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Steiner eOptics Launches New Green Laser/Light Combo

Steiner eOptics® (formerly Laser Devices) announces the SBAL-PL, one of the most compact, lightweight pistol-mounted laser aiming and white light illuminating systems available today.

The SBAL-PL combines a battlefield proven green laser aiming module with a new, high output, 500-lumen white-light illuminator for rapid target acquisition and aiming. The SBAL-PL’s low-parallax allows the operator to minimize the differential between point-of-aim and point-of-impact for increased accuracy at varying ranges. For maximum flexibility, SBAL-PL allows the operator to either aim independently or aim and illuminate simultaneously, all with the quick tap of a button. The SBAL-PL is designed for quick mounting onto mid to large frame pistols with an integrated adjustable butterfly mount. Housed in a rugged, waterproof aircraft aluminum 6061-T6 / MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized case, the SBAL-PL delivers long battery life and easy-of-use in a compact, under 4 oz. package.

About Steiner eOptics®
Steiner eOptics®, (formerly Laser Devices, Inc.) is known for its state-of-the-art visible and infrared laser aiming devices, handheld and weapon-mounted tactical lights and IR illuminators used by military, law enforcement and commercial markets worldwide. Marketing its products under the Steiner brand, the company is located in Monterey, California where 100% of its products are designed and manufactured in its 30,000 square foot facility. Steiner eOptics holds a number of U.S. patents and maintains an ISO9001:2008 Certified QMS. Steiner eOptics Inc. is a Beretta Holding company.

The Republic Forge Predator 1911

Republic Forge, a true American firearms company, is offering an unprecedented, multi-purpose, semi-automatic 1911, ideal for handgun hunting. Whether intended to be your primary or secondary firearm of choice, the Predator has been bred for unrelenting accuracy and performance. Republic Forge is yet again setting new industry standards with their tough as nails 1911, the Predator.

The Predator features a match-grade 6″ barrel for higher velocities, 25 LPI checkering on the front strap, Texas Star hammer, a wide array of custom cerakote options and color coordinated VZ or various Ivory grip options. Considered a rare commodity, Republic Forge is offering this long-barreled 1911 with Damascus slide as an option. Offered in .45 ACP and10mm calibers only, the Predator has a starting retail price of $3,395, and is currently Republic Forge’s only offered longslide.

The Predator is a rock solid, accurate and dependable1911; one that you can customize on your own. For the first time in the custom 1911 market, firearms enthusiasts can navigate to Republic Forge’s website and build their very own Republic Forge Pistol. With user-friendly navigation and an unmatched collection of customizable options, the “Build Your Own” application will reinvent the way you shop for your next firearm.

No matter the application, Republic Forge offers a 1911 that even the most discriminating shooter will be proud to own. If you are in the market for building your very own, American-made, 1911 that blends old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, the Predator model could be the next pistol for you.

  • Calibers: .45ACP and 10mm
  • Height: 5.5″
  • Length: 9.5″
  • Magazine Capacity: 7 round standard or 8 round extended
  • Recoil spring: 42-47 lbs.
  • Single Stack Government Frame
  • 6″ Government Slide
  • 6″ Barrel Length
  • Twist Rate: 1-16″
  • Tri-Cavity Trigger
  • MSRP: $3,395

For detailed information on the Predator and to begin customizing your very own Republic Forge, please visit

Exclusive: The Devil You Know

“The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would be eliminated under a bill in the works from US Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner,” Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel reported. “Citing ATF’s recent operational failures and its overlap with other federal law enforcement, [the bill would] dissolve the agency and have existing agencies in the US Justice Department take on its duties.”

Those “operational failures” included the infamous Milwaukee storefront operation renamed “Operation Fearless and Brainless” by Rep. John Mica as he confronted Director B. Todd Jones at a House Oversight Committee hearing. True to form, things weren’t confined to one city, with debacles exposed in Wichita, Portland and Pensacola that included such truly brainless tactics as exploiting a mentally disabled teenager by giving him a neck tattoo of a squid smoking a joint, and paying a brain-damaged man with an IQ in the 50’s to set up gun and drug deals. Other idiotic moves included exploiting other low-intelligence marks, letting teens smoke pot and providing them with alcohol at an undercover location, encouraging thefts by buying stolen merchandise—no questions asked—allowing felons to walk out of such operations with guns, and in one case, hiring a felon to run a pawnshop.

