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The .30-40 Krag


This Modest Cartridge Still Offers Fine Performance. The development of practical smokeless powders in the 1880s led to rapid changes.

Tame, Yet Powerful


The 9.3×62 Mauser Shoots Softly And Hits Hard. The cartridge known as the 9.3×62 Mauser is sometimes called “the metric

The .22-250


Newer Powders And Bullets Expand The Versatility Of This Long Time Varmint Cartridge. Doubtless some version of the .22-250 appeared

The .35 Whelen


This Powerful Mid-Bore Round Is Suitable For All North American Game. The .35 Whelen was designed by Colonel Townsend Whelen

The 6.5 x 55


The Old Swede Still Delivers And Does Its Job Well. In North America the 6.5×55 is almost always called the

The Venerable .45 Colt


Handloading standard pressure and high pressure ammo. The .45 Colt appeared in 1872, a cooperative venture between Colt’s Patent Firearms

The 6mm PPC-USA


Benchrest Loading Techniques Have Applications Afield, Too. Dozens of different cartridges were used in the early years of competitive benchrest

Fireforming Brass


An Important Technique For A Handloader To Learn. Cartridge brass is about 70-percent copper and 30-percent zinc, a relatively low-cost

Short Or Long?


Thoughts on rifle case neck length. The neck length of smokeless rifle cases doesn’t change as often as dress length

The .223 Remington


The .223 Remington One of America’s more accurate and easy-to-load for cartridges. The .223 Remington appeared in 1964 as the