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Trigger Installation


The Basic Format. It’s unlikely you’ll be installing a stock trigger in your rifle, but most aftermarket triggers still use

Get Out!


Extraction & Ejection. An “extractor” is there to pull a spent case out of the chamber and the “ejector” is

Case Sizing


If you are a handloader, pay attention. Since it’s a semi-auto, full-length spent case resizing for AR-type rifles is mandatory.

Twists And Leads


The Right Barrel My UPS man flagged me down recently. He told me that (such-and-such) was having a big sale

Buffer Stuff


Keep The AR Cycling Happily I know the way I write must sound like I think the AR-15 gas system

Pin It


Making Triggers Better. I’ve said many times the only real way to improve a trigger on an AR-15 is to

Load Development


Crucial to accurate, consistent handloads. I usually talk here about guns. But, dang, guns are little to no fun at



When The Followers Lead… I get a whopping lot of correspondence from folks complaining about magazine problems. I was never

Basic Break Down


It’s Not Hard Once You’ve Done It A Few Times. This is basic stuff. Basics matter. Sometimes we, and certainly

Chamber Headspace


Check It Certainly, if you do your own barrel installations, safety of the end result is of crucial importance. Of