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The “E” Factor


9E: Ruger’s Economical Take On The Striker-Fired SR9 Platform Could Be All The 9mm You Need. Ruger entered the striker-fired

Necessity’s Child


Our Revolution Put An End To British Reliance On American Rifleman. The United States of America is exceptional for many

More Than A Number


The 9mm Knows No Bounds. Life can be ironic. Sometimes with age a subject once considered boring becomes interesting, for

Game-Saving Bullet Points


Quick Kills And Minimal Meat-Mangling Don’t HaveTo Be Mutually Exclusive. But Shot Placement And Projectile Selection Are Critical. A few

Varmint Rifle Trends


Improvements In Ammo, Optics And-Of Course — The AR Equation Are All Influencing The Game. Before discussing varmint rifles, we

The Uncluttered Carbine


All Together Now! A Personalized Upper/Lower Matchup Results In A Purpose-Built, Accurate AR. As you all remember during ObamaScare I,

Workhorse Rifle


Savage’s Model 16 Weather Warrior Proves Its Mettle Up Past The Arctic Circle. It seems the older I get, the