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The Micro Midas Touch


Browning’s Ultra-Compact X-Bolt Variant In 7mm-08 Has The Reach For Wide-Open Wyoming. By Mark Hampton My wife was excited when

9’s On A Roll


Smith & Wesson’s Ported Power Pair By Will Dabbs, MD Uncommon C.O.R.E Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Ported Horace Smith and

The First Squeeze-Bore


Military Necessity Trumps Safety, And Captured Russian Rifles Were Modified By The Austro-Hungarians In Ways Arms Designers Never Imagined! By

Icons All


Duke Picks The Most Respected Guns Of The 20th Century. By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos By Yvonne Venturino What were

Super Saddlegun


Big Horn Armory’s Model 90 Pairs .460 S&W Power With Upscale Good Looks. By Payton Miller Photos By Joseph R.

Takes A Lickin’


Will Your Scope Come Apart Under Recoil Or Give You Decades Of Quality Service? By John Barsness Recently a riflescope

Sharps & Rollers


Forget What You’ve Heard About Winchesters. These Are The Two Rifles That “Won the West.” By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos

Dangerous-Game Good


The .416 Rigby In Ruger’s 77 Magnum Proves Remarkably Consistent And Shoots To Point-Of-Aim With Many Different Loads. By M.