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XR45-S Pistol. The XR45-S, a .45 ACP pocket pistol, utilizes B.A.C.’s reverse feed technology, has an overall length of 5.75″ and a 3.75″ barrel. It is rated for .45 Super right out of the box and delivers ballistics and handling of a full-sized semi-auto low-felt recoil. For more info: (651) 287-0617, Check Back Every

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FMG Publications has officially reached 5k followers on Instagram! That means it’s time for a GIANT celebration giveaway and YOUR chance to win! A huge “thank you,” to all the companies who provided products for this incredible giveaway. Here’s how you can be eligible to win… 1) Repost this picture on your Instagram account with



Handloading Can Be As Time Consuming As You Like. Here Are Some Steps To Speed Up The Process So You

Check Your Zero


Travel Can Do Strange Things To A Scope. Once you arrive in Africa, settled into camp and everything is stashed