Art of Rifle

Art Of The Rifle: Special Color Edition

By Jeff Cooper
This full-color, reference-sized edition, which serves as a complement to the original edition, also contains a new preface and a chapter on the Scout rifle that you won’t want to miss. This book is a training manual on the use of the rifle in the field, not at the firing range. Jeff Cooper instructs you in everything you need to know about shooting the rifle, while entertaining you with tales of marksmanship, combat and big-game hunting. Hardcover, Color photos, 224 pages. $44.95



Colt: An American Legend

By R.L. Wilson
Colt firearms has authorized R.L. Wilson, America’s most distinguished writer and expert in the field of firearms, to produce this official history of Colt firearms. With over 400 photos and more then 300 color photographs, American Legend illustrates and describes every model Colt has ever produced. A helpful appendix, traces the complete serial numbers and year of manufacturer of every model. Hardback, color and black and white photos. 368 pages. $39.98


Colt Single

Colt Single Action: From Patersons To Peacemakers

By Dennis Adler
Chronicles the entire history of Sam Colt’s developments in handguns from the first Paterson revolvers through the legendary 1860 Army and from the time of death in 1862, the evolution of cap-and-ball revolvers into the cartridge models carried during the Western Expansion of the 1870s. Hardcover, color and blak & white photos, 324 pages. $29.99


Combat Shotguns

Complete Guide To United States Military Combat Shotguns

By Bruce N. Canfield
This is the kind of hands-on, practical know-how that will help you to become a more successful collector. This book covers all the known types and all the manufacturers. Hundreds of detailed photographs show you the specific features that you need to recognize in order to identify fakes and assembled guns. Hardcover, 500 photos, 312 pages. $49.99



The Complete Glock Reference Guide

By Ptooma Productions
This book includes extensive coverage of Glock history, assembly/disassembly, maintenance, customization, parts interchangeability and everything else you ever wanted to know about your Glock handgun. This guide is the most comprehensive collection of Glock information ever offered. Softcover, 290 pages. $29.95


Cowboy Trapping

Cowboys & The Trappings Of The Old West

By Elisabeth Clair Flood
Through rare photos the history of the cowboy is traced from the cattle trails and ranges of the Old West to the glory of the Wild West show and rodeo arena. For the first time, saddles, chaps, spurs and tools of the cowboy trade are presented in a carefully crafted portrait. Hardback, 219 pages. $45.00



Cowgirls: Women Of The Wild West

By Elizabeth Clair Flood
A tribute to the life and legacy of the pioneer women in the American West, who worked ranches and performed in Wild West shows. With more than 450 color photos and historical images, the spirit, lore and relics of these colorful cowgirls are gloriously depicted. Hardback, 224 pages. $45.00


Death Rifles

Death And Double Rifles

By Mark Sullivan
Africa’s best known and most controversial Professional Hunter, puts into words the true life stories behind his best selling movies. You will come away with an understanding of what motivates Sullivan to seek death on the hoof with the most deadly game on earth. Sullivan puts it on the line and backs it up like no other writer of our time. Hardback, 312 pgs.
Trade Edition $85.00. Limited Leather-bound Edition $295.00.


Future Weapons

By Kevin Dockerty
Gun and gear for the battles of tomorrow. A foremost chronicle of military action & weapons guides readers through the most advanced armaments & equipment of today-and tomorrow. Illustrations and photos. Hardcover, 368 pages. $25.95


Gun Digest

Gun Digest

Latest Edition
The definitive resource for firearms enthusiasts, Gun Digest, is the firearm industry’s answer to an annual report to customers. Readers gain all the latest trend information through product reports from top-name authorities, and access to a one-of-a-kind catalog index — with exhaustive illustrations — of major and lesser-known brands of firearms and valuable contact information. Softcover, 1,200 black & white photos, 750 color photos, 568 pages. $29.99


Gun Digest 1911

The Gun Digest Book of the 1911

By Patrick Sweeney
From the publishers of Gun Digest comes this comprehensive book on the model 1911 pistol. Covers maintainence, improvements and accessories to maximize performance. Includes tests and evaluations of semicustom guns and compares each gun and variation. Also includes repair tips and buying information. Softcover, 336 pages, 700 photos. $27.95


AR 15

The Gun Digest Book Of The AR-15 Volume 2

By Patrick Sweeney
Inside info on America’s most versatile rifle. Details on function, barrel options, caliber, weight for various models & an explanation of AR versus AK. In addition, tips on cleaning & maintenance & more Softcover, 500 black & white photos, 288 pages. $27.99


long range

Gun Digest Book Of Long-Range Shooting

By L.P. Brezny
Proven shooting techniques, accurate load data, gear that works. Sport shooters & hunters gain load data and rifle performance data for the most common calibers to obscure, plus insight about rifles, optics, bullets, barrels, triggers and how to calculate bullet and wind drift. Softcover, black and white photos, 224 pages. $24.99


Hit the White part

Hit The White Part

By Massad Ayoob
The ultimate guide to fast “reaction target” shooting techniques of the champions and professionals. How to win, how to train and much more. Softcover. 107 pages. $12.95


Life Without Fear

Life Without Fear: Handguns And Self Defense

A guide written on the subject of self-defense and the handgun. It is designed to provide the reader with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive a lethal confrontation. Also, there is a chapter specifically written for the many women who are now turning to the handgun as a means for self-defense. Solfcover. 212 pages. $12.95


No Second

No Second Place Winner

By Bill Jordan
Classic police survival shooting story by the last of the old Border Patrol Gunfighters. Hardback, 114 pages. $15.95


