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Up For Auction Now A Custom Springfield Armory XDs 3.3 .45 ACP

Up For Auction Now A Custom Springfield Armory XDs 3.3 .45 ACP
Customized By Robar For Shooting Industry Masters.

This is a special auction in conjunction with the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters with all proceeds benefiting the NSSF “First Shots” program.

More than 450 industry representatives, ranging from top administrators and factory personnel to professional shooters, will compete in the 2014 Shooting Industry Masters shooting competition July 18-19 at the Indian River Country Shooting Range on Florida’s Treasure Coast! A major component of the shoot will be fundraising events to benefit the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) First Shots program, which introduces thousands of new shooters to the shooting sports each year.

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Here is information on one of this year’s extraordinary auction items.

The Robar Companies have been customizing and finishing firearms for decades, and have developed a world-wide reputation for craftsmanship, customer service and aerospace-grade metal finishes. Robar uses their same high-tech plating process used on space vehicles and demanding industry applications, to create custom finishes on firearms that can withstand any extreme you could ever encounter.

NP3+ (applied to the metal parts of this custom gun) has five times the ability to withstand corrosion as the original NP3, and up to ten times more resistance than regular nickel. Benefits of NP3+ are:

EXTREMELY CORROSION RESISTANT: A 1mil (.001) thick coating of can withstand a salt spray corrosion test of 1,000+ hours per ASTM B-117

SELF-LUBRICATING: PTFE is deposited throughout the coating so for most firearms no additional lubrication is needed after initial break-in.

ACCURATE PLATING THICKNESS: Coating thickness can be predetermined for nominal tolerance to suit your weapon system.

VERY ABRASION RESISTANT: NP3 Plus is a very hard, abrasion-resistant coating with an as-plated hardness of Rc 35-50. In certain applications it can be heat treated to Rc 68-70.

EASY TO CLEAN: NP3 Plus is easy to clean; in most cases wiping with a rag will suffice (We do NOT plate the inside of barrels; these need to be cleaned conventionally).

LONGER FIRING PERIODS: NP3 Plus allows for longer firing cycles as the dry, self-lubricating PTFE-rich surface makes it harder for powder residue and debris to adhere to surfaces.

PLATES TO MOST GUN ALLOYS: NP3 Plus can be plated to almost all alloys used in the firearms industry. This includes steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

SERVICE LIFE IS EXTENDED: NP3 Plus has a high lubricity and low coefficient of friction; therefore, the life expectancy of a firearm will be greatly increased due to less frictional wear.

NO COROSSION MIGRATION: In cases where the coating is damaged and perforated, the corrosion shows no tendency to spread or migrate under the coating.

EASY TO REPLATE: NP3 Plus is chemically strippable and can be re-plated without any damage to the substrate. Weapons subject to heavy use can be refurbished to as-new condition.

SAVES MONEY: Taking all the attributes of into account, it is easy to see that service life, hours in service, low maintenance and ease of cleaning combine to make this a money saving addition to any firearm.


Robar gunsmiths crafted a custom trigger job on this pistol, then carefully test-fired it for functionality and reliability. They also performed their world-famous grip-texture treatment, making a great little pistol even better. The final result is a hard-knocks semi-auto right at home as a premier personal defense pistol or off-duty/back-up gun. Consider it as an “ultimate” personal handgun for any situation. The subtle two-tone look of the black polymer and subdued silver-grey of the NP3+ yields an over-all look of competency and authority. An added value is the fact Robar coated both supplied magazines in NP3+!

This Springfield Armory XDs 3.3 has been specifically customized for this special auction benefiting the NSSF First Shots program, and is an opportunity to both own an uncompromising defensive semi-auto — and to help keep our shooting sports growing! clients can participate in the excitement of the Masters, and substantially support the NSSF’s First Shot’s Program by bidding on this very capable .45 ACP auto! We welcome your participation in the auction for this Robar collectible, and appreciate your support of the important NSSF “First Shots” program!

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