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SureFire Adds SF Ryder 9 Ti Suppressor to SF Ryder Series

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-performance illumination tools, WeaponLights, suppressors, and tactical products is building upon the success of its award-winning SF Ryder 22-A suppressor—awarded “Suppressor of the Year” by Guns & Ammo—by releasing a battle-ready version for 9mm pistols and rifles. The new SF Ryder 9-Ti—”Ti” standing for titanium—features an ultra-light titanium tube, front plate, and rear plate that help minimize the suppressor’s overall weight without any sacrifice in strength.

The 9mm SF Ryder 9 Ti—like the .22 suppressor upon which it is based—features pig-nose baffles that provide superior sound attenuation and reduced muzzle blast by precisely directing gasses from fired rounds. This ingenious baffle design—in this case built from durable, heat-treated stainless steel—also makes cleaning the suppressor a simple process. Built-in spacers help reduce carbon buildup between the baffles and the suppressor tube, and every baffle is indexed and individually numbered for foolproof disassembly and reassembly—made even easier by an included assembly/disassembly tool.

Along with use of high-grade titanium in its construction, the 9.5-ounce Ryder 9Ti reduces weight through a clever outer tube design that features rounded edges and fluting, which also makes it easier to get an accurate sight picture with the suppressor attached. The thread-on suppressor securely attaches via single-point cut threads available in either 1Ž2×28 or M13.5×1 thread sizes. Attaching the suppressor is simply a matter of screwing it on to a compatibly threaded 9mm barrel until hand tight.

Built to exacting standards and unrelenting quality like SureFire’s battle-proven Fast-Attach® SOCOM suppressors, the Ryder 9Ti is designed for recreational shooting and tactical applications. Its titanium and stainless steel construction, precision threading, and a tough, attractive Cerakote™ finish available in three colors—black, dark earth, and wolf gray—make it ideal for most any application. MSRP is $799, and the suppressor is available for purchase through authorized SureFire suppressor dealers.

For complete information and to see the live-fire video visit

LaserLyte Mighty Mouse™ Laser for 22 Mag NAA Revolvers

LaserLyte®, innovators in firearms laser technologies, introduces the Mighty Mouse Laser for all North American Arms .22 Mag Pistols, including the Pug, Black Widow and Side Winder. The Mighty Mouse Laser sight is built from 55% glass filled nylon that is grip activated when one holds the pistol in a shooting position.

The 22 Mag Grip Laser allows for a longer stand-off distance and an increased rate of repeated accuracy. The laser is fully adjustable to the point of impact. The Mighty Mouse Laser will also work with all current holsters for any 22 Mag N.A.A mini revolvers.

The LaserLyte® Might Mouse Laser for North American Arms .22 Mag framed pistols is aligned along the pistols sight line for instant target acquisition. LaserLyte® continues to get sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits with affordable and fun laser training tools.

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  • LaserLyte® NAA-VC Mighty Mouse Laser Specifications:
  • Compatible Firearms: NAA: All .22 Mag pistols, Pug, Black Widow, Side Winder, etc.
  • Power Output: 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
  • Activation: Grip Constant On / Off Feature
  • Batteries: 3 x 392
  • Battery Life: Constant on – 1 hour plus
  • Weight: 0.75 ounces
  • Material: 55% Glass Filled Nylon
  • Length: 3.00 inches
  • Width: 1.25 inches
  • Height: 1.00 inches
  • MSRP: $129.95

Remington Announces the RM380 Micro Pistol

Remington it is now offering the Model RM380, an all-metal, micro pistol designed for concealed carry.

With a sleek, modern design, this highly concealable pistol boasts all of the latest enhancements to make it a leader in the very competitive concealed carry market. In addition to tough, all-metal construction for ultimate durability and longevity, the RM380 also features the longest barrel in its class to maximize muzzle velocity and bullet expansion, while facilitating shooting precision and accuracy.

This breakthrough pistol delivers unrivaled quality and ingenuity in a micro-size package for personal protection and portability. Weighing just 12.2 ounces unloaded and measuring just 5 ¼ inches long, the RM380 is easy for anyone to carry unobtrusively, and with an extended beavertail grip, it facilitates a smooth draw even in suboptimal conditions.

