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The Long Shot


Today’s Riflemen Have The Tools To Deliver Bullets To once Unheard-Of Distances. By Dave Anderson Back around 1970 a “once-a-year”

Tikka Tales


The T3 Proves A Better Way To Launch A Long-Range .223. By Dave Anderson It was Boxing Day 2014 here

Make Mine A Pump


The Quick-Firing Remington 7600 Holds Its Own Afield. What have been the most popular, most successful deer rifles of the

Where To Begin?


New Shooter’s Have To Start Somewhere. Two Good Choices Include Air-Powered And Rimfire. In the farming community where I grew

Mike’s New Rifle


Listen to your Uncle Dave—or don’t! Pt. 1 At a family barbecue, my nephew Mike came over and said, “Uncle,

An Easy Packin’ Rifle


The Savage Model 11 .260 Rem delivers Excellent accuracy AND portability. The Lightweight Hunter is one of Savage’s specialty series,

The Lightweight Rifle


Let’s Explore A Savage/Kimber Connection. Early in the 20th century Savage developed a light bolt-action hunting rifle called the Model

What’s In A Word?


Dave Ponders Some Favorite Quotes Regarding Rifles. Rifles are special, and I enjoy and use all types of firearms. To

A Vintage Performer


The Venerable 7x57mm. The 7×57 has an illustrious history, nostalgia, performance and a worldwide reputation. The cartridge lets you feel

6mm Dream Team


This Rifle/Scope Combo Will Max Out The .243 Win. The first rifle in .243 Winchester I ever purchased—more than 40