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Bear Swipe III


By Payton Miller I like fixed-blade knives as long as they’re back at camp or in the skinning shed. If

SIG Sauer Ammo


By Jeff John In the Great ObamaScares I & II, ammo of all sorts became scarce, and ammo for marginally

Three Cool Holsters


The holster market is burgeoning, and folks have found Kydex easier to manufacture than leather. It also has some advantages,

The ProMag Rollermag


The magazine for the Sterling submachine gun is arguably the finest feed device ever devised. Incorporating roller bearings in lieu

50 Famous Firearms


It’s Christmas time and gun books are a great gift since they don’t have to be registered (yet!) and they’re

Umarex Octane


This .22 Air Rifle Is Quiet And Powerful. The appeal of a powerful, suppressed .22 air rifle isn’t tough to