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A-Grade “A1’s”

Inland’s M1A1 .30 “Paratrooper” Carbine And 1911A1 .45 Are Made-In-The-USA Facsimiles Of The Originals. By Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos By

The Baddest Bugout Duo

Springfield’s SOCOM CQB .308 And GEMTECH-Suppressed XD(M) .45 May Be The Final Say-So Protective Firepower For Beleaguered Civilians. By Will


John’s Classic Perfect Packin’ Pistol Concept Is By No Means A Revolver-Only Proposition. By John Taffin When I came up


Armed With Muskets And An Odd Rifle, Napoleon’s Elite Skirmishers Were First In The Fight. By Jeff John Suffering many

Slugging Away

Sabot Or Rifled? Smoothbore Or Not? What Kind Of Accuracy Can You Expect In A Mix-And Match At The Range?

New Age “9”

The Walther PPS M2 9mm Is About To Become More Popular In The New “Americanized” Version By Massad Ayoob Photos

The 1-Gun Solution

The Daniel Defense DD5V1 Provides .308 Insurance For Perilous Times By Will Dabbs, MD Photos By Takashi Soto Around the