Best Of — Handloading

The 6mm PPC-USA


Benchrest Loading Techniques Have Applications Afield, Too. Dozens of different cartridges were used in the early years of competitive benchrest

Fireforming Brass


An Important Technique For A Handloader To Learn. Cartridge brass is about 70-percent copper and 30-percent zinc, a relatively low-cost

Short Or Long?


Thoughts on rifle case neck length. The neck length of smokeless rifle cases doesn’t change as often as dress length

The .223 Remington


The .223 Remington One of America’s more accurate and easy-to-load for cartridges. The .223 Remington appeared in 1964 as the

The .280 Remington


Another cartridge in the “too good to die” class. Some cartridges never seem to get a break. Remington introduced the

The 9mm Parabellum


Still Growing In Popularity After More Than A 100 Years It’s probably safe to say the 9mm Parabellum, aka the

No Real Loss


The Relationship Between Barrel Length, Velocity And Accuracy Apparently, many shooters are very concerned with velocity loss in shorter-barreled rifles.

The .243 Winchester


This Enduring Cartridge Keeps Getting Better. Hardly a month goes by without some magazine article or Internet chat room thumping