New Product Of The Day: Gletcher


The Parabellum is a Co2 copy of the original Luger.The rich black metal body of the Parabellum offers an unmatched realistic look and feel. It features a breechblock lever system with blowback, and a functioning bolt hold-open device (BHO), a full-size magazine and a light trigger pull. The Parabellum is powered by a 12-gram Co2

Exclusive: Playing With Fire

“We lost our daughter to a mass shooter and now owe $203,000 to his ammo dealer,” Lonnie and Sandy Phillips complained bitterly in a Huffington Post piece written to gin up “progressive” outrage for the evil gun lobby. Egged on by the Brady Center, the grieving parents had filed a lawsuit against Lucky Gunner and

Classy Chassis


Mossberg’s MVP LC Scope Combo Can Best Be Described As A “Premium Package Gun.” When I was growing up, O.F.

Gas Vs. Piston


What Difference Does It Make? The original AR, as designed by Eugene Stoner, functions on the gas-impingement system. With this

Sleek And Slicey!


This Zero Tolerance Folder Is Slick In Action. There’s sleek, and then there’s real sleek. There’s slick, and there’s real

Henry’s Henry


This Henry Replica Is A Fitting Tribute To The Storied Original. Some firearms are so iconic they gain reputations far