Adding to their woes, and ours, ATF agents have been losing government-issued guns, at least 49 from 2009 to 2013. They’ve lost them in cars, in bathrooms, in bars. That’s in spite of bureau rules requiring service weapons, when not being carried, “shall be stored in secured, locked locations.”

This is all the kind of stuff that naming a full-time director was supposed to prevent. Actually, it’s the kind of stuff that basic common sense ought to preclude. Such embarrassments continuing to happen with regularity on Jones’ watch have gone unreported by most in the mainstream press, because then an inconvenient admission would need to be made: The supposed inadequacy of a string of “acting” ATF heads since 2006 was precisely the rationale given to pressure the Senate into confirming a “permanent” director. We were told that was especially urgent after Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” to Mexico, tied in with the death of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and estimated hundreds of others, was exposed.

With that as backdrop, why shouldn’t ATF be disbanded and folded into other agencies, including having much of its work turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration? Could the feds do any worse?

It’s not like those agencies’ hands were clean. The “rip crew” that killed Terry was working at the behest of FBI operatives using DEA intelligence, Fast and Furious whistleblower John Dodson contends. Also unknown to ATF at the height of their investigation: Suspects they were monitoring were working for the FBI.

And it’s not like Sensenbrenner’s proposal just appeared out of nowhere. Some ATF careerists commenting on, a “whistleblower website established to expose agency corruption and abuse, see the disbanding of the bureau as an administration goal for control and obfuscation reasons of its own, and view Jones as a willing midwife for its rebirth as a different creature. Comments by CUATF moderators have referenced “a white paper in DOJ effectively abolishing ATFE,” and assigning primary functions to FBI and DEA.

Lest anyone dismiss that site as disgruntled employees and malcontents, recall that it was through their forum it was first revealed guns found at the Terry murder scene were part of intentional, large scale, government-sanctioned “gunwalking.” Higher-ups at headquarters, including the Chief Counsel and then acting director Kenneth Melson, were desperately looking for ways to use Orders and Standards of Conduct to identify and punish those revealing such information.

Note the Chief Counsel’s office was also involved in an email to ATF managers and attorneys warning about an open letter I wrote in January, 2011, in which the Senate Judiciary Committee was put on notice that there were some people who wanted to come in from the cold, but feared using normal channels.

“ATF employees are looking to come forward and provide testimony and documentation about guns being illegally transported to Mexico, with management cognizance, in order to pad numbers and justify Project Gunrunner expansion,” that letter began. “This includes gun stores being used to allow illegal sales to proceed. Additionally, the gun used in the recent killing of a Border Patrol agent is alleged to be one of the guns involved. My colleagues and I working to bring this to light are told the Mexican authorities have been intentionally kept in the dark about this, with the approval to do so coming from Washington, and protests have been overridden.

“In order for these people to come forward, they require whistle-blower protection,” the letter continued. “Because the allegations involve high levels in Washington, they require the extra protection afforded through separation of powers, rather than going directly to a US Attorney reporting to Justice.”

That the allegations and the fear of reprisals turned out to be justified is a matter of record. I bring this up because, working with the insiders proved us right then, and lends credence to our concerns now. In spite of all the stupidity, corruption and outright evil, disbanding ATF is not in the interest of gun owners.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the reasons given by two men who, in many cases, represent opposite factions among gun advocates, Richard Feldman of the Independent Firearm Owners Association, and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America. I say “opposite” because Feldman arranged the 1997 White House Rose Garden agreement with Bill Clinton, when handgun manufacturers agreed to provide “child safety locks” with handguns.

Additionally, his book Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist, hardly endeared him to the National Rifle Association, which he characterized as “a cynical, mercenary cult.” Pratt, on the other hand, has established a reputation as the unbending force behind the “no compromise gun lobby.”

“I can’t think of anything more dangerous against gun rights than merging the ATF with the FBI,” Feldman told journalist Raquel Okyay of Human Events. “I would much rather have a stand-alone agency because it is much easier to criticize the ATF for misconduct, than to criticize the FBI … They would have awesome cover for misconduct and it would be harder not easier to hold them accountable.”

“ATF has been a horror movie since its inception,” Pratt asserted. “It needs to be disbanded, not moved to a hiding place behind the FBI skirts—which do not cover very well, anyway.

That “hiding place” under “awesome cover” would also work against future employees of conscience being willing to place their careers (and possibly more) on the line to bring out revelations like we saw in Fast and Furious.

“We advise intelligence whistleblowers to stay away from established channels to defend against retaliation,” the director of the Government Accountability Project told McClatchy’s Washington Bureau about the so-called Whistleblower Protection Act. “In our experience they’ve been a Trojan horse, a trap that ends up sucking the whistleblower into a long-term process that predictably ends up with the whistleblower as the target.”

