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Three-Gun shooting is not just the purview of flint-eyed ex-Navy SEAL’s with luxuriant beards and a diagnosable testosterone excess. Participants come from all walks and both genders, everyone driven by a desire to improve their tactical acumen via the crucible of competition. Striving to quantify the skills required to run a carbine, shotgun and handgun through a series of simulated combat scenarios, 3-Gun shoots pit competitors against the clock and, subsequently, each other. A thriving industry has arisen around supplying the guns and gear to support this fast-growing sport.

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Quality and accuracy in a subcompact 9mm package. The latest in Heckler and Koch’s series of hammer-fired pistols is the P30SK. Angela Harrell at HK tells me the suffix comes from German spelling: SubKompact. With a stubby 2-finger grip frame, 10+1 9mm Luger cartridge capacity, 1.37 inches thick and 6.42 inches long, it seems designed to compete squarely in the market now dominated by the Glock 26.

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