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The Sightmark Pinnacle


An Optimized Glass For Today’s Tactical Rifles. We black rifle aficionados were once a fairly disenfranchised mob. Nowadays, however, Americans

Big-Chassis AR’s


Here Are Some Expert Tips On How To Make A “Powered-Up” Platform Run Reliably. Once there was one, the ArmaLite

3-Gun Part 1


Lets Look At The Handgun. Competitive shooters are mostly purists. They shoot one discipline and work to excel in that

The DIY Rust Blue


I’ve reached a conclusion about rust bluing. It’s mostly superstition, with a few facts tossed in as a distraction. Practically

The Star Wars Shotgun


The UTS-15 Redfines “Tactical Smoothbore” There’s a whiff of buckshot embedded in the American DNA. We love our combat smoothbores.