In this case, noting corruption and incompetence is unlikely to abate, it’s best to do what we can to keep it from being buried, and to ensure channels for getting the truth out are still open. In this case, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t appears to hold true.
By David Codrea

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Exclusive: Negotiating the Taurus Curve

In my November 2014 Guns Magazine article, Curve Ahead, I introduced the new Taurus Curve to you and promised more information on two key aspects of aiming this unique gun: how the light/laser works and how to use the bore axis sighting system.

!DSC_0374The Curve’s integrated light/laser system turns on with a forward flick of a right-side switch. It’s no trouble to find the switch because it’s directly under the pad of your trigger finger as it rests on the side of the gun, off the trigger. The half second it takes to flick the switch yields a bright red dot surrounded by a brilliant white light. This is a fantastic combination for a point-shoot gun like the Curve, which has no other sights, save for its bore axis sighting system. But this point-shoot gun is accurate. At the range and using the light/laser to aim, I consistently peppered paper plates at about 21 feet.

boresightThe bore axis sighting system offers crosshair-style markings on the back of the slide. The idea is while you don’t look directly at the markings when aiming and shooting, you use them as a means of getting the gun on target. Presumably this is helpful if you don’t have time to get the light/laser powered on, or if the light/laser system should fail for some reason. Shooting like this will take some practice to increase accuracy.

After the Curve Ahead article, a couple readers asked whether the gun is suitable for lefties and what holster options exist.

You can shoot the Curve right- or left-handed. Due the curve of the Curve, both take a bit of getting used to. But you will. It’s the carry part that might be limiting for lefties as the curve of the Curve is meant for righties who will likely constitute the vast majority of customers.

holsterMoreover, you don’t really holster the Curve. It comes with a plastic trigger guard you attach to a belt. When drawing the Curve, the trigger guard just snaps off with the upward motion of the draw.

The location of the included belt clip allows the Curve to sit very low, almost completely hidden behind a belt or waistband. It’s more difficult to access it like this, but it’s very secure and, as you might suspect, more comfortable due to the curved frame.

!DSC_0376The Curve retails for $392 and ships with two six-round magazines, which I loaded up with Winchester PDX1 Defender ammo. It’s a reliable, accurate shooter and its features make it a unique contender for concealed carry, as long as you’re able to negotiate the curves.

— Mark Kakkuri


Auto Ordnance® Introduces the Budget Priced 1911BKO

USA-based Kahr Firearms Group is proud to announce the introduction of the Auto Ordnance 1911BKO. The 1911BKO is only the second 1911 pistol to be introduced over the past year, following in the footsteps of the successful 1911TC model in stainless steel just last year. The Auto Ordnance 1911BKO frame incorporates GI specs and features a matte black finish frame, barrel and slide. The carbon steel slide, sear and disconnector are machined from solid bar stock and heat treated properly to assure durability and long life over many thousands of rounds. The low-profile sights feature a blade front sight and a rear drift adjustable for windage. The grip is brown checkered plastic.

This .45 ACP has a 5” barrel, length is 8.5” overall and weighs just 39 oz. The 1911BKO is 100% made in the USA and ships with one 7-round magazine. The BKO has a thumb safety, grip safety and firing pin block.

MSRP on the Auto Ordnance 1911BKO is just $517.00. For more information on the complete line of Auto Ordnance products, please visit

Exclusive: Exodus Illusion Bullfrog

There, a product title so intriguing it can stand on its own as the title of this article.

Allow me to expound.

Exodus stands for Exodus Gunleather, a St. Joseph, Missouri-based company owned and run by Carl Collins, a custom holster maker.

DSC_0329Illusion is the name of an outside the waistband holster, so called because the holster appears to float over a belt with no visible means of attachment. The holster features a molded sight channel, sweat shield, and 15 degree forward cant.

Bullfrog is the exotic finish on this horse-hide holster. Retail price is $225.

I could have titled this article “Favorite Holsters, Part 2.” But “Exodus Illusion Bullfrog” is a lot more fun.

DSC_0330Aside: The gun you see in the holster is a Desert Eagle 1911 Undercover. You’ll hear more about this gun later. For now, let it suffice to say that it is very well built, very light in weight, and impressed the staff at the Michigan Shooting Centers, where I picked it up.

Needless to say, the Desert Eagle looks great and fits perfectly in the Exodus Illusion Bullfrog. Most importantly, it carries very well — sturdy yet comfortable, which is a difficult balance to strike.

