Best Of — Surplus Classic And Tactical Firearms

A Short Affair


The .22 Short 1890 Winchester “Gallery Gun” Is Still A Blast. My first introduction to firearms was at the Shooting

Whispers Of Mossad


CIA Imports A Mysterious Beretta Model 71. There’s a distinct romantic side to collecting milsurps. Century International Arms’ current cache

AMT Automag II


The First Successful Self-Loading Pistol In .22 WMR Is Still A Peach. Harry W. Sanford was one of those bigger-than-life

The Awesome LeMat


This Was One Hard-Hitting Civil War Pistol. The LeMat “Grape Shot Revolver” stands out as the most remarkable handgun of

Emergency Stopgap


Italy’s Vetterli M70/87/15. Some milsurps are simply more intrinsically fascinating than others. It might be an unusual design feature, maybe