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The Sightmark Pinnacle


An Optimized Glass For Today’s Tactical Rifles. We black rifle aficionados were once a fairly disenfranchised mob. Nowadays, however, Americans

Pump Power


Winchester SXP Marine Defender 12-Gauge. Self-defense means, well, defense of self. It does not mean self-offense nor does it mean

Cattleman 12 Shooter


Uberti Fills The Spaces In This Rimfire’s Cylinder With Plenty Of .22 Long Rifle Ammo. The first successful cartridge-firing revolver

Lionheart Compact 9mm


A Quality Personal-Defense Handgun Returns To The American Market From South Korea. Lionheart Industries of Redmond, Wa., is now importing

A Luger Understudy


The Umarex Legends P.08. The ever-growing world of action air pistols has been joined by a terrific spittin’ image of