DSC_0333Sturdy. Initially skeptical of the Illusion’s means of attaching to a belt, I thought the holster would sag or slide too much. Not so. In fact, it affixes to a belt (a gun belt, mind you) as sure as any outside the waistband holster with traditional belt loop cutouts in the leather. See those unique belt loop attachments in the pictures? They haven’t given a bit in the months I’ve been using the holster. So cinch that belt up tight and the Illusion carries a three-inch barrelled 1911 as securely as any.

Comfortable. Gun belts and gun holsters are meant to be worn tight as a matter of security and stability, of course. And we all know the wrong combination of belt, holster, and gun can be quite uncomfortable to wear for any period of time. Or uncomfortable when sitting. Or when driving. Yes, we agree to sacrifice a bit of comfort when carrying concealed. With the Exodus Illusion, however, there’s nowhere near as much sacrifice as with others.

DSC_0332But sturdy and comfortable is great only if it doesn’t add too much bulk. See the Illusion’s slim profile? That translates into easy-to-conceal carry — giving the illusion, if you will, that you are unarmed.

— Mark Kakkuri


Chamber-View® Empty Chamber Indicator For .22 Caliber Pistols and Rifles

Chamber-View®, LLC, innovators behind highly visual firearms safety products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the .22 caliber pistol/rifle Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI).

The .22 caliber ECI was the most requested new product for development in 2014. It is designed to fit most .22 caliber target/hunting pistols and rifles. Arriving in late December 2014, the new empty chamber indicator will debut in the New Product Center at SHOT Show® 2015 in Las Vegas January 20-23.

Members of the media, buyers and company representatives can test out the .22 caliber ECI the day prior to SHOT Show at the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range which Chamber-View is a proud sponsor of. The event will take place January 19 from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The shotgun, AR and pistol type Chamber-View ECIs will be also be on hand at the event for testing and evaluation.

Chamber-View ECIs are made of 100% silicone. They provide a seal of the open action and prevents elements from entering the ejection port and contaminating the receiver, magazine and barrel. The ECIs are chemically resistant to a wide range of gun cleaning chemicals and can withstand very high temperatures so they will not deform or melt when placed in a hot firearm.

The Chamber-View ECI for handguns, shotguns and rifles enhance public safety by sending a highly visible, non-verbal and recognizable message to surrounding individuals that a firearm’s action is fully open and safely positioned.

Check out for more information or join the ongoing conversation on Facebook and the LinkedIn network. To become a retail vendor, or if you are a professional / amateur / scholastic organization with interest in the Chamber-View® product line, please contact or by phone: Gail Cook, President, Chamber-View®, LLC at (917) 833-3896.

Crimson Trace Laserguard Available for S&W BODYGUARD 380

There’s great news for anyone who owns, or is considering buying, a Smith & Wesson M&P BODYGUARD 380 pistol. Crimson Trace, America’s leading brand of laser sighting systems and tactical lights for firearms, offers two Laserguard® laser sight systems for those pistols: the LG-454 with a red laser diode and the LG-454G with a green laser diode. Both laser sight products are now widely available in retail outlets across America that sell Crimson Trace products.

These new Laserguards fit onto the trigger guard of the compact and lightweight S&W M&P BODYGUARD 380 semi-auto pistols. Both of these Crimson Trace Laserguard models feature: Instinctive Front Activation, are adjustable for windage and elevation, and are covered under Crimson Trace’s “Free Batteries for Life” program. After fitting onto the pistol’s trigger guard, the unit is easily-and securely-locked into place to create a seamless from-the-factory appearance. This laser sighting system aids with quick aiming in low light conditions when the smaller compact sights found on most pistols can be difficult to distinguish.

Smith & Wesson will also continue to offer the M&P BODYGUARDS already pre-equipped with Crimson Trace laser sights. That special manufacturing partnership began earlier this year.

The new LG-454G with a green diode is part of a growing line of Crimson Trace green laser products. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices for the LG-454 (red) is $229 and is $299 for the LG-454G. Custom holsters are also available now on the Crimson Trace online store at To find a dealer that stocks these units-and other Crimson Trace products-visit or call 800-442-2406.

Crimson Trace has undertaken a new awareness campaign that encourages everyone to consider: “have you done everything in your power to defend yourself and what’s yours?” The rallying words are: “In Condition Crimson™, We Stand.” Crimson Trace offers more than 170 laser sight and light products featuring cutting-edge laser sighting technology. The company, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, is celebrating more than two decades of laser sight design and manufacturing in 2014. All Crimson Trace products are proudly made in the USA.

