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The .308 Winchester


It’s One Of The Most Accurate Rifle Cartridges Ever. The .308 Winchester is the civilian version of the 7.62x51mm NATO,

Bullets In Motion


High-Speed Photographs Are A New Tool In Understanding Bullet Performance. One of the early mysteries of bullets was how they

Keep Cool


During Extended Shooting, Your Rifle Barrel Needs A Little Help Coming Back To Room Temperature. Most of us don’t have

The .30-40 Krag


This Modest Cartridge Still Offers Fine Performance. The development of practical smokeless powders in the 1880s led to rapid changes.

Tame, Yet Powerful


The 9.3×62 Mauser Shoots Softly And Hits Hard. The cartridge known as the 9.3×62 Mauser is sometimes called “the metric

The .22-250


Newer Powders And Bullets Expand The Versatility Of This Long Time Varmint Cartridge. Doubtless some version of the .22-250 appeared

The .35 Whelen


This Powerful Mid-Bore Round Is Suitable For All North American Game. The .35 Whelen was designed by Colonel Townsend Whelen

The 6.5 x 55


The Old Swede Still Delivers And Does Its Job Well. In North America the 6.5×55 is almost always called the

The Venerable .45 Colt


Handloading standard pressure and high pressure ammo. The .45 Colt appeared in 1872, a cooperative venture between Colt’s Patent Firearms

The 6mm PPC-USA


Benchrest Loading Techniques Have Applications Afield, Too. Dozens of different cartridges were used in the early years of competitive benchrest

Fireforming Brass


An Important Technique For A Handloader To Learn. Cartridge brass is about 70-percent copper and 30-percent zinc, a relatively low-cost

Short Or Long?


Thoughts on rifle case neck length. The neck length of smokeless rifle cases doesn’t change as often as dress length