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The Most “Special” K

Smith & Wesson’s Marvelous Middleweight Is The Undisputed Champ Of DA Revolvers By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos By Yvonne Venturino

Bully For The .30-30!

From TR’s Time Through Today, America’s First Smokeless Sensation Just Keeps Knockin’ ’Em Dead. By Roger Smith Mention “.30-30” and

Smart Gun Buying

Arms As An Asset! Investing Wisely Now Can Pay Off Down The Line. By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos By Yvonne


T/C’s Venerable Single-Shot Pistol In .338 Federal Can Handle Rifle Chores With Portability-Plus! By Mark Hampton For many years, shooters

Bravo For This AR

The BCM RECCE KeyMod 18 Has Downrange Capabilities To Burn. By Mike Cumpston Photos By Takashi Sato It was late

Make It A Double

Having Two Quick, Reliable Shots On Tap Can Save Your Bacon. By John Barsness Two barrels were the first and

The Micro Midas Touch

Browning’s Ultra-Compact X-Bolt Variant In 7mm-08 Has The Reach For Wide-Open Wyoming. By Mark Hampton My wife was excited when

9’s On A Roll

Smith & Wesson’s Ported Power Pair By Will Dabbs, MD Uncommon C.O.R.E Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Ported Horace Smith and

The First Squeeze-Bore

Military Necessity Trumps Safety, And Captured Russian Rifles Were Modified By The Austro-Hungarians In Ways Arms Designers Never Imagined! By