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The .38 & .44 WCF


Winchester’s Two Most Popular Old West Cartridges Served Equally Well In Revolvers Of The Day. My early years as a

Think Sharp!


When It Comes To Getting An Edge, There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat. For some, sharpening a

Optics Tips & Tricks


Make The Most Of Today’s Wonderful Optic Technology. Modern optics help hunters enormously both in finding big game and placing

Caribou Killer


Kimber’s Adirondack .308 Is Built For Hard Hunting. After checking the weather channel and seeing possible heavy rain showers, I

Rifle Royalty


Al, Roger, Paula: The Biesen Family Has Long Been At The Peak Of America’s Custom Rifle Scene, As Well As

The “E” Factor


9E: Ruger’s Economical Take On The Striker-Fired SR9 Platform Could Be All The 9mm You Need. Ruger entered the striker-fired

Necessity’s Child


Our Revolution Put An End To British Reliance On American Rifleman. The United States of America is exceptional for many