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Light Recoil


If You Need To Rethink Hard-Kicking Guns. Recoil isn’t a big deal, until it is. During the 2013 Shot Show

Air Power


From Airforce. Modern air rifles are extremely accurate and durable. Cost per shot is low, making them ideal for training.

Tight Turns


Rifling twist rates have been changing due to longer and longer bullets. Jim Carmichel, whose wisdom I trust in all

Forgotten Speed Demon


The .264 Winchester Magnum Has Many Attributes Today’s Shooters Demand. The .257 Weatherby Magnum and .264 Winchester Magnum are remarkable

2-Stage Triggers


Often derided, they are growing in popularity and quality. A century ago when armies were equipped with bolt-action rifles most



Through A Glass. A hunter’s binocular ranks in importance right behind the rifle. I can get along without a scope

Long Live The .22!


A family’s generations with rimfire rifles. Around 1918 my grandfather, with help from neighbors, built a big hip-roof barn on

The Lever Action


A Truly American Action The lever action is American. Other nations do bolt actions well with their Mausers and Mannlichers.

Firmly In The Middle


Ruger’s New .338 Compact Magnum. Of the many big-game cartridges introduced in the last couple of decades, my favorite is

Want To Grow Old?


Safe Gun Handling Skills May Help. Some of the shooting-related stuff I see and read on the Internet fills me