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Sharps & Rollers


Forget What You’ve Heard About Winchesters. These Are The Two Rifles That “Won the West.” By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos

Dangerous-Game Good


The .416 Rigby In Ruger’s 77 Magnum Proves Remarkably Consistent And Shoots To Point-Of-Aim With Many Different Loads. By M.

NRA Service Rifle


The AR-style Platform Has More In Common With NASCAR Than You May Think. By Glen Zediker High Power Rifle competition

Big Bad Bird!


This Is No Piper Cub pocket pistol. The Desert Eagle .50AE Is The A-10 Warthog Of Semi-Autos. By Payton Miller

Longer Range Shooting


Take The First Step. Interest and participation in long-range shooting continues to grow. As rifle trends go, I think this

Second Wind


Savage Has Tailored Its Rifle Lineup To The Underrated And Recently Revitalized .338 Federal. Some confessions can clear the conscience

Hypervelocity Hunting


High-Quality Fast, Small-Caliber, Lightweight Bullets Can Do Big-Caliber Jobs Well. The overall trend since the beginning of hand-held firearms has

Magnum Carry


The Coonan .357 Magnum Compact Delivers Extra Performance In A Concealable Package. The .357 Magnum does not get enough respect!

Winchester’s Model 64


Duke Discovers A “Kissin’ Cousin” To America’s Favorite Deer Rifle, A Graceful Lever-Action Sporter In .32 Winchester Special. Everybody who

Perfecting A Platform


Ruger’s GP100 Match Champion Is The Next Step In The Evolution Of The Company’s Double-Action Revolver Lineup. It may have