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Going Full-Bore

S&W’s Super-Popular Subcompact Is Now Available In The All-American .45 ACP By Massad Ayoob In only about 4 years after


Is Your Rifle Adequately Accurate For The Hunt? By John Barsness When I started big game hunting in Montana in

First Pair

The Winchester 1866 Rifle And Colt 1872 Open Top Made An Admirable Duo, But No One Knew Back Then! By

Big-Bore Breakout

For Those Who Love Carry Revolvers, Ruger’s GP100 .44 Special Provides A Packable Power Upgrade By Massad Ayoob At a

Gold Standard

Colt Revives The Gold Cup National Match .45 ACP By John Taffin Nostalgia or practicality? I’m certainly not sure which

Tool Vs. Elegance

Synthetic Stocks Don’t Always Mean “Utilitarian Ugly.” Walnut Ones Don’t Always Need Babying. By John Barsness Shooters have widely differing

Kimber Micro 9

Built For Close-Quarter Emergencies, This “Mini-1911” Spits +P 9mm From A .380-Size Platform By Massad Ayoob Photos by Takashi Sato

Block That Kick!

Ruger’s M77 Hawkeye Varmint Target in .308 Was “Just What The Doctor Ordered.” By John Taffin My first dedicated hunting