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Al Carabiner. The Al Carabiner is made of anodized 6061 Aluminum and measures 3″x1.5″ with a 303 stainless steel swivel. For more info: (480) 329-6105, Check Back Every Weekday For Another New Product Of The Day! Looking For More?

Exclusive: Much Better On Person


Recently I took a look at the various ways and means I carry a concealed gun. Most of the time the gun I’m carrying is on my person. But much to my chagrin, I found I’m probably too often carrying concealed in, well, less than optimal places. So here’s a brief commentary on a few



Handloading Can Be As Time Consuming As You Like. Here Are Some Steps To Speed Up The Process So You

Check Your Zero


Travel Can Do Strange Things To A Scope. Once you arrive in Africa, settled into camp and everything is stashed



Just How Much Do You Need to Carry? The other day I spent some time getting re-acquainted with a handgun