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.338 Federal Rifles

Savage Arms
Six new .338 Federal big-game rifles are now available from Savage Arms: the Models 11 Long Range Hunter, the 11 Hog Hunter, the 16 FCSS, the 16 Bear Hunter, the 11 Trophy Hunter XP and the 16 Trophy Hunter XP. Chambering the rifles in this caliber offers hunters more muzzle velocity than the .308 Win, but with a heavier bullet. As a result, the short-action cartridge provides magnum energy for devastating performance on game, without magnum recoil. For more info: (413) 568-7001,


The Chieftain

Steel Will Knives
The Chieftain is a tactical knife with a 7.5-inch clip-point blade made of 1095 steel. A Micarta handle—offered in Green (1620) and Orange (1610)—complements the blade. The Chieftain also has a rounded tang, slightly extending from the handle, which forms a multi-purpose hammer or glass-breaker. It comes with a nylon sheath. For more info: (877) 969-0909,


The Black Mamba

Gary Reeder Custom Guns
The Black Mamba is built on the Ruger GP100. It has a beefed-up 5-shot cylinder and a full underlug vent rib barrel. It is available in .356 GNR, .41 GNR, .41 Magnum, or .44 Special and in barrel lengths of up to 8 inches. The Black Mamba comes sighted with a set of custom Hogue fingergroove grips. For more info: (928) 257-4100,



The Rollypoly is a licensed adaptation of the MM Folding Dump Pouch. Sized to hold seven M4 30-round magazines stacked either vertically or horizontally, it also functions as a dump pouch for shotgun shells, M4 magazines, or pistol magazines. Additionally, the Rollypoly can be used as a multi-purpose pouch for evidence collection or general storage. It has snag-free elastic shock cord closures that pull from the back of the bag. A velcro flap, which maintains the pouch in its folded position, doubles as a lid or can be concealed completely within the bag. Folded, the Rollypoly measures 3.5x2x3 inches and can slide onto a belt. For more info: (310) 768-0098,


AR-15 Lower Receivers

Sharp Brothers
AR-15 lower receivers from Sharp Brothers are made from 7075 billet aluminum with a hard-coat anodized finish. They have bullet pictogram selector markings, a low-shelf RDIAS, and accept 0.154-inch diameter trigger and hammerpins. All receivers from Sharp Brothers feature distinctive designs, which start as rough sketches that are then converted to 3D models. For more info:


1410 Tactical Clock

Tactical Walls LLC
The 1410 Tactical Clock gives the time and provides a convenient and accessible storage space too. The 14-inch wide by 10-inch tall hidden storage space can hold up to 10 pounds. It can be used for a variety of items: handguns, ammunition, TASERs, flashlights or anything you want to hide but still have quick access to. For more info: (540) 298-8906,


.223 and .308 Subsonic Ammunition

Atomic Ammunition
The .223 and .308 Rem Subsonic cartridges are quieter than most .22’s even when unsuppressed and sub-MOA accurate to 100 yards. They’re ideal for low-noise, low-recoil target shooting, training and varmint control. The .45 ACP Subsonic 250-grain and 9mm Subsonic 147-grain bonded hollowpoint ammo are also available from Atomic. For more info: (623) 580-888,


The Eliminator Series

Cimarron F.A. Co.
The Eliminator8, one of three handguns in Cimarron’s new Eliminator Series, features a 4.75-inch octagonal barrel, checkered Army-style grip and a pre-war frame. It boasts a 25 percent shorter hammer stroke for fast, easy cocking, a plus for 1-handed duelists and mounted shooters. It’s accented by a color case-hardened frame, a blued cylinder/frame assembly, and is available in .357/ .38 Special and .45 Long Colt. The new series — designed for SASS and CMSA shooters — has a Cowboy CompTUS action job and a 25 percent shorter hammer stroke as standard features. The EliminatorC and The EliminatorTS are the two other guns in the series. For more info: (830) 997-9090,


