Hogue Introduces The EX-F02 Fixed Blade Knife


Hogue Incorporated is proud to announce the release of the EX-F02 to their fixed blade knife line. The EX-F02 features a polymer/OverMolded® rubber hybrid handle with a blade fashioned from A2 tool steel. “The EX-F02’s light-weight durable design was created specifically with the outdoors-man in mind,” explained Hogue co-owner Jim Bruhns. “We created a concept

Exclusive: One Gun, Two Shots, Three Times the Fun


I expected the Bond Arms Patriot to be an interesting conversation piece, and a painful one at that. Wrong. Well, it is an interesting conversation piece. But firing two .410 shotshells out of it turned out to be not only a very manageable exercise but also a truckload of fun. Here’s my range report, in

Classy Chassis


Mossberg’s MVP LC Scope Combo Can Best Be Described As A “Premium Package Gun.” When I was growing up, O.F.

Gas Vs. Piston


What Difference Does It Make? The original AR, as designed by Eugene Stoner, functions on the gas-impingement system. With this

Sleek And Slicey!


This Zero Tolerance Folder Is Slick In Action. There’s sleek, and then there’s real sleek. There’s slick, and there’s real

Henry’s Henry


This Henry Replica Is A Fitting Tribute To The Storied Original. Some firearms are so iconic they gain reputations far