Exclusive: Wave Goodbye to One More Step in Knife Deployment

In the world of folding knives, assisted opening mechanisms and thumb studs or thumb holes on blades have certainly improved the speed of deployment, but these knives still require an extra step to unfold them. If you’d like a folding knife that eliminates an extra deployment step, consider an Emerson knife equipped with Emerson’s patented “wave feature.” The Emerson Tactical Assault Knife (or ETAK) you see here features the “wave” — a unique hook on the top of the blade that catches on your pocket, automatically opening the knife, as you draw it out. It’s a super fast and easy deployment, as long as you carry the knife clipped to the inside of your pocket.

aDSC_0044The ETAK is one of Emerson’s latest “hard use” designs. Sporting G-10 handles and a 154CM premium grade steel, the ETAK’s blade measures .125 in thickness and is treated to a Rockwell hardness of 57-59. That means it’s outrageously tough. This ETAK blade has the “stonewash” finish which looks great and helps hide some of the inevitable marks of hard use. I’ve given this ETAK a decent workout both in and out of doors though hardly at the level of a soldier or any tactical operator. Truly its more knife than I probably need day-to-day although in more desperate conditions I’d want all this knife has to offer — including the lightning-fast deployment.

aDSC_0047The ETAK has been my constant companion for weeks now. The location of its pocket clip results in a high ride, with a good portion of the handle exposed. I’m fine with that because when it is time to deploy the knife, it’s very easy to put my fingers on the handle and draw it out. Confidently. Quickly.

The texturted handles offer plenty of purchase and an upward draw with slight backwards pressure gets the wave to hook on the pocket of my jeans, unfolding the blade as it exits my pocket. Pull, click, done.

The ETAK retails for $249.95 and comes in a plain or serrated blade, black or stone washed blade, and with a black or tan handle. By the way, the ETAK offers a very useful thumb stud if you want to open the knife more slowly, without the wave hooking on your pocket. I virtually never use it. Probably because I’ve enjoyed waving goodbye to that extra deployment step.

aDSC_0041— Mark Kakkuri

10 Best Holiday Gifts … for a Laugh

Holiday gift lists abound in virtually every category of life, each promising unique insight into clever and thoughtful gifts for that special guy, girl, auto enthusiast, cook, fashionista, sports fan, techno-geek, and so on. You’ve probably seen many gift lists for outdoorsy people like hunters and shooters. Admittedly, we can be difficult to shop for. And to be frank, while we love getting beef jerky as a gift, it only lasts about an hour. So, to help you shop for that outdoors person in your life, I’ve constructed this list of holiday gift ideas. The gifts are real, they are unique, and, if the recipient is a good sport, you’ll enjoy a ton of laughter as they are given and received.


1. Bear Toilet Paper Holder, $35.99


The Bear Toilet Paper Holder offers a cute and fun means of keeping toilet paper at the ready. I mean, c’mon, what’s cuter and more fun when you’re going to the bathroom than turning around, looking for toilet paper, and seeing a life-like image of a wild animal holding a roll? Sure, you can put this in your home or cabin bathroom, but we think it would make a fun surprise and a lively addition to an outhouse, a tent, or even in the fridge. Actually, at the time of discovery, it might be very helpful that the bear is holding toilet paper. Not recommended for homes where the occupants regularly carry handguns.


2. Three Piece Crib Set in Mossy Oak Breakup, $52.16

cribcamoHaving a baby can sometimes put a damper on your hunting schedule as parenting brings new demands and responsibilities. In addition, late-night crying and feeding can prevent you from getting the sleep you need. And sometimes the baby is up, too! What better time, then, to get your new little one prepped for his or her own life of hunting — and provide some catharsis to you, too — than with a camouflage crib set? Studies show that babies actually track deer more efficiently if they see nothing but camouflage patterns from zero to six months of age. Recommended accessories include a duck call, matching camo onesie, and blaze orange pacifier.


3. Bass Pro Shops Realtree APC Fleece Bath Wrap for Ladies, $29.99

fleeceA recent professional survey of exactly one woman — my wife — reveals that she thinks the vast majority of women in America prefer some kind of covering garment when exiting a shower or bath. It stands to reason then that the covering garment might as well be this fleece wrap. In fact, it might come in very handy for those times when a woman needs to quickly exit a shower in order to pursue a deer and there’s no time to put on proper hunting gear. Despite the hot pink color — which deer can’t see anyway — the Realtree camo pattern will help that freshly bathed woman to blend in to her surroundings. As long as her surroundings are a redneck campsite. In which case, bathing is probably not such a big deal so maybe this is a lousy gift idea.


