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Emergency Stopgap


Italy’s Vetterli M70/87/15. Some milsurps are simply more intrinsically fascinating than others. It might be an unusual design feature, maybe

Chinese Again


Century International Arms Offers The Rare Type 53 Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R Carbines. Just when I was thinking the last of the

The Duelers


This ancient form of settling differences lead to the modern-day use of the pistol for target shooting. Article One of

Holt Meets The Garand


Early Memories Of An Iconic American Arm. We trained with M1 Garands, BARs, Browning, air-cooled .30-caliber machineguns, 3.5-inch bazookas and

The Militia Act Of 1792


The New England Flintlock Militia Musket Armed State Militias In The Country’s Earliest Days. Like most post-war periods, the years

Love Those Blunderbusses!


Perhaps the most iconic of firearms. The Germans named it the “Donderbuchse” (thunder gun), the Dutch, the “Donderbus,” the Italians,