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The R51 from Remington features a lower bore axis and a locked breech to allow for 9mm+P ammunition. It offers a positive grip safety with a 20-degree grip angle and a longer standard grip length. The R51 features a stainless steel slide and polymer insert grip, all built on an aluminum frame.

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2 thoughts on “New Product Of The Day

  1. Bruce Fletcher

    I have followed the R-51 since it came out. There have been so many bad reports from consumers on this gun, Remington stopped production. I haven’t seen one positive report on the R-51 from a consumer. The testers who received guns from Remington seemed to get guns that were gone over but the public has received guns that were downright dangerous. I know there are people who bitch about anything however a pistol that fires out of battery is a problem. I had respect for guns magazine and regarded it more than just a cheerleading piece for advertizers on new products. I know you can only judge by the gun supplied however some online research might give it some balance.

    1. Tony

      I just bought the September issue for the DD Mk 12 and Weatherby reloading articles. I noticed in the centerfold, featuring a double page close up of the Remington R51, what appears to be a crack in the frame between the two rear pin holes. Is this something Remington plans on addressing in the future? I can’t imagine as new as the R51 is that the particular example photographed has been through enough hands and seen enough rounds through it to wear out the frame already. What’s up with that?


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