key Case Pepper Spray provides protection at a safe distance — 25 bursts at up to 10 feet away. Compact in size, it has a durable case with a finger grip that allows the Kuros to be aimed in the right direction. It also has reduced wind blow-back due to stream delivery. The Kuros has a four-year shelf life and includes a Quick Release Key Ring that provides immediate access to the spray when keys are in the ignition or car lock. Proceeds from each domestic purchase will provide women in developing nations with pepper spray of their own. For more information: (800) 325-9568,


Sojourn Functional Hunting Gear

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel For Women
The Sojourn line of clothes for women was created specifically for safari hunting. Made for women, by women, the new hunting line features a short-sleeve shirt, lightweight hoodie and jacket for wear in a rugged and tough environment. The short-sleeve shirt and lightweight hoodie are made from moisture wicking polyester/spandex. A sun UV protectant has been woven into their fabric. The jacket has a 100 percent polyester shell, lined with wool to protect from the elements and provide enhanced warmth from morning and evening chills. All three pieces in the Sojourn line have been chemically treated to minimize human odors to avoid detection by animals. For more info: (970) 641-3355,


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