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Versatile Extremes


Ruger’s New Bull-Barreled Takedown Rifle And A Slick Large-Frame 10-Ahot Revolver Expand The .22 Rimfire’s Capabilities. By Holt Bodinson Ruger

Super Varmint!


Savage’s New A17 Self Loader Is Optimized For A Hot New CCI .17 HMR Round. By Holt Bodinson Well, it

New Rimfire Clones


These Understudies Of Famous Arms Are Just As Accurate And Reliable. By Holt Bodinson Among the most interesting of rimfires

The Low Wall .22 WMR


Winchester’s Single-Shot CLASSIC. By Holt Bodinson Single shots have an appeal and romance all of their own. They’re elegant, compact,

Package Deal


Savage’s New Mark II FXP Offers User-Friendly Convenience. By Holt Bodinson It’s been an exciting month in the world of

Too Much Scope!


Rimfire Optics May Be Better Then They Used To Be, But They’re Bigger Than They Need To Be. But The

S&W’s M&P22 Compact


A .22 LR Heir To The Legendary “Military & Police” Designation, This Slick Little Auto Is State-Of-The-Art. By Holt Bodinson

Opening Shots


Rifleman Mike Shoots And Finds Room In His Battery For More. By Dave Anderson Last month I described my nephew