PolyCase Inceptor® ARX® – A New Twist on Ammunition


PolyCase Ammunition® introduces its revolutionary Inceptor® line of ammunition, featuring injection-molded metal-polymer bullets, including the ARX®. The Inceptor® line of ammo achieves reliability, pinpoint accuracy, and extreme performance through advanced technology and precision engineering. From the research and development laboratory of PolyCase Ammunition, the flagship ARX® projectile represents the next generation of highly effective self-defense

Exclusive: Much Better On Person


Recently I took a look at the various ways and means I carry a concealed gun. Most of the time the gun I’m carrying is on my person. But much to my chagrin, I found I’m probably too often carrying concealed in, well, less than optimal places. So here’s a brief commentary on a few

Hidalgo Speaks


Of Cuba Then. Part II If you haven’t read Part 1 in the September issue, go read it now, OK?



Handloading Can Be As Time Consuming As You Like. Here Are Some Steps To Speed Up The Process So You

Check Your Zero


Travel Can Do Strange Things To A Scope. Once you arrive in Africa, settled into camp and everything is stashed

Ol’ Devil Wind


Even Shotgun Patterns Get Moved Around. Let’s talk wind for a moment. Shotgunners don’t talk about wind much. The subject