Cimarron Announces The Eliminator Series Featuring Cowboy Comp U.S. Action Job

A Cowboy CompTM U.S. action job and a 25% shorter hammer stroke are standard features with Cimarron’s new Eliminator Series. This series was designed specifically with SASS and CMSA shooters in mind. Cimarron is proud to introduce The Eliminator8, The EliminatorC, and The EliminatorTS. The Eliminator series is made exclusively for Cimarron by Pietta. The

Exclusive: Thad Rybka and the Black Widow

Sort of sounds like the title to a mystery novel, doesn’t it? It’s not, but there’s a bit of mystery surrounding this pair. You know the gun. North American Arms’ Black Widow packs a venomous bite: five rounds of .22 Magnum. It may not sound like much compared to other guns, but if that’s all

Antelope Chili


Chili is easy to make and using the sweet tasting meat of antelope adds to the overall flavor. The prep

Fixed Power Scopes


Might Be All You Need. Like most rifle shooters, I’ve gone through more than one evolution regarding equipment — especially

The Slim Glock 41


The GEN4 Duty And Competition Model In .45 ACP. There are now some 50-odd variations of the basic Glock pistol

Tactical Tips


Well, Tactical-ish, At Any Rate. I get a lot of questions about “tactical tips and techniques,” some specific and some