4. Tommy Gun Egg Fryer, $3.00

tommygunEasily a top stocking stuffer choice for the gun enthusiast in your family, the Tommy Gun Egg Fryer will turn a normal breakfast into something, well, kind of weird, actually. Ask yourself: Why fry eggs in boring shapes such as circles when you can fry them in the shape of a classic bad-guy gun or a long-since-replaced military machine gun? Then ask yourself: Why am I even asking these kinds of questions? Available, not surprisingly, at


5. The Gun Kooler, $11.95

gunkoozieAnother gem from, the Gun Kooler allows you keep a beverage cold and close by while weirding out all the guests at the neighborhood barbeque. The Gun Kooler — cleverly drawing on the marketing power of using a “K” instead of a “C” in “Kooler” — also offers users the chance to break, at the same time, more than one of the gun safety rules. Remember, “Keep your finger off the trigger until your muzzle is on the can.”


6. Realtree X Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike, $2,200

cogburn-hunting-bike-xlNot only does this bike look cool but also it wins the award for the coolest name. Imagine what your friend will say when he sees you (but not the bike) seemingly floating through the air at eye level over two giant tires: “Hey, are you riding on something?” “Yea, it’s my new Realtree X Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike.” “Wow! Cool name!” Your friend squints at you and then says, “I see it now!” For all those times you wanted to leave your four-wheel drive, air-conditioned, heated SUV at home, along with all of your equipment, and just pedal into the backcountry with just your crossbow or rifle, the Realtree X Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike (deep breath) will take you there. As long as you can pedal there. Note: Trailer for hauling harvested game back home extra.


7. Camouflage Teeth Hunter & Outdoorsman Camo Mouth Guard Custom Fit, $11.62

camoteethHow many times, in how many hunts, have camouflaged hunters given away their position by smiling and showing their pearly whites? I have no idea either. If it’s a problem, however, we can eliminate it now with the Hunter & Outdoorsman Camo Mouth Guard. Snap it in and smile away while fully camouflaged and safely hidden in jungle environments. Warning: Not the same camouflage pattern as the Realtree X Cogburn CB4 Hunting Bike.


8. Double Sided Binocular Flask, $13.35

binocsWelcome to the United States of America, where someone had the freedom and creativity, not to mention manufacturing and marketing prowess, to produce a Double Sided Binocular Flask. A fantastic Christmas gift for the, uh, bird lover or outdoorsman, using the Double Sided Binocular Flask not only allows the user to secretly hide his little secret, but also it prompts all kinds of questions, such as: Why are you pouring vodka into your binoculars? And: Why are you putting your mouth over the eyepiece of your binoculars and tilting your head back? And finally: Why does using these binoculars create a stinging sensation and partial blindness in one eye?


9. Condiment Gun, $15.83

condiment gunIf using the Gun Kooler didn’t break all the gun safety laws, the Condiment Gun will ensure that you finish the job. A great match for the Gun Kooler as a way of ensuring that you are labeled the Neighborhood Dork, the Condiment Gun probably comes with tips, hints, and clever pick-up lines for singles: “Hey babe, can I shoot your dog?” Also includes two reusable cartridges — one for ketchup, one for mustard. Holster not included and probably not invented yet, thankfully. Great for the outdoorsperson who likes to experience the outdoors alone.


10. Mossy Oak New Break-Up Alpine Formal Tuxedo, $200

camotuxIf Duck Dynasty is any indicator, it just proves that heavily camouflaged hunter types can enjoy wild success in business and still remain heavily camouflaged and even fashionable. We think this Mossy Oak New Break-Up Alpine Formal Tuxedo is what all of the Duck Dynasty guys are going to be wearing next. So, you can get the jump on the fad and order a suit now, before they are out of stock. Of course, a camo tux has multiple uses: Dress up and host a wine and cheese event out in the woods. Or, wear this to your job interview at Bass Pro Shops.


Bonus Gift Idea: Bacon Lip Balm, $2.95abacon-freak-bacon-lip-balm-5

You’ve heard of putting lipstick on a pig? Well, here’s pig in the lipstick. Not only can you have moist lips that taste like bacon, this product may double as an attractant for hungry wolves when hunting in the woods. So use at your own risk, I guess.

Merry Christmas!

— Mark Kakkuri