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Enough to Matter?


The Actual Ballistic Differences In Most Popular Big-Game Cartridges Just Don’t Seem To Stir Up Passions Like They Used To

Both Ends Of The Scale


A Light-For-Caliber .45-70 And A Heavy-for-caliber .22 Long Rifle both give better-than-expected performance. By Payton Miller Hornady’s LeverEvolution ammo has

Shootable Stuff


Two Relatively Little-Known Ammo Brands Shouldn’t Stay A Secret For Long. By Payton Miller Most of us are already familiar

Take a Peek!


Aperture rifle sights—peep, receiver, ghost ring—are head and shoulders above “open iron.” By Payton Miller I was introduced to the

Upland Tune-Up


Ready For Quail, Chukar, Bandtail, Pheasant Or Late-Season Dove? Better Start Breaking Clay. By Payton Miller Giving kids a shotgun

“Semi” Snubbie


An Extra Inch Turns This J-frame Into “Something Special.” By Payton Miller I don’t quite remember how this whole 3-inch

A Sound Approach


Hearing Is Perishable. So Keep Pushing Back The “Sell-By” Date I began shooting at a time when the concept of

Recoiling From Reality


Face it. Getting older Means “Those Kicks Just Keep Gettin’ Harder…” By Payton Miller It’s funny, but when it comes

Miles Of Aisles


SHOT Show! A Showcase For Shooters Of Every Stripe. By Payton Miller Navigating through mammoth crowds of shooters, exhibitors and