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Dangerous-Game Good

Earl Moore, whose lifetime dream had been to own a rifle chambered in .416 Rigby was thrilled to get one in the Ruger 77 Magnum. This is essentially a modern equivalent of Rigby’s original rifle. As the last rifle design upon which Bill Ruger had direct oversight, Moore figured this particular combination was a fine tribute to two great gun makers—Rigby and Ruger.

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Sharps And Rollers

Contrary to movie portrayals, Winchesters did not win the West for Americans. Sharps and Rollers did. We’re talking here about Sharps “Model 1874s” (a misleading term because the rifle was actually introduced in 1871). And “Rollers’” is a nickname for Remington’s No. 1 Rolling Block rifle—introduced in 1867.

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