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A Slower Spin


Revolvers Don’t Rule the Roost Anymore. But Their Day Isn’t Done Yet. For 150 years the revolver was king of

Back To Fighting Weight


Robar Exorcises The AR’s Weight-Creep Demon. Weight creep is a lot like mission creep. The original objective sheds clarity over

Hard-Core Hardware


EAA’s 12-Gauge MKA 1919 Match Ups The Ante For 3-Gun Competitors. Three-Gun shooting is not just the purview of flint-eyed

Metric Mauler


Rock Island’s High-Cap 10mm May Blast This Cult Caliber Back Into The Spotlight. If new offerings in 10mm Auto—both handguns

Straight-Pull Solution


Expecting An AR? Patriot Ordnance’s ReVolt Will Make You Do A Double-Take. The first time I saw Patriot Ordnance Factory’s

Switch-Barrel Rifles


From Quick To Slow, Many Rifles Offer Shooters A Versatile Multi-Caliber Battery On One Action. Many shooters think owning a

Classy Chassis


Mossberg’s MVP LC Scope Combo Can Best Be Described As A “Premium Package Gun.” When I was growing up, O.F.

Henry’s Henry


This Henry Replica Is A Fitting Tribute To The Storied Original. Some firearms are so iconic they gain reputations far

‘Tis The Season


The Serving Soldier’s Christmas Gift Guide. With the worldwide drawdown of US troops and the shrinking of American military assets,