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Trigger Installation


The Basic Format. It’s unlikely you’ll be installing a stock trigger in your rifle, but most aftermarket triggers still use

Get Out!


Extraction & Ejection. An “extractor” is there to pull a spent case out of the chamber and the “ejector” is

Case Sizing


If you are a handloader, pay attention. Since it’s a semi-auto, full-length spent case resizing for AR-type rifles is mandatory.

Twists And Leads


The Right Barrel My UPS man flagged me down recently. He told me that (such-and-such) was having a big sale

Buffer Stuff


Keep The AR Cycling Happily I know the way I write must sound like I think the AR-15 gas system

Pin It


Making Triggers Better. I’ve said many times the only real way to improve a trigger on an AR-15 is to

Load Development


Crucial to accurate, consistent handloads. I usually talk here about guns. But, dang, guns are little to no fun at



When The Followers Lead… I get a whopping lot of correspondence from folks complaining about magazine problems. I was never

Basic Break Down


It’s Not Hard Once You’ve Done It A Few Times. This is basic stuff. Basics matter. Sometimes we, and certainly