The RM380 also features a light and smooth double-action-only trigger, fully functional low profile slide stop, light slide racking force, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The replaceable grip panels allow for customization while the optimized grip angle allows for greater shootability and comfort.

The Remington Model RM380 is chambered in .380 Auto with a suggested retail price of $417.

Model RM380 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Fully Functional Slide Stop – holds open on last round
  • Chambered in .380 Auto
  • All-Metal Construction – for durability and longevity (7075 Aluminum Frame)
  • 410 Stainless Steel Barrel – longest barrel in its class
  • Precise Barrel to Slide Lock-Up – for accuracy and precision
  • Long, Smooth, Light DAO Trigger – for safety and shootability
  • Fully Ambidextrous, Low Profile Magazine Release
  • Checkered Front Strap and Trigger Guard Undercut – allows for improved control and higher hand hold
  • Optimized Grip Angle – for comfort, recoil management, and increased shootability
  • Extended Beavertail – protects hand and promotes correct grip when drawing in suboptimal conditions
  • Replaceable Grip Panels – for comfort and style upgrades
    (2) 6+1 Magazines – one extended floor plate and one flush
  • Wide, Positive Cocking Serrations
  • Rugged Fixed Sights – contoured to be snag free
  • Light Dual Recoil Spring system – for easy slide racking and lifetime use

Savage Arms Introduces Landry Signature Series Rifles

Savage Arms™ offers hunters and shooters everywhere a taste of the swamp with new Landry Signature Series rimfire rifles. Shipments of these products are currently being delivered to distributors.

Troy, Jacob and Chase Landry, from the hit series Swamp People® on HISTORY®, put their lives on the line every day as they fight to make a living as professional alligator hunters in the Louisiana swamp. They demand rifles that stand up to the punishment of the Atchafalaya Basin, yet still put the bullet where they want, every time they pull the trigger. That’s why the Landry family chooses Savage rifles.

All three rifles—the Rascal, Mark II and Model 93—feature a rugged synthetic stock dipped in distinctive gator camouflage, as well as Troy Landry’s signature and “Choot ‘Em” logo. The rifles feature the legendary, user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ and are built to Savage’s exacting standards for reliability and accuracy.

Features & Benefits

• Rugged synthetic stock with gator camo
• User-adjustable AccuTrigger
• Reliable, consistent rimfire performance
• Savage Arms accuracy

Part No. / Description / MSRP / Technical Specs

13617 / Landry Signature Series Rascal / $233

28717 / Landry Signature Series Mark II / $338

93217 / Landry Signature Series Model 93 / $424

Savage Arms is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. Learn more about the Landry Signature Series Rifles at

Pro Ears Saves Hearing For Shooters and Hunters

Disregard the need for proper ear protection, and a shooter or hunter will pay the price with permanent hearing damage. With Pro Ears, you solve any issues. The Bonus with Pro Ears is the when you consider the advantage a hunter will have because natural sounds in the field are amplified.

Pro Ears comes in four series of earmuff style hearing protection, plus a behind-the-ear amplifier with compression, and a custom-fit model worn in the ear.

Pro Ears uses the most advanced and superior technology available in electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting and hunting. This technology allows the shooter and hunter to hear every sound, including conversation, even during high-volume noise spikes.

Pro Ears electronic earmuffs achieve a perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound. Pro Ears protects hearing while still allowing users to have a normal conservation in the blind or at the range. At the same time it protects a user from the blast of a shot.

Only Pro Ears electronic hearing protection and amplification muffs feature Dynamic Level Sound Compression technology (DLSC™). DLSC technology allows the wearer to hear every sound…just at a level safe to the ear drum. Other brands have outdated technology that is not true sound compression. It either simply turns the amplification system off when noise levels reach a preset decibel, leaving the wearer with passive muffs, or it reacts to high noise levels by lowering the unit’s volume, so the louder sounds still drown out softer sounds. In both technologies, loud noise levels compromise the ability to hear quieter sounds.

