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The Long-Range Rifle


Who Says It Isn’t Affordable? Equipment has evolved quite a bit since I used my first scoped rifle—a Remington 700

Old Stuff


Is Fun Stuff. Know When To Retire It From Active Duty. Old stuff is cool, old rifles, old handguns, old

Good Gear


These Are Very Solid Items I have been fortunate to have jobs I liked all of my adult life. This

Danger Close


Don’t Worry About Long-Range Rifle Skills Until You Are Master Of The First 300 Yards Before You Worldwide but especially

No 1911 4 U


There Are Other Choices It is one thing to pick a pistol out at the gun store, another to actually

True Grit?


The Colt Single Action For Self-Defense I have carried a handgun in one form or another for 40 years and—without



More On Use And Deployment There has been much improvement in the quality of lights, now called illumination systems, over