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The Real Deal


FN’s M4 And M16 Military Collector Series By Holt Bodinson Once upon a time, we could freely buy modern US

Garand Illusion


Kingston Armory’s Rimfire M1 Is An Accurate “In Scale” Tribute To Our Classic Battle Rifle. By Holt Bodinson It was

A Pistol With Punch


Reid’s “My Friend” Knuckleduster Was Designed For Extremely Close, Personal Defense. By Holt Bodinson I don’t know if it’s proper

Summer Reads


Gun Books You Shouldn’t Miss. By Holt Bodinson “Buy a gun—buy a book.” It’s an old adage, but nothing can

ArmaLite’s Golden Gun


“Ahead Of Its Time” Is No Mere Cliché When Discussing The Ultralight 12-Gauge AR-17 Autoloader. By Holt Bodinson You’re probably

A Different Stroke


LWRCI Goes From Piston Perfection To Direct Gas Impingement With Its M6IC-DI 5.56 Carbine. By Holt Bodinson LWRC International really

Springfield Notes


More On One Of The Most Well-Documented Rifles In US History By Holt Bodinson Over the 42-year life of its