DLSC works by instantly compressing all noises over the 70 dB threshold by 50 percent to a safe level, while amplifying all sounds below that to 70 dB. The result is the wearer will hear everything, including conversation, while simultaneously being protected from dangerous, high volume sounds.

To learn more about how to save your hearing while shooting or hunting, visit To place an order directly, call Pro Ears toll-free at (800) 891-3660.

Since 2008, Altus Brands LLC has worked with small to mid-sized companies in the hunting, shooting and outdoor market to unlock their potential for growth through partnerships and acquisitions.

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New Product of the Day: Bergara USA Introduces Performance Series Production Rifles

Bergara USA, a division of Blackpowder Products, Inc. (BPI Outdoors), announces the expansion of their rifle making capabilities to include new production rifles for sport shooters and hunters with its Performance Series B-14 Timber and B-14 Hunter rifles.

Bergara USA now offers many of the same quality features and performance characteristics well known in their custom guns in its two Performance Series production rifles: the B-14 Timber and the B-14 Hunter. Both rifles feature the Bergara PERFORMANCE action with a coned bolt nose and breech ensuring consistently smooth feeding and a sliding plate extractor for proper alignment.

The Bergara 4140CrMo steel barrel is finished in matte blue and is available in 22-inches (Short Action) and 24-inches (Long Action). The B-14 Timber rifle is built on a classic style, oil-finished walnut stock with a checkered pistol grip and forend. The B-14 Hunter rifle is built on a rugged Sporter-style lightweight synthetic stock. Both the wood and synthetic stocks are bedded with integral pillars for stability and enhanced accuracy.

Bergara Barrels, OEM supplier to several of the world’s top rifle manufacturers, incorporates a proprietary rifling by which Bergara’s custom rifles have become widely respected by big game hunters, law enforcement and long-range shooting enthusiasts. Now, the same accuracy boasting Bergara barrels are available to American hunters and sport shooters in the Bergara Performance Series rifles at an affordable price.

Bergara B-14 Performance Rifle Specifications:

  • Calibers: .300 Win Mag., .30-06, .270, .308, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel Length: 22″ (SA), 24″ (LA)
  • Overall Length: 41.25″ (SA), 44.5″ (LA)
  • Weight: Timber 7.45 lbs. (SA), 7.9 lbs. (LA)
  • Hunter 7.1 lbs. (SA), 7.5 lbs. (LA)
  • Length of Pull: 13.75″
  • Finishes: Timber – oil finished walnut stock
  • Hunter – lightweight synthetic stock
  • MSRP: Timber – $950.00
  • Hunter – $825.00

For more information on Bergara USA, visit

New Product Of The Day


Meopta announces new binocular models for the MeoStar line — the MeoStar 12×50 HD and 15×56 HD. These ergonomically designed binoculars feature large HD fluoride objective lenses, which eliminate chromatic aberration and provide image clarity. Multi-stop, twist-up eyecups accommodate all users and they are removable for easy cleaning. The MeoBright ion-assisted lens coating delivers 99.7 percent light transmission per lens surface. They are nitrogen-purged, waterproof and fogproof.

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New Product of the Day: POF-USA 7.62x39mm Rifle

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) is proud to announce the addition of a Puritan model rifle chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge. This new rifle features all the upgrades found in the Puritan series. Features included are 4.5 pound single stage drop in trigger, nitride heat treated barrel and components, NP3 coated bolt carrier, anti-tilt buffer tube, 3 position adjustable short stroke gas piston system, roller cam pin and the patented E² extraction technology.

Slamming the 7.62x39mm cartridge into a lightweight AR platform has many advantages. Think about the weapons manipulation skills developed through years of owning the standard .223/5.56 AR… now those skills translate directly into a package that weighs the same but packs a significantly larger “punch”. How about ammunition price? Depending on location, 7.62×39 ammunition is roughly 40% cheaper then .223/5.56. More bang for your buck in 2 categories! Punch and price…what’s not to love? The kicker…the accuracy. With proper ammunition, rifle setup and shooter ability, this new rifle falls under the POF-USA 1 MOA or better guarantee. That’s right, a 762x39mm 1 MOA rifle!

