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A Gun Powder Primer


There’s A Lot More To It Than You May Imagine. The politically caused shortages of all sorts of reloading components

World War Supply


What’s A Military Arm Without The Proper Accoutrements? Admittedly I’m a gun collector; the 70-plus World War II firearms in

Where The Bang Starts


A Primer On Primers. Primers are mysterious things which I fear we handloaders take for granted. Having virtually no intuitive

Not Just Bullets


Ammunition And Ammunition Feeding Facts. Lately the news media has enthusiastically quoted some of the more idiotic politicians about the

The Rifle Musket


The Lethality Of Warfare Is Brutally Escalated By Minié’s Invention. It sounds farfetched to say the configuration of a simple

The .38-40 WCF


The SECOND best Old West handgun cartridge. A few months back I wrote a column saying I consider the .44

No Bucket List?


It’s Empty. Bucket List has become a trendy term since the 2007 movie of the same name. For non-movie going

My Last Full Auto


The Japanese Type 99 Light Machine Gun. After a 6-month wait for the government paperwork to clear, the newest addition