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More Than A Number


The 9mm Knows No Bounds. Life can be ironic. Sometimes with age a subject once considered boring becomes interesting, for

Game-Saving Bullet Points


Quick Kills And Minimal Meat-Mangling Don’t HaveTo Be Mutually Exclusive. But Shot Placement And Projectile Selection Are Critical. A few

Varmint Rifle Trends


Improvements In Ammo, Optics And-Of Course — The AR Equation Are All Influencing The Game. Before discussing varmint rifles, we

The Uncluttered Carbine


All Together Now! A Personalized Upper/Lower Matchup Results In A Purpose-Built, Accurate AR. As you all remember during ObamaScare I,

Workhorse Rifle


Savage’s Model 16 Weather Warrior Proves Its Mettle Up Past The Arctic Circle. It seems the older I get, the

Lever Action Deluxe


Tasteful Tradition: Thanks To Doug Turnbull And Miroku, Navy Arms’ Model 1873 .357 Magnum Is Several Cuts Above The Ordinary.

Good Vibrations


How Your Rifles Barrel Moves And Affects Accuracy. Many shooters call the vibrations of a fired rifle barrel “harmonics,” but

Cast Away!


No, You Don’t Have To Stick With Jacketed Bullets In Your Pet Semi-Auto Pistol. Really. This last politically inspired component/ammunition

The Asymmetric Warrior


Shooting Long Range With Ashbury Precision Ordnance’s .338 Lapua Rifle. Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) is an upscale, highly technical and

The Two-Kahr Family


Peach Of A Pair: The Full-Size CT45 And Compact CM45Provide Big-Bore Punch In Accurate, Smooth-Shooting DAO Platforms. Although Kahr’s comparatively