Packing Iron

Packing Iron: Gun Leather Of The Frontier West

The American West was won with a multitude of firearms, from single-shot pistols and Colt revolvers to Plains rifles and Winchester repeaters. Included here, a variety of military and civilian gunleather that housed this array of weaponry, organized by style and date. Hardcover. 216 pages. $45.00



Patriots: Surviving The Coming Collapse

By James Wesley Rawles
This book is a novel set in the near future that describes a full scale socioeconomic collapse. More than just exciting read, it is packed with useful survival and preparedness tips. It was described by one reviewer as “ A survival manual neatly dressed as fiction.” Softcover, 384 pages. $22.99


Buffalo Rifles

Shooting Buffalo Rifles Of The Old West

By Mike Venturino
This book details the big bore single shot rifles used in the 1870’s in the American West. Chapters on Sharps, Remingtons, Ballard & Trapdoor Springfields and information on reloading buffalo rifle calibers ranging from the .40-70 Bottleneck to the .50-90 Sharps. Additional chapters cover competition quality reloading, match shooting, modern hunting and buffalo rifles, sighting equipment and much more. Black & white photos, 288 pages. $30.00


Colt Catalog

Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms

By Rick Sapp
Make the most of a robust Colt collector firearms market with the historical & production details you gain in this one-of-a-kind gun guide. Hardcover, 500 color photos, 288 pages. $29.99


Standard cat

Standard Catalog of Firearms Latest Edition

For more than a decade, the Standard Catalog of Firearms has been the leading source of information on collectible firearms. The fully updated 18th edition is bigger and better than ever with more prices, more information and more illustrations. Details and pricing on firearms from 1838 to the present make this book a one-stop shop for information on all known manufacturers and models. With more than 7,500 photos, this must-have reference includes everything enthusiasts have come to expect from this all-inclusive guide. Softcover, 1,504 pages. $34.99


Smith & Wesson

Standard Catalog Of Smith & Wesson

By Jim Supice & Richard Nahas
Collectors of Smith & Wesson products cannot be without this book! More than 775 models of guns and variations produced by Smith & Wesson since 1857 are completely listed according to model and year of manufacture with accurate, updated prices in up to five grades of condition. Production and historical notes provide important background data for determining rarity. Hardcover, 350 color photos, 272 pages. $39.99



Standard Catalog Of Winchester Firearms

By Joseph Cornell
Full of technical details about the gun that won the west, including five grades of pricing for more than 700 Winchester rifles and shotguns produced from 1886 to present, trend reports for popular models. Hardcover, 350 color photos, 286 pages. $29.99



Surgical Speed Shooting: How To Achieve High-Speed Marksmanship In A Gunfight

By Andy Stanford
Be prepared to rethink everything you know about how to shoot a handgun quickly and accurately under the extreme stress of a gunfight. Firearms instructor Andy Stanford presents the current state of the art in combat pistol techniques. Whether you are an advocate of sighted fire or point shooting, you will come away with new insights into practical pistol prowess. Softcover, 152 pages. $15.00


More Tactical

More Tactical Reality

By Louis Awerbuck
Includes a decade’s worth of thought-provoking columns dealing with both the mental and physical aspects of self-preservation. Its goal is to make you think about your training, your tactics, your equipment and your shooting philosophy to aid in preparing for real-life gun fights. Softcover, 138 pages. $25.00


Tactical 1911

The Tactical 1911

By Dave Lauck
Every shooter who carries a 1911 needs an outstanding guide to the employment and maintenance of the big gun and master gunsmith Dave Lauch provided just that. This unique book provides the reader with everything he needs to know about the 1911, including modifications, training, ammo selection, support equipment, tactics, maintenance and much more. 8-1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 152 pages. $22.00


Ride To Shoot

To Ride, Shoot Straight & Speak The Truth

Jeff Cooper
Cooper, the nation’s foremost instructor of defensive weapon-craft, squarely faces the facts of modern life. This book focuses primaril on the various aspects of shooting – technical, social, sportive and historical. Hardback. 367 pages. $32.00



The Ultimate Guide To U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics And Techniques

Edited By Jay McCullough
Everything you will need to know in order to survive just about any difficult or dangerous situation. Techniques on first aid, survival in the hottest or coldest of climates, finding or building life-saving shelters, surviving nuclear, biological & chemical attacks, how to find food and water anywhere anytime. Softcover, illustrations and black & white photos, 1008 pages. $24.95



Unrepentant Sinner

By Col. Charles Askins
Colonel Askins was an adventurer. Whether fighting his way out of an ambush, hunting tiger in Asia or sniping along the Rhine, Askins did it with gusto. Here he recounts his early days as a forest ranger, his success as a competitive pistol shot, and his career as one of the world’s leading big-game hunters. 320 pages. $29.95



Weapon: The Complete Visual Guide To The History Of Arms & Armour

By Dorling Kindersley
From the stone axes fo the earliest warfare to the heavy artillery of today’s modern armies, this awe-inspiring book portrays for the 1st time the entire spectrum of weaponry. Hardcover, illustrations and photos, 360 pages. $40.00



Winchester: An American Legend

By R.L. Wilson
No arms maker in history has captured the imagination in the way Winchester has made rifles, shotguns and ammunition famous the world over for craftsmanship, design capability and performance. R.L. Wilson had produced a tribute including prototype rifles, Civil War rifles, to single-shot, pump, simiautomatics and much more. Hardback, color and black and white photos, 416 pages. $29.99