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Savage Arms, Inc
100 Springdale Rd. , Westfield MA 01085-1673
860-668-2168 fax


Shotgunner: From Turkey, For Dove
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2015
Article: Stevens 555

11 Trophy Predator Hunter, Snow Camo
Issue: Shooting Industry November 2014
Article: What Varmint Hunter's Want

Rifleman: An Easy Packin' Rifle
Issue: GUNS Magazine October 2014
Article: Savage 11 Lightweight Hunter

Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP Youth
Issue: Shooting Industry October 2014
Article: Arms & The Women

Firearms Of The Cody Museum
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2014
Article: Savage Model 1907

Model 11 Trohy Hunter XP Youth Muddy Girl
Issue: Shooting Industry August 2014
Article: New Products

Rifle Model 11International Trophy Predator Hunter
Issue: Shooting Industry June 2014
Article: The Hunting Surge

B. Mag
Issue: GUNS Magazine May 2014
Article: Rimfires: Fast-Stepping Smallbore

Axis II XP
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2014
Article: New Product Showcase

Savage Arms
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2014
Article: New Products

Model 25 Walking Varminter
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2013
Article: 2013 New Product Showcase

Model 25 Walking Varminter
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2013
Article: 2013 New Product Showcase

You Probably Forgot
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2013
Article: The Insider

Long-Gun Comfort
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2013
Article: In Addressing Hot-Selling Trends, Don't Overlook Traditional Firearms

Fast Twist .22-250
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2013
Article: Questions and Answers

2013 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2013
Article: Hundreds Of New Products Usher In The New Business Year

Call in Varmint & Predator Sales
Issue: Shooting Industry November 2012
Article: Think Beyond Traditional SeasonsÉ

Issue: GUNS Magazine July 2012
Article: Savage 99 .300 Savage

Trophy Hunter XP
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2012
Article: 2012 New Product Showcase

Mighty Tiny-Mite
Issue: GUNS Magazine March 2012
Article: Model 25 LV

The Boss Can Shoot
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2012
Article: Industry Watch

Norwest Equity Partners Invests In Savage Sports
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2012
Article: Industry News

Industry Looks Forward To A Great Year
Issue: Shooting Industry December 2011
Article: Industry Watch

2011 New Products Gallery
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2011
Article: What Are Dealers And Distributors Excited About?

The Insider
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2011
Article: long range rifle team

Savage Recognized For Supporting Youth Programs
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2011
Article: Outdoor Marketplace

Defensive Long Guns: The 2010 Class
Issue: Shooting Industry May 2010
Article: Lethal Force

Long Guns & Accessories Ñ WhereÕs The Market?
Issue: Shooting Industry March 2010
Article: Feature Article

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