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The Militia Act Of 1792


The New England Flintlock Militia Musket Armed State Militias In The Country’s Earliest Days. Like most post-war periods, the years

Love Those Blunderbusses!


Perhaps the most iconic of firearms. The Germans named it the “Donderbuchse” (thunder gun), the Dutch, the “Donderbus,” the Italians,

What A Rimfire!


GSG/ATI’s Sturmgewehr 44 .22 Long Rifle. In the spring of 1943, 2,000 Maschinenkarabiner 42s were delivered to Germany’s beleaguered troops

What A Racquet!


Britain’s grenade launching SMLE is the perfect launcher for long-range tennis balls. If there’s a milsurp to make you smile,

Surplus Locker


CIA’s C93 What are the most widely distributed, automatic, small arms operating systems in use today? By the sheer number

Swiss Tac


The SIG551-A1 Carbine The Swiss are a shooting culture, and as much as we have recently enjoyed their milsurp K-31s,

The Elusive Madsen


One Of The Last Of The Military Bolt-Actions Rifles One of the most interesting, elusive and odd milsurps to reach