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Prime Time


America’s 50-year Ammo Upheaval. Recently when signing one of my books for a friend, I commented we had known each

My Favorite Places


Not Surprisingly, They All Have Something To Do With Shooting. Coming from the so-called poverty area of southern West Virginia,

A Most Pressing Pastime


Handloading As A HIGH-VOLUME Hobby. Recently, by consulting various reloading manuals and research books, I determined in my 48 years

Mountain Mausers


The G33/40 Was Intended For Specialized Troops And Is One Of The More Rare Variants Today. I’ve become besotted with

Persnickety Pair


Mastering World War II Japanese sniper rifles can be a frustrating undertaking. Regular readers of mine know I’ve been fixated

Bullet Basics


Defining The Myriad Uses, Shapes And Styles Of Projectiles. Last year I wrote a column titled, “They Aren’t Bullets” concerning