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Big-Bore With Bite


Need A Shot-Loaded Rattlesnake Stopper? Maybe Just A Powerful, Easily Packable Sixgun? You’ll Find “Less Barrel” Can Be More When

Striker-Fired Magic


SIG SAUER’s New P320 Pistol Is Shape-Shifting-And Superb. I’m rarely accused of being sharp, so I’ll be blunt. (I’m good

Old West .44s


The Early Cartridge Era Spawned Many Different .44 Chamberings, But Only A Few Are Loaded Today. While the .44 Winchester

Kimber For The Defense


The Kimber Micro CDP .380 And Solo 9mm With Crimson TraceLaserGrips Are Special Purpose Close-Range Defense Pistols. So, there we

Classic Finish


Turnbull Manufacturing Brings A Touch Of Beauty To The Modern Sporting Rifle And Recreates The Finish And Style Of The

Mike’s New Rifle


Listen to your Uncle Dave—or don’t! Pt. 1 At a family barbecue, my nephew Mike came over and said, “Uncle,

Give It A Rest


A Steady Rifle Delivers Greater Accuracy Afield. While wandering hunters can often find natural rests sitting around waiting to be