POF-USA is an Arizona-based small arms manufacturer known for its revolutionary concepts and radical approaches to engineering used to develop the finest piston driven AR-type rifles used by civilians and professionals worldwide. We are a market leader delivering a portfolio of regulated short-stroke gas piston operating rifles. We accept no compromise in the building of our product, known as “Patriot” designs. We will only produce that which is tough, accurate, modular, durable and true. This patriotic mission is brought from passion, authenticity, trustworthiness, rebellion, independence and objectivity. For more information, visit or call 623-561-9572.

LaserMax CenterFire WeaponLight for Glock 43

Officially announced by the Austrian firearm giant last week, the new Glock 43 single-stack 9mm pistol is sure to be a hit with firearm enthusiasts the world over. Staying ahead of the curve with popular pistol production, LaserMax® is poised to serve this influx of new pistol owners with its high performance CenterFire® WeaponLight.

Launched at the recent SHOT Show in January, the CF-G42-LC boasts 115+ lumens of brilliant illumination, providing the tactical advantage needed for threat verification and accurate shot placement under the toughest, darkest conditions.

Constructed of durable Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN), the CenterFire WeaponLight adds little weight or bulk to the Glock 42 and 43 while still maintaining the ruggedness and reliability that has defined the LaserMax brand for over a quarter century. Advanced performance features include a solid hour of continuous run time, a disorienting strobe mode option and battery boosting 10-minute auto timeout function. Available now through LaserMax’s dealer network, the CF-G42-LC retails for $149 and is protected by a best in class 5-year warranty.

Complete information on LaserMax products is available at or by phone at (800) 527-3703. For the latest LaserMax news, go to

New Product of the Day: LaserLyte Laser Plinking Can Kit

LaserLyte®, innovators in firearms laser technologies, is now shipping the ultimate laser plinking kit consisting of the LaserLyte® Plinking Cans (3 units), a Trigger Tyme® Compact Training Pistol and a LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer. Everything anyone needs to train, teach or just have fun with anywhere, anytime.

The Trigger Tyme® pistol cannot accept or fire any real ammunition, making it a safe training tool for all ages and skill sets. The compact size of the pistol is ideal for training young shooters and individuals with small hands. The Plinking Cans react just like real cans and fall over when shot with the laser. The LT-PRO is easily inserted into the muzzle end of the Trigger Tyme® pistol for hours of training and fun. It can also be used in a real firearm for realistic training with the user’s actual carry firearm. MSRP for the LaserLyte® TLB-CLK Plinking Can Kit is $241.95.

LaserLyte® continues to get sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits with affordable and fun laser training tools.

LaserLyte® TLB-CLK Package Specifications:

LaserLyte® Plinking Cans (TLB-BWC):

  • Weight: 4.25 ounces/.12 kg
  • Length: 3.82 inch/9.7 cm
  • Diameter: 2.00 inch/5.1 cm
  • Battery: 9V
  • Battery Life: 8,000 Tip Overs

LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol (LT-TTC):

  • Weight: 10.50 ounces/.297 kg
  • Length: 6.00 inch/15.24 cm
  • Width: 1.00 inch/ 2.54 cm
  • Height: 4.75 inch/ 12.06 cm
  • Material: High Impact ABS Plastic

LaserLyte® LT-PRO:

  • Minimum 2-inch barrel required.
  • Near flush fitting to muzzle design.
  • Allows more advanced training scenarios.
  • Hammer or striker fired laser activation for 100 milliseconds.
  • Patented adjustment system.
  • Fits calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38 SP, .380 Auto, .357 SIG, 10mm and .45 LC
  • Length: 2.1 inches
  • Min. Diameter: .1 inch
  • Max. Diameter: .5 inch
  • Run Time: 3,000 shots
  • Batteries: 3 x 377
  • Activation: Sound of striker or hammer

For additional information about LaserLyte, visit Visit the LaserLyte YouTube page for all the LaserLyte action.