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Pure Instinctive Shotgunning. Over the course of my shooting career, I’ve shot a lot of different and obscure shooting games.

Antelope Chili


Chili is easy to make and using the sweet tasting meat of antelope adds to the overall flavor. The prep

Wild Game Goulash


There are some dishes that taste as delicious as fresh when severed as leftovers. This Wild Game Goulash is that

Fusion Duck


Duck has always been the first pick for me if I see it on a restaurant menu. As a dark

3-Gun Part 1


Lets Look At The Handgun. Competitive shooters are mostly purists. They shoot one discipline and work to excel in that

Sporting Clays


This nearly 100-year-old game is still A CHALLENGE. Sporting clays is usually described as “golf with a shotgun.” Well, I

Olympic Double Trap


It’s A Lot Tougher Than It Looks. In 1964, Italian shotgunner Ennio Mattarelli won the gold medal in trap shooting