Exclusive: Kirkpatrick Leather Holster Review

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In my quest to find the best holsters in which to carry concealed a Sig Sauer SP2022, a dilemma arises: sometimes I find a functional and good-looking rig that deserves not to be hidden but to be shown off. Paired with the SP2022 in Desert Tan, this Kirkpatrick Leather holster (the “Compact Undercover,” #2145) offers a rich, brown leather that looks good, feels good, and most importantly, carries the relatively large Sig safely and securely. I’m going to introduce the Kirkpatrick rig and show it off here, put some additional miles on it, and then let you know later how this Sig does for concealed carry in it.

! DSC_7066You’re familiar with the Sig Sauer SP2022 and have seen it in my review of a Detroit Concealment inside the waistband Kydex holster. For even greater comfort, Kirkpatrick’s Compact Undercover puts the SP2022 outside the waistband at a high ride and slight forward cant with minimal external features.

In the Compact Undercover’s construction, two important pieces of leather provide two important services: First, a reinforced mouth adds some structural rigidity, allowing for one-handed reholstering. Second, the inner side of the holster puts leather between the most of the gun and the wearer. This is especially important as it keeps the back side of the slide from contacting that wearer’s side, which has the potential to get uncomfortable.

Additionally the leather is hand molded around the gun on a contour, meaning the outer layer of leather is actually wider than the inner (body-side) layer until it is stitched in place to accommodate the shape of the gun it carries. Then the two layers appear exactly the same width. This type of design provides a superior hold on the gun and maximum comfort for the wearer. Plus it looks fantastic, as much as it’s not supposed to be seen by anyone but the wearer.

! DSC_7062Coupled with Kirkpatrick Leather’s B55 belt, the Compact Undercover so far has proven to be a great match — functionally, for comfortably concealing the SP2022 and aesthetically, for doing so with class and style. Check back later for the long-term test results when the SP2022 and its Kirkpatrick Leather again come out from hiding.

— Mark Kakkuri

Learn more about Kirkpatrick Leather.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Kirkpatrick Leather Holster Review

  1. Jack S

    The Kirkpatrick Compact Undercover looks perfect and may be exactly what I’m looking for, do they make it for a Sig 239 (9mm). I am looking forward to your full review.

    1. Mark Kakkuri Post author

      Hi George,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll be sure to post a followup article (with pictures) on how the Kirkpatrick does after some hard use.


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