Imitation Buffalo Horn Grips

NC Ordnance Inc.
The Jig Buffalo Horn Grips from NC Ordnance Inc. are made of black urethane. Over 40 models of the reproduction imitation grips are available for these handguns: Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Hi-Standard, Llama, Hawes, Beretta and VA Dragon. For more information, (252) 237-2440,


.38 and .45 Caliber Cufflinks

Crosby & Co.
The .38 and .45 caliber cuff links are part of Crosby & Co.’s Nautical Summer Line. They’re rectangular and made of polished brass. Hand-painted enamel cuff links as well as ones made of sterling silver will also soon be available. All accessories are crafted in the US from quality materials. For more info:



The TK15C flashlight from Fenix gives a complete target vision of up to 200 meters (217 yards) with a 450-lumen output. It features three color options: red for enhanced eye shine; green for better distance performance; and white for all-purpose lighting. The TK15C flashlight is compact with an anti-roll, slip-resistant body design. It is waterproof, easily mountable, and made of aircraft-grade aluminum. For more info: (800) 616-1326 ext. 1590,


The Froggy Holster

Comfort Holsters
The Froggy Holster is a small, lightweight holster with a gel comfort core. It has the same features as other Comfort Holsters at an affordable price. The Froggy Holster is constructed with a non-slip outer shell, a low friction inner shell, and a gel insert. A lighter gel/foam hybrid material was used on the The Froggy Holster to make it lighter. It comes in a “Zero Clip” design: a belt clip is not needed to stabilize a pistol in the waistband. A high-friction, non-slip outer shell grabs clothing when the belt is cinched down allowing many cant and ride height options. For more info: (479) 650-0379,


Yote Camo Shotguns & Rifles

Legacy Sports
The Yote Camo is a new addition to Legacy Sports’ Howa Ranchland rifles and its Escort line of semi-auto shotguns. The Yote camo pattern looks like coyote fur, blending well with many types of backgrounds and cover. The standard magnum model of the shotgun is offered in 12-gauge chambering; a youth model is available in 20-gauge. Barrel length is 22 or 28 inches. The Yote camo in the Howa rifle line comes in 20-inch lightweight or heavy barrel models. All are short action calibers with a Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3-10×42 scope or Nighteater 4-16×44 scope with rings and a 1-piece base. For more info: (775) 828-0555,


Tactical Professional Holster

Nate Squared Tactical
The Nate Squared Tactical Professional Holster for the FNH FNS full-size 9mm and .40 S&W models is a comfortable IWB holster with adjustable cant. It is made of polycarbonate which holds the firearm in place and provides additional security for firearm retention. For more info: (336) 237-1943,


700 Series R1008

Remington Cutlery
The R11008 is a new addition to Remington Cutlery’s full Model 700 Series of knives. It is a 1-hand opening folder with a 2-3/4-inch drop-point blade. The blade, made from 440 high carbon stainless steel, is rust-resistant and holds an edge well. Locked open, the R11008 is 6-5/8 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounce. The 3-7/8-inch handle, with walnut inlays, is laser-etched with the Remington signature “R.” The bolsters are nickel silver and include a lanyard hole. A metal pocket clip provides convenient carry and easy access. The R11008 is made by Bear & Sun Cutlery in partnership with Remington. For more info: (336) 548-8700,


The Mach 1 Pigman Edition

Gamo Outdoor USA
The Mach 1 Pigman Edition line of air rifles features the IGT MACH 1, a 33mm pneumatic cylinder capable of shooting pellets up to 1,420 fps. The cylinder comes in .177 caliber with PBA Platinum Ammo and delivers a consistent cocking effort with constant power to any pellet. The rifles have fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrels, rubberized grips, all-weather black stock and fiber optic front and rear sights. The Mach 1 Pigman Edition line makes use of other state-of-the-art features: Whisper Fusion Technology; Custom Action Trigger Technology; Recoil Reducing Rail Technology; and Shock Wave Absorber Technology. For more info: (954) 581-5822,


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