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Walther CCP


Walther has packed style, ergonomics, and accuracy in a compact conceal-carry 9mm. The CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) also features SOFTCOIL™

New Product Of The Day

5-20×56 SHV Riflescope. The 5-20×56 SHV is available in illuminated and non-illuminated reticle models. Illuminated versions feature center-only reticle illumination,

.22 Handguns At 100 Yards

Roy’s Insider Tips #561 September 2014 American Handgunner’s Roy Huntington continues his look at shooting a Ruger 22/45 Lite with

New Product Of The Day

Delta Grip. Ergo Grip introduces the Delta Grip for J-Frame revolvers. This injection-molded handgun grip gives the shooter a more



Having a sloped driveway makes shoveling snow a bit hazardous. Having grown up in Southern California, walking on snow and

Redefining The Hunter


The Colt Cooper .308 WIN Borrows Technology From Tactical Models To Create A New Long-Range Rifle. As anybody who’s read

New Product Of The Day

Burris. Burris introduces the 3x-12x-44mm Eliminator. It features a built-in rangefinder and an illuminated aiming point. It also has an