New Product Of The Day


Laser Genetics. The NS-300 Subzero from Laser Genetics features the company’s Advanced Laser Module (ALM) technology — a focusable 520nm solid-state green laser. It can operate continuously and in subzero temperatures for up to seven hours. Its long distance beam paints targets out to 300 yards and is visible up to 3 miles. Check

A Lock On Innovation


The Hawk Modified Böker Griploc Has To Be Seen And Handled To Be Appreciated. Grant and Gavin Hawk are known in the custom knife world as a father and son team who produce some of the most creative—indeed mind-blowing—folding knife mechanisms on the planet. We profiled the Hawk phenomena back in 2002 in our July/August

Antelope Chili


Chili is easy to make and using the sweet tasting meat of antelope adds to the overall flavor. The prep

The Slim Glock 41


The GEN4 Duty And Competition Model In .45 ACP. There are now some 50-odd variations of the basic Glock pistol

Moose Medicine


The .300 Win Mag in Ruger’s Hawkeye Magnum Hunter Delivers Reach And Whack. If you’re like many of us avid