Best Of — Surplus Classic And Tactical Firearms

Greatest Little Gun


Ithaca’s Peabody-Inspired Model 49 Saddlegun Was A Unique Single-Shot .22. “Greatest Little Gun in the Land—The Ithaca Model 49 Saddlegun,”

Ruger Goes Long Range


The New Precision Rifle Is Just What Its Name Suggests. New firearm product introductions occur routinely throughout the year, and

A Top-Shelf .22 Trainer


Poland’s KBK.S wz.48 Is One Sweet-Shooting Collectible “Sleeper.” The militaries of the world struck out in different directions when it

Guns With Character


A Savage 99 .32-40 Shows The Influence Of A Knowledgeable Owner. Walking down rows of black, synthetic stocked rifles, I

A Concept Refined


Ruger’s Gunsite Scout Does A Bang-Up Job Of Realizing Cooper’s Original Vision Of A “General-Purpose Rifle.” The Scout rifle concept

The Star Wars Shotgun


The UTS-15 Redfines “Tactical Smoothbore” There’s a whiff of buckshot embedded in the American DNA. We love our combat smoothbores.

Smallbore Wonder


The Iconic 1903 Mannlicher-Schoenauer in 6.5×54. If there ever was an “iconic” firearm with an international following reading like a

An Elegant Team


Remington’s Model 25 And The .25-20 WCF. Before the .22 Hornet or .218 Bee, Winchester’s .25-20 Winchester Center Fire was